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Saturday's trip was to Laurel, Maryland, for the DMV Birthday Party Flagstack event. This event was in the late afternoon, so there was plenty of time to capture some Munzees and some flags, and even find 4 geocaches, before it was time to meet up. The only snag was a big rainstorm rolled through the area in the mid-afternoon. I was parked right in front of "Contee Cache" when the storm came in, so I had a good 15 minutes to think about this 4-star difficulty cache while waiting for the rain to slow to a drizzle. Great part is when I finally started looking, I had already read all the logs and narrowed the possibilities down quite a bit, so it took only 3 seconds to spot the cache!

The Flagstack event was really different from other events I'd attended so far. There were only 6 of us and we met in the parking lot of the Laurel Boys and Girls Club. (which used to be, and still looks like, a school building) After some conversation, we got in to DudleyGrunt's car for a whirlwind tour of Flagstack flags around Laurel. In contrast to Munzee, nearly all Flagstack flags are virtual. So all the passengers can capture those on their smartphones while someone drives around. We got nearly all the party flags (which had been deployed for the event), green flags, adventure flags, white flags, oracle flags, a dice flag, and even a number of jumper flags as they popped up around town. There was also one treasure flag, which was the only physical flag of the day. DudleyGrunt parked the car on the side of the road and we all got out to scan the data matrix. Most of those flag types are ones that I typically don't see anywhere else, so I'm glad there's at least one area within daytrip range with enough active Flagstack players to have those.

Sunday's trip was to South Jersey again. This time, I started in Atco and Berlin. One of the Munzee areas was around an abandoned Kmart. Not much was going on in that shopping center but it's perfect for Munzee activity because there's hardly any traffic. After that, I hit the usual hotspots - Woodcrest, Mount Laurel, Westampton, and Willingboro - before getting some groceries at the Asian food market and saladification at Charlie Brown's in Woodbury. Although it's a chain restaurant, this particular location is rather unusual. It is housed in an old-fashioned 18th century inn with all kinds of crazy narrow passageways and split levels. The dining area probably used to be the reading room or some such and still has bookcases on the wall.

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For the weekend, I went to Fur the 'More at the Hunt Valley Inn in Hunt Valley, MD. I stayed at the hotel from Thursday to Monday and [ profile] jbadger joined me on Saturday. Although attendance has doubled since last year, the con is still small enough that I could find everyone I wanted to meet up with easily. Yet despite the size, the con had a lot of panels and activities going on that were of interest to me. So there wasn't a dull moment. I liked that they were trying new things, such as the QR code game. Also, this is the first con in quite a while in which I didn't go to the dances but that was only because of the good video programming going on at the same time.

My only suggestion to con staff was to move the fursuit games later in the day because it was hard to get up early on Sunday morning after staying up Saturday night for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Even that wasn't too much of a problem. Because of the way the games were set up, I could still join in even though I was a bit late. I think the biggest disappointment this year is we didn't get Frankie and Vinnie's, the 50s diner, because another group, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, had that section of the hotel. Maybe we'll get it next year.

I took an additional vacation day after Fur the 'More to go to the "Peanuts, Burgers, and Fries XXI" geocaching event on Tuesday. This is a monthly event at Five Guys in Toms River. The last one I attended was in December, so I figured it was time to go again. I guess I was still tired from the con, so I woke up late that day but I was still able to do a bunch of geocaches around Berkeley/Holiday City and Toms River before the event. Anyway, it was a good little gathering and I used what I learnt there to finish a puzzle cache before going home.

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On Saturday, reasoning that more of the snow would've melted down south, I went geocaching in Northwest Baltimore. I targeted the "Northern Pkwy Walk & Grab" cache series, which was nice but not that interesting since it's just a 2-mile walk on the side of a road with no sidewalk. After that though, I went to the Cylburn Arboretum, which was a better place to walk around in. Then I continued northwest-wards to Pikesville, Owings Mills, and Reisterstown until it was time for dinner. Anyway, while heading up Route 140, I noticed that I'd passed at least 3 seafood places. Since I hadn't had a crab cake in a while, I figured why not? The closest one to Reisterstown, the Blue Point Crab House, is more of a market than a restaurant, so I had a simple, unpretentious crab cake platter. I should get more of that when I go to Fur 'the More next month.

