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Saturday's trip was to the west of Reading to get some geocaches in the area of Blue Marsh Lake. I had no idea that April 30 was the last day before they started charging a park fee, so that was a bonus. After that, I continued westward to Heidelberg, Robesonia, Womelsdorf, Newmanstown, and Richland. It's an area with a series of small towns along Route 422, with ducks and lots of cows.

On Sunday, I went to Lawrenceville to do a mascot gig with Hi-4 at the Lawrenceville Jubilee. It rained the whole day so there wasn't much of a crowd and some vendors canceled, but the event still went on. TARDIS Kitty and I did the gig in the rain, which was a bit messy, although on the plus side, one can't feel the rain in fursuit. :) So we entertained the half dozen or so families who attended the event. After the event, I went a bit farther up route 206 to get some geocaches in Princeton, Rocky Hill, and Hillsborough, before heading to dinner.

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Saturday and Sunday were warm, sunny days, although it looked like rain late Sunday afternoon. On Saturday, I decided it was time to do some of the new geocaches that have been accumulating to the north. So I started geocaching near West Chester and worked my way towards Malvern, Tredyffrin, and King of Prussia. There were half a dozen caches near the King of Prussia Mall and the most interesting novelty I came across was a big vacuum cleaner. Then I returned to Exton/Uwchlan and found a few more geocaches going from there through Downingtown and back to West Chester. So it was a big triangle. Had to stop just a bit earlier to go to Home Depot near home to pick up an online order I made that very morning, but I was still in plenty of time for dinner at Ruby Tuesday in Bear.

Sunday was the day of the Hi-4 mascot gig at the CFF Great Strides event in Point Pleasant Beach. I joined [ profile] mejeep and [ profile] lowen_kind at the event site. [ profile] freakylynx and Damian K arrived a bit later because they'd been doing another gig in Northern New Jersey that morning. I was a bit late myself so I missed the first part of the event when the walkers were leaving the event site but I got into fursuit and was ready when they returned from the walk. For a small event area, it was quite a busy event. However, it ended a bit earlier than the scheduled closing time because of the hot weather. After that, our group had a late lunch at a nearby Jersey Mike's. Then I went off on my own to do some geocaching around the area. For the short time I had, I actually did quite a number of geocaches because most of them were on the Edgar Felix Bike Path from Allenwood to Allaire State Park. It's nice to be able to park in one place and do a series of geocaches all in a row.

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Friday was such a problematic day. If the flat tire wasn't enough, I also seemed to be getting sick. So I wasn't even sure if I would be able to do anything over the weekend. However, I took care of the tire problem and got a new one as it was still under warranty. By Saturday morning, I had recovered completely from whatever illness it was I had. So I went to Borderline Restaurant in Bethlehem for the "LVGC Breakfast in the Lehigh Valley 2012, 2nd Qtr" geocaching event. (I had the creamed chipped beef special.) These LVGC events are pretty good because there's usually a planned hike afterwards. This time, we went to Merrill Creek Reservoir over in Western New Jersey. Our hike covered a few miles and a half dozen or so geocaches on the Visitor's Center side of the reservoir. After that, I went off on my own to do four more geocaches on the far side of the reservoir. I followed those with more geocaches around Western NJ and especially Phillipsburg. I figured I might as well do those since I rarely get out that way nowadays.

On Sunday, I went to Lawrenceville to do a mascot gig with the Hi-4 group at the Lawrenceville Main Street Jubilee. Also in this gig were [ profile] rapidtrabbit and Damian K. Sunday was a warmer day than Saturday, but I broke the 4-hour gig into 20 to 30-minute sets and I was fine. I wore the husky fursuit for this one and just interacted with the crowd most of the time. After the gig, we went our separate ways. I did a bunch of geocaches in Lawrenceville, Pennington, and Ewing before heading off to dinner.

