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Saturday was another South Jersey Munzee spree, this time to Washington Township and Mount Laurel. I placed some of my own too at the Cross Keys Shopping Center to see if the local munzers will go get those.

Sunday's trip was to the Munzee 6th Birthday Celebration event at Fuddruckers in Annapolis. There were presents and special Munzee badges, and after the event, everyone went out to capture the special event munzees that were deployed all around the restaurant and nearby retail/hotel complex. It's good to go to an event once in a while, not just for the game bonuses, but also to get to know other munzers in the area.

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It was a 100% Munzee (well, maybe 99% Munzee and 1% Flagstack) weekend. My geocaching premium membership expired last weekend and I didn't figure it was worth renewing, so I don't have any pocket queries. I peeked at the c:geo app a couple of times but there weren't any new geocaches near where I was capturing munzees. Which seems to fit what I've been noticing. In areas that are dense with munzees, some of the biggest players were geocachers who hid a lot of geocaches a while back but stopped and switched to Munzee. Why? They had their reasons. Montgomery and Bucks County geocachers had better hope the Taxman, owner of over a thousand geocaches, doesn't start Munzeeing!

So Saturday's trip was to South Jersey again, mainly Westampton, Burlington, Riverside, Cherry Hill, Audubon, and Marlton. Since the weather was good, I started clearing out a few areas. Also helped a local Munzer replace a missing motel munzee. Not a complicated process but it did require some messaging back and forth. Then I went around getting the new timeshare, hotel, and motel munzees and a bunch of mythologicals. Lots of points all around. In the evening, I hit the Asian food market in Cherry Hill and finally, I picked a random Chinese restaurant I hadn't been to for dinner. That's the other thing I've been doing: attempting to write Yelp and Google Local reviews for every Chinese place in South Jersey. I'm probably only a small fraction of the way to this goal.

Sunday's trip was down to Sandy Point State Park again to capture around 300 munzees. Nearly all of them were evolution munzees, a special type that changes twice before taking its final form. A wheel munzee, for example, turns into a penny farthing next month and a muscle car the following month. So it may seem like there are a lot of munzees in Sandy Point but some of those were the same ones from my last visit that have since evolved. Along the way there, I also visited the Fallen Heroes Memorial in Centreville. This memorial and park is not along the main drag, so I'd never have found it if not for Munzee. (Just like geocaches, it seems, some Munzees take you to new places and some, well most, are just for the heck of it.)
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I had the day off on Monday, so it was a 3-day weekend. Saturday's trip was to Atlantic City and Brigantine, with a stop in Berlin on the way to dinner. The trouble with the casino area in Atlantic City is there's no free parking. Even Harrah's, which isn't in the downtown area, now charges for parking, even though they didn't just a few years ago. So I mostly went for munzees and geocaches off the beaten path. Still, there was a lot to see. I went to the Absecon Lighthouse and the aquarium. Also saw a bench on a fragment of a pier out in the water. I thought that was sad and strange at the same time.

Sunday's trip was somewhat shorter because of the rain. Just a dash down to Sandy Point State Park to capture about 500 munzees and then back again.

Monday's trip was to Dover, Bridgeville, Seaford, and Laurel in Southern Delaware. It was mostly for Munzee but I stopped for a bunch of new geocaches along the way. Horsey Pond was the most scenic area of the day. The weird item of the day was an Angry Birds porta-potty in Seaford. It looked like character merchandising gone wrong.

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For me, this weekend was all about Munzee events. There were a number of Easter Tea Party events scheduled around the world. Two of them were not too far from home and on different days, so I went to both.

On Saturday, I went to the Egg'stra Special Maryland Munzee Easter Event at Fuddruckers in Annapolis. It was mostly a meet and greet, although there were prizes in a couple of Easter baskets. I checked later and those turned out to be special munzees, so I'll deploy those in my home area later. After that, we went out to the shopping area to capture the event pin munzees that had been deployed for the event, as well as anything else in the vicinity. That was a lot of fun. I kept running into other munzers at various spots even though we were all going in different directions. After that, I went to Sandy Point State Park to hit the evolution munzee garden before heading home.

Sunday's event was the NJ Bilby Event at Voorhees Town Center. (formerly Echelon Mall) Since I was early, I went around the mall to capture the munzees and also stopped to take a "I Love You" murals near the parking area. When it was getting close to event time, I went inside to the food court to meet up with the rest of the attendees. There was a delay in setting things up but once we got going, there was an Eventzee photo scavenger hunt of items that could mostly be found inside the mall. There were also event pins to capture both inside and outside the mall. They had a raffle too and I got the bilby puppet! And finally, there was the riding of the motorized animals.
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On Saturday, I went to the "Plainsboro Preserve 2017 Geotrail Launch" geocaching event in (where else?) Plainsboro Preserve. The event itself was in the nature center building, where there was an European Starling that perched by the heat lamp for a while before taking a bird bath. I didn't stay for the geotrail caches since I had other caches to go for in Rocky Hill, Montgomery, Belle Mead, and Somerville. Followed those with a Munzee grab around the Bridgewater Commons Mall before dinner.

Sunday's trip was more Munzee-focused because the main goal was to capture more than 1000 of those in Sandy Point State Park on the Chesapeake Bay. However, it turned out that there were a lot of geocaches as well in the Glen Burnie area on the B&A Trail and around the shopping centers along Gov Ritchie Highway. After that I hit the Munzee gardens at Arundel Mills Mall. There were two of those, one that looked like a Christmas tree and one that was in the shape of a giant Munzee pin. (I think) I also visited the top of the casino parking garage, although the only thing the view from there showed was how difficult it was to find a parking space.