Sunday's geocaching trip was to Warrington, Jamison, and Doylestown, with the idea of heading down to Philadelphia Chinatown for dinner afterwards for the (3rd day of) Chinese New Year. The Doylestown area was still rather snowy/icy but that posed little difficulty for the caches I attempted.

While I was in northwest Baltimore, I noticed that there were red light cameras and speed cameras on practically every block of some roads. I wasn't comfortable with that. It's like being watched all the time, treated like a kid needing constant supervision. Here's where I'm somewhat conflicted though: I don't like it when people drive recklessly but I also think that trying to prevent that by putting up cameras everywhere is a bit Orwellian. I have to wonder though, if you take one of those traffic camera ticket cases to court, can you face your accuser? Maybe the state will then have to take the camera down from the post and bring it into the courtroom.

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Saturday was a day of on and off snow. Although there was maybe an inch of snow that day, it was still enough to mess up the roads a bit. Even so, I figured I could do a few nearby geocaches I'd been saving for such a day. There were some creative ones among the bunch. "Cat Fishing" was a cat hanging high up in a tree and the cache owner left a rod at the location to retrieve it. "Nasty Micro in the Woods" was more of a humor cache. It's a micro cache inside a microwave oven.

Conditions had improved somewhat by Sunday, so I decided to continue the Wizard Trail caches near Baltimore. There was still snow on the ground but I figured I knew enough about the hiding styles in the series to be able to find at least some of those despite the snow. So I spent the day in the Dundalk/Edgemere area, around North Point, Shallow Creek, and Millers Island.

My Nüvi 1390LMT malfunctioned on Saturday. Specifically, the USB port stopped accepting power from the car charger cable, although oddly, the Nüvi still worked as a USB storage device. So I started using Google Maps navigation on my phone. That's actually not a bad way to go, except that it tends to be a power drain on the phone, even when the phone is plugged in to a cigarette lighter power adapter. Navigation by phone could also fail if I happen to be driving in an area with weak cell phone reception. Therefore, I figured I needed a new automotive GPS. The sad part about the Garmin Nüvi line is I've found those tend to last just a year and change, i.e. long enough to get past the warranty period. (The 1390 lasted about a year and a half.) Anyway, while I was in Maryland on Sunday, I had an idea. Why not go to Target and try their Amazon price match? This way, I don't have to wait for shipping and I could beat the Amazon price by stacking the 5% Redcard discount on the price match. So I stopped at Target on the way home and after doing a bunch of price checks and comparisons, I got a Nüvi 40LM for $76. It's quite similar to the 1390 in operation but enhancements in speed and capacity make it a worthwhile upgrade. We'll see how long this one lasts.

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I was at Fur 'the More in Hunt Valley, MD, this weekend. It's a first-year con so I'll hold the criticism, unless they really want to hear it. I do enjoy a small (473 attendees) con and it should not be in a hurry to grow. There were no lines at any time and none of the con events were filled to capacity. It's nice to still be able to find a seat even if one is a few minutes late to a panel or show. The fursuit parade (with only 94 suiters) was short and sweet. Even the Furlympics (fursuit games) benefitted from not having too large a crowd. With only around 20 participants, musical chairs and the limbo contest were pretty quick, and we soon got to the fun balloon-popping part of the games. As for the dances, I liked the Sock Hop on Saturday. This has been done at other cons before but it was really neat to have it at Frankie & Vinnie's, a 50s-style diner in the lower level of the hotel.

The hotel is in a rather good location because it's across the road from Hunt Valley Towne Center, a big strip mall with a variety of stores and restaurants. I had quite a number of meals from the Wegmans food court over there, although my roommate, [ profile] jbadger, and I did venture out once for crab cakes at a local fish fry store. Unfortunately, it may not be a safe area. There was an armed robbery at the Hunt Valley McDonald's during the con and a few con attendees witnessed that. Be careful!

I didn't do too many geocaches Thursday on the way there. My main goal that day was to do "Tiger Tracks", a webcam cache in the vicinity of the Towson University tiger sculpture. I enjoyed a walk on the North Central Rail trail afterwards. Monday, on the way out of Hunt Valley, I geocached in scenic Oregon Ridge Park and took another long hike by the Loch Raven Reservoir. I should've stopped there but I ventured too close to Baltimore afterwards and encountered much dog poop, junk on the streets, and dangerous open manholes. Good thing I didn't fall into one of those!

