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Saturday was a rainy day. Contrary to what one might assume, the better bet for geocaches was to get out to the countryside north of Pottstown because there were many cemetery caches that weren't too messy to get to in the rain. The most notable cache site was the graveyard of Robocop! Actually, he was a different Peter Weller from the 19th century. There was also a split lamb in another cemetery. The cutest geocache was a mini mailbox outside the cache owner's house.

On Sunday, I headed out to Point Pleasant Beach to do a mascot gig for a CFF Great Strides event. However, when I got there, I saw Miss GEICO and realized that it was a totally different event. Turns out that the CFF event had been moved to the weekend prior but they didn't bother to tell Hi-4. Oh well. This is the second year in a row that something has gone wrong with the gig, so I might not sign up next year. But no matter. The rain had stopped and there were plenty of geocaches around Point Pleasant Beach, Brielle, Wall, and Manasquan, especially the little power trail in Sawmill Tract. The most humorous cache of the day was Pepto Cachemo. One dose cures cache withdrawal symptoms!

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On Saturday, I still didn't quite get to Hanover, although I have to say that it's been fun not getting there and I've already found many times the number of geocaches in Hanover on the way. This time, I visited two areas. First was the White Marsh / Parkville / Towson / Hunt Valley area to pick up a few new geocaches since last week and get some others that I missed on last weekend's trip. Interesting cache sites included the one where I snuck up behind the Korean War Memorial Highway sign on Route 43 and another near a stone goose whose costume changes by the season. The weird cache in the collection was the zombie hand.

After that, I headed to northern Baltimore County to Parkton and Freeland. There were a number of creative and funny geocaches in that area too. The funniest one was the outhouse geocache. Which was occupied. Oops! :)

On Sunday, I went to Point Pleasant Beach to do a mascot gig for CFF Great Strides. Or attempted to do a mascot gig, rather. When I got there, I found that the event organizers did not have the key to the bandstand, which we were supposed to use as the changing area. No changing area meant no mascot gig because we can't just get into costume outside and we'd have nowhere to rest and cool off between sets. So we had to call it off. Oh well. Still, I had fun and danced, out of costume, to a few songs the DJ played. It's an outdoor party, after all.

There wasn't any point in staying to the end of the event so I left at around noon and went for Plan B. I hit a bunch of geocaches in Point Pleasant, Lakewood, Brick, and Toms River, focusing on the areas near Route 88. Got a decent number of geocaches before dinnertime despite fighting the Sunday shopping traffic along that corridor almost the whole time.

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On Saturday, I started out the geocaching spree in Fort Washington, Upper Dublin, and Horsham before heading way north to Plumsteadville, Ottsville, and Nockamixon State Park. As usual, for this area, most of the caches I found that day were by Taxman, who is now the top cache owner in my finds, as you can see in the chart below. He has placed over 940 geocaches, so far, and is still putting out new ones almost every day (apparently it's his new full-time occupation after retiring from the IRS :) ), so I'm a long way from finishing those.

Top cache owners of my finds

While taking a side trail to "Past the Kohler Park dogs", I happened on a little fawn. I had no idea where its mother was and I was surprised it let me get within 15 feet and stood still long enough for me to shoot a few photos.


On Sunday, I went to Point Pleasant Beach to do a mascot gig with [ profile] jbadger and Damian for CFF Great Strides. Just as it was in previous years, this is a good event with a good crowd. Also, it wasn't raining like it was last year. Damian had to leave a bit early, but JBadger and I continued with the gig, had lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant afterwards, and geocached along the Edgar Felix Bike Path. (EFBP cache series)

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Continued geocaching up the Jersey Shore this weekend. This time, I went to Long Beach Island (LBI) and Seaside Heights. I think this will be the last daytrip targeting the Jersey Shore because it's about as far as I'd like to go. I'm saving the next stop, Point Pleasant Beach, for when I do a mascot gig there in May.