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It was a 3-day holiday weekend. The first two days were trips to nearby areas where I noticed there has been some cache placement activity. Saturday's trip was to Exton/Uwchlan, Phoenixville, and Pottstown, with a hike into the hills of the Lock 60 Recreation Area. Sunday's trip was to East Goshen and the Sugartown ruins, and then to the Reading area for a set of puzzle caches, including this frog geocache.

Monday's trip was a long one to a new area. Every year, I try to use the Chevys birthday coupon. The nearest Chevys locations are all on the other side of Baltimore. Last year, I went to Arundel Mills but that mall was way too busy, so I figured I'd try Annapolis instead this year. And of course, it's a good excuse to get some geocaches on the way to and in Annapolis before dinner. Annapolis is actually a decent bay town with a lot of river and bay scenery, good sculptures, and cheeky parking signs. I also stopped at Kent Island along the way and saw some unexpected cartoonish murals. Animal encounters were a theme for the day as well. There was a grasshopper who stayed still long enough for photography. And that night, a small green snake fell on my head when I brushed up against a bush. Which was a surprise because I didn't think such an urban location would have a snake in the bush.

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The main goal for Saturday was to use my birthday coupon at Chevys Fresh Mex. This tex-mex restaurant chain has closed a number of locations so the closest one to me is now at Arundel Mills on the far side of Baltimore. Of course, it's not worth going all that way just for a free dinner entree, so I made a day of geocaching out of it. This time, I decided to go down through Eastern Shore Maryland, getting some geocaches in Sudlersville, Church Hill and Kent Island before crossing the Bay Bridge into Anne Arundel County. That seemed like a nicer way to go until we actually got into Anne Arundel County and traffic madness in that area pretty much forced me to stick to caches in one direction up through Severna Park and Glen Burnie. On the plus side, there were some neat locations in Severna Park like a lovely garden at Hatton Regester Green and a former train station with only the pillars remaining. There was even an interesting geocache at Arundel Mills. "Do You Feel Lucky?" is in the multi-level casino parking garage. Fortunately, the cache page told me which floor to park on and I figured it out from there. As an aside, it was tough finding parking at Arundel Mills on Saturday. This mall has grown significantly in popularity since they added the casino, a fancy new movie theater, and more restaurants. But eventually, I found a parking space a bit of a walk away and got my Super Cinco.

Sunday's trip was around to the other side of Baltimore, into Reisterstown, Finksburg, and Westminster. And the goal was to use another birthday coupon at Red Robin, although this didn't actually start out being the goal. There just happened to be a Red Robin on the way out of that area. I actually hadn't been very deep into Carroll County until this trip. Westminster was a bit bigger than I expected. There's a lot of countryside in that county, so it was a surprise to see a moderate-sized city in the middle of that. We took a look at The Cow, a well-known local ice cream establishment, although that was the one geocache we had to pass on because the place was too busy. And finally, in the evening, I got my guacamole bacon burger at Red Robin in Owings Mills.

Monday's excursion was up through West Goshen, Exton, Phoenixville, Collegeville, and then Skippack, Schwenksville and East Greenville, on the west side of I-476. Interesting geocaches and cache sites of the day were the lizard geocache in Exton, the log bridge walk in Upper Providence, and the covered bridge with a sign saying "Walk your horses or pay two dollars fine" in Skippack. No birthday coupon for Monday evening but crab cakes and salad at Ruby Tuesday in Lansdale hit the spot.

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Saturday morning, I went to Upper Macungie Park in Fogelsville for the "Cache In The Parks 2013, Upper Macungie Township" geocaching event. This event is a set of talks and demonstrations for beginners, so I didn't stay very long. Instead, I used the venue as a launching-off point to go farther north to Slatington and Walnutport. I stopped at the Lehigh Gap Nature Center to take in the view and see a praying mantis. (It was there for a long time. Both I and another geocacher saw the same insect on the corner fence post.) Then, for most of the day, I took a walk on the D&L Trail. That was for the "Alphabet Soup" series of geocaches.

My goal on Sunday was to get to Hanover, Maryland, to use my Chevys birthday coupon for a free entree. Why all the way on the other side of Baltimore? Because after Chevys closed their Princeton-area location, this is the only one that is not too far from home for a day trip. It's actually not worth going to Hanover just for a free dinner because Maryland highway tolls alone are now up to $16 for the trip. They recently hiked the I-95 toll from $6 to $8! However, I figured since I was going there, I could find some Maryland geocaches along the way and in the vicinity of the Arundel Mills mall.

The Baltimore area has some issues. For example, there is a portion of Dundalk where I noticed that all the geocaches are missing. I replaced one of the caches myself but decided to leave the others alone because those all seemed like too-obvious spots. There are some good geocaches though. "Tool Time" was a creative use of parts from the nearby hardware store. "Panda's Treasure Box II" was an ammo box with nice artwork on the sides. In addition, I pre-solved some puzzles so I could go for "UMP Cache", "Zulu the Destroyer", "Fireants invade Maryland", and "Border Collie Trivia". Once I was done, I headed over to Chevys at Arundel Mills for a Super Cinco dinner.

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