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I hadn't been to Maryland in a while. Since there were new geocaches in Harford County and since some geocaches that were missing on my previous trip had been replaced, I decided to go there both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I went to Havre de Grace, Aberdeen, and Belcamp. I took a stab at some geocaches with more challenging terrain as well, although there wasn't very much hiking involved. On Sunday, I started by tackling the Geocaching Proving Ground. It's a collection of geocaches with different hiding styles, all within Cedar Lane Regional Park in Bel Air. I thought some of those caches were rather creative. I also had a chance to try the grabber tool that I got at Harbor Freight recently. "Ghost to the Post" is high up on a football goalpost but I was able to retrieve it easily this way without climbing. After leaving Cedar Lane Regional Park, I continued geocaching in Bel Air, Edgewood, Joppa, and the edge of Baltimore before going home.

The downside of this trip was both days, I ran into people in that area who were either paranoid or touched in the head. On Saturday, I parked on the side of the road next to a public green area to do "Back in them woods!" Someone pulled up behind my car and started honking over and over again. I had no idea what was wrong. The road was quite wide there, so I didn't think my car was in the way. I went over and asked the guy what was wrong. He told me that he could not pass my car because he couldn't see around it. This was hard to believe, seeing as how the road was a quiet residential road and wide enough for three cars side by side. Perhaps he has a vision problem. Oh well. I turned my car around and parked on the other side of the road just so he could pass.

Sunday was even worse. I was in a neighborhood in Bel Air. After parking on the side of the road to access a park area, I started walking out onto the green. Someone came out from his house and started giving me the 20-questions treatment. I asked him if my car was in the way or something. He replied in the negative, but it seems they're suspicious of outsiders parking on their street even though it's a public street with a public park. Someone apparently also called the police on me. So when the police arrived I asked them again if my car was in the way. They said I was fine there and the police already knew about geocaching. (They knew about the caches at Cedar Lane Regional Park too.) They did mention that there has been vandalism in the area and it could be why they were called. Needless to say, after all that hassle, I didn't feel welcome in Bel Air, so I went over to Edgewood, where people left me alone at least!

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On Saturday, I headed down to Uno Chicago Grill in Dover to attend the FSC-2012 Celebration Event. This geocaching event marks the end of the First State Challenge and everyone who completed it got a certificate and pathtag. It's a lunch event and I had a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. It was good but I have mixed feelings about it because it doesn't seem like a dish that is complex enough to justify paying a sit-down restaurant price for. After that, we all went out to do the two geocaches that were placed nearby for the event. Then I went off on my own to Eastern Shore Maryland, ending my geocache tour in Queenstown, just before the Bay Bridge. I thought "Try Again" was interesting not so much because of the trick but because of the way I figured out the trick. I started thinking about where the cache hider thought I wouldn't look and that was where it was hidden.

One thing I heard about on Saturday was a new geocache trail in Peaslee Wildlife Management Area near Vineland. So I planned to do it on Sunday when I knew hunting was prohibited. When I got to the trailhead, I was surprised to see Joe 'n Sue and Jenny D Pooh. It's a meetup that happened completely by chance. Since they too were just starting to go down the trail, I followed them and we did all 50 geocaches on the Peaslee WMA Trail as a group! It was a lot of fun. Although some of the cache hides were quite challenging, nothing was impossible with four people searching and we finished this trail in just under 3 hours. After that, we traveled around Cumberland County still as a group and did a bunch more geocaches until dusk. Then I did a few more geocaches on my own in the evening. "Hush's Container Exchange Part 2" was an interesting concept. It's a large Rubbermaid tub that Hushovd placed in his front yard for exchanging geocache containers. It is "part 2" because he moved a few years ago and had to archive the first version of this cache.

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On Saturday, I went out to do some geocaches in Newark and Bear that I couldn't do after work on weekdays because of earlier sunsets. Two of those were unavailable because a football game in University of Delaware filled pretty much every parking space within a mile of the stadium but I was able to do the other four, plus one extra ("Get To The Point!") on the C&D Canal that used to be missing but had been replaced. Then I toured the Eastern Shore of Maryland through the towns of Cecilton, Kennedyville, Betterton, Worton, Chestertown, and Church Hill. This is a very sparse area in geocaches and also in population, but I hadn't explored very much of it so there were some geocaches to do here and there. In the evening, I headed back to Northern Delaware to attend DE Furbowl XL. I'd underestimated how far away I had gotten from my home area, so I was late to the event but it was still a good time.