On Saturday, I got a bunch of geocaches in Manahawkin and Stafford Township before taking the causeway to LBI. LBI was chock full of geocaches because those were mostly placed for an event last November. I was surprised so many of those caches survived too because they were all regular-sized plastic boxes and ammo boxes and all placed in really obvious spots. Most of LBI is private property, so it was good that the caches were placed with permission of the various businesses. I got to talk to one of the business owners (the cache was sitting among one of many furniture/yard items outside his store) and he showed me his spinning wheel of swimmers. The exception was the bicycle store owner, who for some reason, didn't know about the geocache. Strangely though, he just let it sit by his fence all those months without even trying to find out what it was! Island living must put folks under some kind of spell. Anyway, I had a great time and went all the way to both ends of LBI, a 40-mile round trip just on the island alone.

On Sunday, I went to Seaside Heights, Lavallette, and Seaside Park. There weren't as many geocaches in that section of the beach, so I spent more time in Toms River and Island Heights before and Beachwood and Bayville afterwards. Seaside Heights, unfortunately, looked like a disaster zone. Although some parts of the boardwalk had been rebuilt, many streets and some parks were still closed for construction. I was able to detour around the closed roads to get to some of the geocaches, but I think the others are gone or inaccessible. Later in the day, I got to see Virginia, the Bayville Dinosaur. It's one of those roadside oddities you come across when traveling local roads.

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Last Tuesday, I went to "Peanuts and Burgers and Fries XVIII", one of a series of monthly events at Five Guys in Toms River. This is actually the first one I successfully attended, and yes, I do mean successfully. I've tried to get to this event a bunch of times in the past and all prior attempts were foiled by various problems, including schedule conflicts, inclement weather, and a glass spike in my foot. (which happened last month) This time, I wasn't going to let the rain and 20% chance of snow stop me from getting there. There wasn't actually any snow but it rained all day, which didn't stop me from finding 30 geocaches along the way there. The only cache that I really took a chance on was "16 Lake Drive". It's about 15 feet up a pine tree. However, I held on to the tree tightly going up and down, and there was no disaster.

Anyway, I arrived at Five Guys in the evening and it was a good event. It was kind of Christmas-themed because of the month. It was also my first time going to a Five Guys because I wanted to save that experience for this event. I had a burger, of course, and many rounds of peanuts. I actually don't think Five Guys is better than Jake's, a local chain, but I'd certainly go to this monthly event again. That is, if I don't get any more glass in feet, bad weather, schedule conflicts, etc. :)

On Saturday and Sunday, I went to the Warminster area. On Saturday, I geocached in Horsham, Hatboro, and Warminster. On Sunday, I shifted a bit to the east and hit Warminster, Southampton, and Bensalem. This is the annex of the Cache Factory area and most of the caches I found were placed by Taxman, although he has some helpers/cohorts/rivals (depending on what the real story is) populating the area too.

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On Saturday, I went to the "LVGC Breakfast in the Lehigh Valley 2013, 3rd Qtr" geocaching event at Borderline Restaurant in Bethlehem. I had eggs benedict. Since the group was going geocaching down in Bucks County, which is halfway back to home, I decided to remain in Lehigh Valley and go geocaching around there. My original plan was to hike the D&L trail but I wasn't feeling up to it. So I drove around the area and did a batch of suburban geocaches, mostly in Forks and Easton. There was a bit of a bike path in that area too but it was suburban, between housing developments, instead of out in the country.

Sunday was reserved for finishing off the First State Challenge geocaches, so I headed south to Sussex County. Most of the FSC geocaches, although lengthy, are pretty good. The most interesting one was "FSC-2013 Woodland" because one stage of that cache is across the Nanticoke River, so I took the Woodland Ferry twice. It's a fun, short ride and to my surprise, there's no charge for the ferry. By the end of the day, I qualified for the FSC certificate because I only needed 9 caches from each county. I was still missing "FSC-2013 Newark (Iron Hill)" but I got it the next evening, just for the sake of completeness.