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The actual purpose of this trip to Long Island was to do a mascot gig with Hi-4 at the Jones Beach Autism Walk, but I treated it as a weekend away from home. A mini-vacation, if you will. I started driving off from home Friday evening after loading the fursuit and some overnight items into the car. It was raining that night and I hoped the rain would stop before my first geocache stop of the night, but that didn't happen. Oh well. Dinner was at Chevys in Lawrenceville to use the coupon I got on the receipt from using my birthday coupon there the previous weekend. (Would have been interesting if it was recursive but that wasn't the case.) I had a nachos grande. This is incidentally one restaurant that I think is okay, even though lots of Yelp reviewers panned it.

After that, I continued up the NJ Turnpike. I found the first cache of the night, "Kilmer Bunker", in the rain at the stroke of midnight. So it was technically my first cache of October. I stopped for more geocaches in the Perth Amboy area when I left the turnpike to switch to Route 440. I also did some easy caches in Woodbridge and Linden before deciding that it was time to cross over to New York. I got a few geocaches in Brooklyn and Queens, and arrived in Nassau County just before daybreak. Breakfast was a free Rooty Tooty at IHOP in West Hempstead. This was for the anniversary of my joining the IHOP mailing list. (Same freebie as the birthday coupon.) I suppose I can't really complain because I got free food but service wasn't that great and this restaurant has some rather foul-mouthed clientele. I didn't notice this as much back when I lived in North Jersey and visited Long Island frequently, but I guess I got spoiled when I moved out of the NYC area. I also saw a lot of bad driving behavior on the streets in that part of Nassau County. In particular, someone cornered too fast, swung around really wide and nearly knocked me over when I was just starting to cross the street.

Anyway, it was a super-productive day of geocaching. I found 48 geocaches on Saturday. The Long Island batch was mostly from Elmont to North Hempstead. I went around in a big curve, ending back at the Nassau/Queens border. I encountered one Nassau County police officer who was curious about what someone from out of state was doing in the corner of an office lot on Saturday, but he already knew about the geocache! In the evening, I went to [ profile] jbadger's house to meet up for dinner. (also, I was staying at his place overnight) After checking out several restaurants on Smithtown's Main Street, we settled on Luso, a Portuguese BBQ. It's a rather expensive restaurant (then again, I seem to think anything that costs more than Old Country Buffet is expensive :) ) so you'd think there'd be something special there, but that was not the case. They don't have exotic meats, for one thing. It was just ordinary beef, chicken, or pork. Service wasn't that great either but then again, maybe I'm spoiled. For all I know, it could be normal to have to ask servers at fine restaurants multiple times for stuff before you get it. Maybe we shouldn't have expected better service than say, Denny's, even when the meal costs an order of magnitude more.

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I went to Lawrenceville, NJ, this morning to do a mascot gig at the Lawrenceville Jubilee. I was the first Hi-4 member to arrive at the event this time. ([ profile] jbadger and [ profile] rapidtrabbit were held up by NYC traffic.) So I changed into the husky fursuit a bit before noon and went out to the street fair area exactly when the event began. I wasn't the only mascot there though. I saw a purple dragon in the crowd. However, I didn't know which group he (or she) was from and he didn't use the Lawrenceville Main Street office as his changing area, so I didn't get to ask him out of costume. Also, I only saw the purple dragon in the first hour of the event. I guess the Hi-4 crew are the crazy ones for doing the gig for over 4 hours. :)

After that, we went to do a few geocaches before dinner since the gig ended at 5pm. I got two finds. [ profile] jbadger got four because two of the caches at Village Park in Lawrenceville were ones that I found previously when I did last year's Jubilee. Dinner was at Penang Malaysian restaurant in Princeton. I had curry mee and roti canai. After that, we did two more geocaches, "Noah's Evil Nano" and "Noah's Gazebo", since both of those were at the same strip mall as Penang. Parted ways afterwards.

I didn't stop geocaching though. I noticed that there were 3 easy geocaches around the Quaker Bridge Mall, so I went for those even though it was already night. The mall was already closed by that time and the complete absence of traffic made it easy to dash around the mall parking areas. I thought I had enough by then but I still picked up another cache, "The Rejected One", because it was only a short walk from behind the Wawa store in Florence-Roebling where I stopped to buy the Sunday newspaper. Anyway, it was a full and fun day. Hope to do the Lawrenceville gig again next year.