On Sunday, I went to the Bucks/Montgomery county line area (towns of Willow Grove, Warminster, Southampton, Huntingdon Valley) again to continue the geocaches I was doing two weeks ago. There weren't as many left but I figured with the shorter daylight after the end of Daylight Saving Time, I wouldn't have time for as many geocaches anyway. "Die Berliner Mauer" was an interesting two-stage cache because the first stage took me to a piece of the Berlin Wall at a German Club in Warminster. Hurricane Sandy seems to have done some significant damage to this area. There are many fallen trees, including one that I suspect fell on a cache, although I didn't investigate further because the landscapers had arrived to clean up the area. Some roads and bridges were closed for repairs too.

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It's that time of the year again when I get birthday coupons from nearly every restaurant mailing list to which I've signed up. So I picked the best ones of the lot and planned this weekend's trips around those.

On Saturday, I started the day with breakfast at the local IHOP. Then I went geocaching in Maryland because of the Greene Turtle coupon. This coupon was specifically for their Owings Mills location so I traveled around the north of Baltimore, through Churchville, Bel Air, Timonium, and Hunt Valley. Nothing too unusual, except for two geocaches that were quite challenging. "Don't Stonewall Me" was difficult because it was hidden on the wall of a strip mall building that didn't appear to have any good places to place a cache. But once I found it, I saw that there was indeed a way to make it stay. (one of the crevices had just enough room to sit the tiny tube) "Nano In The Heart of The Valley" on the other hand was difficult because of awkwardness. It turned out to be in the under-skirt area of a bronze statue of a little girl in the middle of a busy shopping center. Really! Luckily, no one was around when I made the grab or it would've looked strange when I picked it out from there. Finally, dinner was a crabby melt at Greene Turtle.

Sunday began with breakfast at Perkins in Avondale. The plan for the day was to do some of the recent geocaches in Southern Lancaster County and pick from a few possibilities depending on where I was at the end of the day.
Hubcap Hoarder was the neatest geocache of the day. It's made of hubcaps! It's good to see some creativity now and then. Later in the day, I was surprised by giant Greek letters in the woods near "The Old Bridge". This cache site is near Millersville University and apparently, the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity has been busy decorating some of the abandoned structures. Dinner was an avocado turkey burger at Ruby Tuesday in Lancaster. My choices were between a birthday burger at Ruby Tuesday or one at Red Robin and Red Robin was a bit further from that side of Lancaster, so I saved the latter for another evening.

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It was a 3-day weekend with Labor Day on Monday. I went up to Lehigh Valley to finish off more geocaches in that area. First, I took the opportunity to mail my passport renewal application since I noticed there's a UPS store conveniently just off one of the exits in Allentown. No reason why I can't get things done on geocaching excursions. This time, I spent most of the day around Bethlehem and Fountain Hill. I saw the stacks of the old Bethlehem Steel Plant at "A view of the Stacks". I also met up with Frostbiter at "Shell Micro" because the cache was right outside where he works. I hadn't seen him in over 3 years so we took a few minutes to catch up. I learnt that the geocaching community in Lehigh Valley is not what it used to be; some folks had significantly cut down on their geocaching activity due to health or other reasons. In addition, one of them is moving out of state and archived all his caches just prior to the weekend, although I was still able to find "W - 3". Maybe he hadn't gotten around to picking up that one yet. :)

Sunday was a rainy day, so I decided to do the Four States in One Day Challenge It is literally what the name says: I had to find geocaches in 4 states in a single day to log that challenge cache. In the Philly area, it's easy because New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland are quite close together. The reason why I wanted to do this on a rainy day is because I figured I'd be doing more driving around than walking and searching. This challenge turned out to be a bit harder than I thought because I'd already found nearly all the easy caches in the area. So I was basically just hitting the new caches. First, I did a cache in Newark on the Mason-Dixon Trail. Then I headed over to Conowingo, MD, where thankfully there was a new cache. From there, I headed northeast to Oxford, PA, for a few countryside caches. (I only needed one but I might as well do them all since they were quick!) Next, I stopped at the challenge cache in DE to sign in so I wouldn't have to double back after crossing over to NJ. And then I completed the challenge by doing a cache in Gibbstown, NJ. After that, I continued geocaching in South Jersey until dinnertime since I was already there. It was a soggy time because of the light rain.