I took the day off on Tuesday to head out to Toms River for "500 Days of Geocaching Dinner Event". Since it was on a weekday, I ordinarily would've passed on it but I was invited by TeeDeeKay and who am I to turn it down? This trip was, of course, also a good excuse to go geocaching in Mount Laurel, Medford, and the Route 70 corridor, along the way. I left most of the Toms River geocaches for after the event, figuring I'd hang around and go home late as usual. In the evening, I arrived at Wolfie's Restaurant for the event. Even though there weren't that many "will attend" logs, I was surprised to see the back area of the restaurant packed. I had the Wolfie's Special. There was also a special cake (front, back) for the event and I got a slice of it. I didn't even realize that was a cake at first, so it's amazing what they can do with food coloring and marshmallow pieces. After dinner, we went out to do some geocaches in the area. I was glad to have Logic's help for "Batter Up! (A Snow-Proof Cache)". This cache was very high up on a lightpole and he had just the right tool to retrieve it.

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Since the weather was good and there was a proliferation of powertrails within two hours from home, I decided to see if I could do big cache runs both days of the weekend. I didn't think I could do it but I squeezed in 3 powertrails: Ted Harvey (14 caches) in Dover DE, TAD (49 caches) in Georgetown DE, and CMTPT (60 caches) in Jackson NJ. Of course, I did other geocaches on the way to/from and around those areas for a total of 151 caches this weekend. I went from morning to night both days, hopped in and out of the car a gazillion times, exhausted my phone battery logging geocaches in the field, and visited Hardee's a lot. Definitely a full weekend!

Saturday began with a few geocaches on the way to Dover and then the Ted Harvey series. This is a continuation to the previous Ted Harvey set in the Ted Harvey Wildlife Area. This time, I did numbers 17 to 30. Then I continued southwards to the Georgetown area for TAD #31 thru #78. The neat part is these geocaches are arranged in a large X, forming a piece of geo-art when viewed on a map. As you can see by the question marks in the picture, they are all puzzle caches. I wrote software to solve these and speed things along because working on 48 of those by hand would've been too much! "A TAD Off-Center", in the center of the X, is a different puzzle but I have software for this too.

On Sunday, I went to Colliers Mills Wildlife Area in Jackson for the CMTPT series. All these geocaches are hidden along the main sand road in that area. There were some rough spots but most of that sand road is hard-packed. All 60 caches are the exact same style of hide. Even so, some were much harder to find than others because of the way those were placed, the surrounding vegetation, and my fatigue levels throughout the day. But I stuck with it, found each one in sequence, and finally emerged at the other end of the sand road. After the CMTPT series, I headed over to Patriots Park for a few more geocaches and ran into a family who just started geocaching that day. They were stumped on the "Inspiration 5" cache but I looked around a bit and saw it. Then I told them about Colliers Mills and they wanted to try that too. They have no idea what they are in for! :)

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Saturday and Sunday were warm, sunny days, although it looked like rain late Sunday afternoon. On Saturday, I decided it was time to do some of the new geocaches that have been accumulating to the north. So I started geocaching near West Chester and worked my way towards Malvern, Tredyffrin, and King of Prussia. There were half a dozen caches near the King of Prussia Mall and the most interesting novelty I came across was a big vacuum cleaner. Then I returned to Exton/Uwchlan and found a few more geocaches going from there through Downingtown and back to West Chester. So it was a big triangle. Had to stop just a bit earlier to go to Home Depot near home to pick up an online order I made that very morning, but I was still in plenty of time for dinner at Ruby Tuesday in Bear.

Sunday was the day of the Hi-4 mascot gig at the CFF Great Strides event in Point Pleasant Beach. I joined [ profile] mejeep and [ profile] lowen_kind at the event site. [ profile] freakylynx and Damian K arrived a bit later because they'd been doing another gig in Northern New Jersey that morning. I was a bit late myself so I missed the first part of the event when the walkers were leaving the event site but I got into fursuit and was ready when they returned from the walk. For a small event area, it was quite a busy event. However, it ended a bit earlier than the scheduled closing time because of the hot weather. After that, our group had a late lunch at a nearby Jersey Mike's. Then I went off on my own to do some geocaching around the area. For the short time I had, I actually did quite a number of geocaches because most of them were on the Edgar Felix Bike Path from Allenwood to Allaire State Park. It's nice to be able to park in one place and do a series of geocaches all in a row.

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