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Mascot gig today. Hi-4 was on the grounds of the Secaucus Public Library this afternoon to entertain visitors to the library mini-fair and book sale. Our group this time was Damian K, [ profile] mister_f, [ profile] sunookitsune, [ profile] antetfa, and I. I got there a little early but had to wait anyway because the changing area, which was a room adjoining the reference section, was being used for a meeting. Once they were done, we went in and changed into costume.

12th Annual Friends of the Library Mini-Fair and Book Sale

The fair wasn't a large event but we were kept busy interacting with kids and parents. A few kids were troublemakers but I didn't experience any tail-pulling, perhaps because [ profile] mister_f's kangaroo tail was bigger. :) The gig was roughly 4.5 hours. I did two sessions in costume for 1.5 hours at the beginning and an hour at the end. In between the two sets, I assisted. (mostly tried to stop the worst of the tail-pulling :) )

After the gig, we went to Linda Thai Kitchen, a Thai restaurant in Secaucus. We had to wait about 10 minutes or so because on weekends, this restaurant is only open for dinner starting at 4pm. I'm glad we went there. The food was good and the service was excellent! I had massaman curry with pork. After the meal, Linda gave us complimentary mini blueberry muffins. (In the photo, I used a penny for size reference.) Interesting.

On my way home, I made a stop in Ridgewood for the new In A (W)Holy Place geocache. That was a pretty quick one in the parking lot of a certain upscale supermarket whose name sounds like the cache name.
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Didn't update for two days so here goes...

Sunday was the Hi-4 mascot gig at the Pompton Day Festival in Pompton Lakes. The venue was a street fair that's about 0.6 of a mile long. On the roster this time were Damian K., [ profile] jimwolf24, [ profile] jdpuppy, [ profile] rapidtrabbit, [ profile] sunookitsune, [ profile] antetfa (?), and myself. Our changing area was in the gym locker room at Lakeside Middle School. I did two sets in costume. Walked the entire length of the street fair and back, interacting with people along the way. Didn't think I would go all the way to the end the second time but did it anyway. In between, I took a break to get a gyro and an Italian ice.

Monday was the Labor Day Holiday but that mattered little to me now. :) I went geocaching, mostly at Pyramid Mountain and Allamuchy State Park. Pyramid Mountain was crowded because of the holiday. The trails up to the first hill were full of people. I was lucky to find a parking space in the Boonton Avenue parking area. I hiked up and over the hill, down to the lake, and back to parking, finding 4 geocaches along the way. Allamuchy was a much flatter walk but still lengthy. It was getting close to dusk at that time so I only did 3 of the 4 geocaches I planned there.

I ended the day at the NNJC - "First Monday" Monthly Meet & Greet 2009 geocaching event at Fuddruckers in Parsippany. This was a lightly attended meet (We only used two tables this time.), probably because people had other plans for the Labor Day weekend. I had the turkey burger. (before and after adding fixings)

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On Sunday, the Hi-4 group participated in mascot dodge ball in honor of Rip N' Ruppert's (the Newark Bears mascot) birthday. In attendance from our group were [ profile] foxwell, [ profile] rapidtrabbit, Damian K, [ profile] yargo, Dreamwolf, [ profile] shy_matsi, and myself. Mascots from other teams/organizations included Jack the Jackal (from NJ Jackals), the devil from NJ Devils, Sparkee (Somerset Patriots, which I believe was the team playing against the Newark Bears in this afternoon's ball game), the Highlander (from NJIT), Max Reader (from REMAX), and the Commerce Bank Big Red "C". Batman was there too.

In addition to mascot dodge ball, I was also out on the field for mascot races and the birthday bash. I skipped mascot musical chairs. (Actually, it was "musical chair" because they had only one big chair.) And finally, we had birthday cake in the mascot lounge.

After the ball game was over, I went to Cranford to find Oreo and Sneezy. Luckily, the rain had stopped by then. I had reservations about "Oreo" since it was at a railroad overpass and cache retrieval might cause "panic" but the gloomy weather kept pedestrian traffic to a minimum so there wasn't a problem. "Sneezy" has a reputation for being a tough cache to find but I noticed that it had gotten much easier because a portion of the tree had rotted away.


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