Monday was another rainy day. However, I had an Old Country Buffet breakfast coupon, so I had a leisurely breakfast while waiting for the rain to go away. Then I took a long drive out to Lancaster to hopefully give the rain enough time to stop. That almost worked. It was still raining lightly when I got to the first geocache site but it stopped soon enough. This time, I geocached mostly in Lititz, East Petersburg, and Manheim, all to the north of Lancaster City.

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This weekend was a bit cooler than previous weekends, with high temperatures in the 80s. Cloudy too. Early Saturday morning, I headed out to Borderline Restaurant in Bethlehem for the Lehigh Valley Geocachers breakfast event. (which always seems to be on the same day as DE Furbowl for some reason and unfortunately, I can't go to both for reasons of practicality.) This time, it was a breakfast buffet so I had bacon, more bacon, and some fruit to make it healthy. :) After that, our group geocache outing was to New Hope. That was quite a long trip because from Bethlehem, New Hope was about an hour's drive away with no highways. We did some geocaches outside of the downtown area first. When we tried to do the downtown New Hope geocaches, we ran into the problem of not finding anywhere to park there. New Hope is very crowded on the weekends because it is an artsy/cultural town with lots of restaurants. We ended up using paid parking just outside of town and walked 3/4 of a mile into town. After a break for Italian ice, I left the group and went off on my own. I geocached my way towards Doylestown and from there, I went home.

On Sunday, I went down the usual way to Maryland. I started late because I had to take care of something important that morning and since I wanted to tackle some challenging geocaches, I planned only a few for the day. But I did 25 geocaches anyway! "Home sweet abandoned home" was the most challenging one of the day. Parking seemed especially dubious because I had to carefully park diagonally on uneven ground at a street corner between a stop sign and some cut logs. There was no proper parking. Then I climbed up a weedy embankment and bushwhacked straight in. I should have looked around a bit more before entering the woods because there was a bit of a trail to the cache site, but I thought my way was still faster. Anyway, because of those difficulties and possibly the rural location, it's no surprise why that geocache hasn't had many visitors.

My next feat was apparently mind-reading. "Can you see me?" was a brand-new geocache listed that very morning. When I arrived at the coordinates, I saw the problem immediately. The coordinates were right in the middle of a parking lot and obviously incorrect. I looked around nearby for a little while with no success. I figured I might as well take a look at the rest of the lot just in case, so I took a walk along the edges of the property. On the other side of the building, I came across a cluster of trees that seemed right for some reason. So I peeked in there and saw the cache! The coordinates were 300 feet off and not even within line of sight from the correct location, so it felt pretty good to figure this out. I can't really explain how I knew. It was probably a combination of using subtle hints that I gleaned from the cache description and looking for places where I'd hide a cache myself.

Fueled by those successes, I took a stab at more geocaches around Abingdon that I'd missed on previous trips. I noticed a few that were missing had been replaced by the cache owners, so I did those. Then I continued through Kingsville, Perry Hall, Carney, and Towson. Other than having to deal with heavy traffic as I approached Baltimore, I didn't have any further problems. I met the cache owner's brother at "Paul's Plant Stand". He told me that he had seen some folks search over an hour for a cache that I spotted as soon as I parked the car. Here, experience mattered. I told him that I'd seen one of those just a few weeks before. Nevertheless, it was a creative way to hide a geocache in plain sight.

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Sunny, 40-45°F. I couldn't let the "Finds for Each Day" series of challenge geocaches go unfinished, so two days after I did the first one, I returned for the other four. Qualification for these challenges was trivial. I've geocached on all 366 days of the year, so of course I have all four seasons too. Along the way, I stopped at the Maryland House rest area on I-95 and did four geocaches there. You'd think rest area caches would be quick but these ones required over a mile of hiking through the rough wooded areas at the north and south ends of the rest area.

Then I did a bunch geocaches along a stretch of Route 7 where there was a geocache every quarter of a mile or so. Then finally, I did the four "Finds for Each Day" caches. Then I arrived at the White Marsh mall area. The roads around there were so busy that I decided to keep going east to Middle River. "Speeders BEWARE!" is noteworthy because this cache was mentioned in a geocaching forum thread about dangerous/illegal geocaches since it is next to a highway. I was intrigued and decided to go right to that one as soon as I recognized its location on the map. Well, despite the controversy, there really isn't a problem. The highway is probably one of the least busy highways in that part of Maryland. The only real issue I could see is my car was partly on the bike lane when I parked next to the cache site. But I was there only for a few minutes so it's not a big deal.

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Sunny, 50-60°F. I thought I'd go somewhere a bit different on the last day of 2011. Well, it's different for me anywhere since I rarely go to the Baltimore area. (That was only my second time there in 2011.) That $6 toll before the Susquehanna makes me think twice before going past Cecil County, but I digress. I started the day at the "Anchors Aweigh!" geocaching event at Nautilus Diner in Timonium. I didn't feel like having actual breakfast food so I ordered gyro with fried onions. Since I hadn't been going to geocaching events in Maryland, I didn't know anyone there. Funny thing is though, geocaching seems to be pretty much the same anywhere. I heard quite a bit of intriguing geo-drama listening in on the conversations, but it's not so different from what I've heard at geocaching events in Lancaster, Bucks County, New Jersey, and Long Island. It's the usual cases of people cheating to get FTFs, signing each other in, and stealing geocaches.

After the geocaching event, I went and found geocaches in Lutherville-Timonium, Towson, Northwood, and Pikesville. I didn't actually do all the geocaches I could've done because it was time for dinner. When I went to the White Marsh area for dinner though, I didn't count on most restaurants shutting down early for New Year's Eve. Denny's in Nottingham was still open, however, so I had a Holiday Turkey Melt. After that, I did two more geocaches in White Marsh / Rossville before going home. The last one I did was "Finds for Each Day of the Year Challenge-4 Seasons", a challenge cache with the prerequisite of finding at least one geocache on each of the 366 days of the year. I qualified a long time ago, so it was a snap but I thought it was a good one to close the year on.

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Aug. 3rd, 2011 01:06 am
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Monday was cloudy with threat of rain but I went out for some after-work geocaches anyway. There were a bunch of new ones around Kennett Square, including one near the Underground Railroad mural. That was also one of a new series of 12 geocaches placed by the Chester County Historical Society. I only had time for 3 of the 12 that evening but no doubt I'll return for the rest since those are not too far away. This evening too, I noticed that the local Save-A-Lot supermarket has extended their hours to 11pm. That is rather convenient because after Arby's kicks me out at 10pm, I still have a whole hour to do the grocery shopping! :)

Tuesday evening was sunny and 91°F. I went to the University of Delaware campus to do the "A Treat and a Garden" geocache. The "treat" part refers to the UDairy Creamery, which I may return to check out some time when I have more time in the 15-minute parking spaces. The cache was in the garden. I'd assumed this micro cache would be hard to find until I put together all the information on the cache page and realized that there were only four places it could be. Then I was right on the first try. Also, this was an FTF. After that, for good measure, I went down the road a little to do the "279 Park & Ride" geocache, which was actually much easier despite having a higher difficulty rating. Go figure. Since I had time and a big trash can to fill for next week, I picked up litter around the Park & Ride. Sadly, I wasn't surprised that I could fill one garbage bag just cleaning up the perimeter of the lot.

I decided to go to Bob Evans in Bear to use a chicken sandwich coupon I got from their mailing list. I was seated promptly by the host. Then I waited and waited and no one came to the table to take my order. That was strange as the restaurant wasn't busy at all. After 15 minutes of that, I walked out. I know I've been to this restaurant before but never for sit-down. The last time I was there, I got takeout. Maybe that's a better idea for next time. I have to wonder though: If they don't serve their customers and the restaurant goes out of business because of that, what do they expect to do for work then?

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Sunny, 70-75°F. Started very late today but still did a decent number of geocaches, in 3 states! Started with one geocache in the C&D Canal area in Delaware. (Ran into Drew136 there.) Then I went over to Meadow Park in Elkton, MD, for a CAM 2011 cache and two others. Also did "Post 15" in downtown Elkton. Met another geocacher there too. I remember trying to find that cache a long time ago and it turned out to be missing. Glad it's back.

After I was done with Maryland, I still had more than two hours until sunset, so I went over to Pennsville, NJ, to do some of the MLB series geocaches. I think the difficulty on those may be overstated. Two of those caches, "MLB SERIES: Indians" and "MLB SERIES: Angels", had 5 stars for difficulty. The former was more like 1 or 1.5 stars, in my opinion. The latter took longer to find but it still wasn't that bad.

After briefly viewing the sunset over the Delaware River at the last geocache site, I returned in-state to Arby's for a Turkey & Swiss Market Fresh sandwich. This is actually pretty good but somewhat more expensive than their menu items, so I tried it only because I had a coupon.

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Cloudy, 70-75°F. I only found out about May in Maryland, a Where's George meet in the Baltimore area, yesterday but fortunately, it took only five minutes to plan everything, including getting geocache info for the area. It was a 3-part meet: breakfast in Hunt Valley, ballgame in Baltimore, and dinner in Owings Mills. My plan was to go to the first and third parts of it, but to skip the ballgame and go geocaching between Hunt Valley and Owings Mills.

Breakfast was quiet. CMgeorger and I were the first two at Panera Bread and we were the only ones in the group until JBinthe615 arrived towards the end of the meet. I had a steak and egg sandwich. After that, I geocached around Hunt Valley / Cockeysville before heading a bit west towards Owings Mills. Having never geocached in this area before, I had many to pick from and got 28 in about 6 hours, including a bunch on the Red Run Stream trail system.

When I was done with the geocaches, I went to Greene Turtle in Owings Mills for the last part of the meet. This was a bigger meetup with over 20 people. We used the party room at the Greene Turtle. I had a chicken and fish basket.

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Sunny, 55-60°F. Today, I finally went and did Delaware's Longest Geocache?. I was waiting for the perfect day, not too hot, too cold, or too wet, to do this cache and today was just right. It's a 5.3-mile round trip hike in a state wildlife area. It's a long walk but completely flat all the way. I also found Halfway Below Sea along the way. Only the last third of a mile to the cache site was difficult because of flooding on the trail. There was no way to avoid the water, so I just waded through. I saw lots of tadpoles in the flood water. I also saw one tadpole-eating snake. When I got closer to the cache site, I saw a big white owl fly out of a holly tree. Well, that was exciting. After that long walk, it's great that the cache was an easy find.

Decided to take a break at Hardee's in Middletown after that. I had a 1/3-lb thickburger and fries. I used a mobile coupon from the Hardee's Android app this time. It's one of their latest innovations. I didn't need a printout. I only had to show the cashier the coupon on my phone.

After that, because I apparently haven't walked enough for one day, I went to Maryland to do the Jackson School Hall Rd 2 geocache. This is the last cache in the Jackson School Hall Road series that I didn't do the last time I was there because I ran out of daylight. It's only 0.1 of a mile from parking but because of the way the trail turns around, the round trip hike was about 1.2 mile! However, it wasn't a difficult walk.

Sweet Six

Mar. 24th, 2011 09:32 pm
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Sunny and 40°F this evening. I had some time after work this evening and traffic wasn't bad, so I went to the western side of Newark for a geocache in Devon Park.

Then I crossed over into Maryland. The first two geocaches there were roadside geocaches near small bridges. After those, I still had time. So I went to Fair Hill Natural Resources Area. These caches were on the trails that start at the end of Jackson School Hall Road. There were four geocaches but I only had time for three before dusk, so I'll have to return another day for the last one. It was a nice walk. The trail wasn't very direct but did eventually turn and point towards the cache sites.

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C&D Canal

Nov. 20th, 2010 10:20 pm
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Sunny, 60-65°F. First, I got the errand out of the way by dropping off the leaves and weeds at the mid-county yard waste site. Then I headed westwards to the C&D Canal to do a bunch of geocaches. I avoided this area during the Summer because I figured the bugs would be bad, but there have been enough cold nights that it ought to be bug-free by now. Indeed, it was a nice day to take a drive on the canal dirt roads and walk the trails. It was warm enough to be t-shirt weather too, especially after working up a sweat from hiking. I remained near the Delaware-Maryland state line, finding more geocaches on the Maryland side than on the Delaware side this time.

After I was done with the canal area, I went for one more geocache near Lowe's and Home Depot (hence the name "Almost Home but Lowe") in Middletown. It's funny that the two home improvement stores are literally side by side in that town. Then I went to Hardee's for a 1/3-lb cheeseburger combo.

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Cloudy and 75-80°F. The weather wasn't bad so I thought it would be a good day to try some tough hikes. I did that for the first two geocaches at Goat Hill Serpentine Barrens. After that, I headed south into Maryland to do most of the geocaches from Rising Sun west to the Susquehanna River. "The Gorge" was challenging. I had a choice between walking on a dangerous old bridge where only the frame remained or rock-hopping across the stream. I didn't do either one. The water temperature seemed just right so I waded across. I may have to cross the Susquehanna the next time I geocache in Maryland. I'm running low on Cecil County caches. (the ones in no-fee areas anyway)

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