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It was a 3-day holiday weekend. The first two days were trips to nearby areas where I noticed there has been some cache placement activity. Saturday's trip was to Exton/Uwchlan, Phoenixville, and Pottstown, with a hike into the hills of the Lock 60 Recreation Area. Sunday's trip was to East Goshen and the Sugartown ruins, and then to the Reading area for a set of puzzle caches, including this frog geocache.

Monday's trip was a long one to a new area. Every year, I try to use the Chevys birthday coupon. The nearest Chevys locations are all on the other side of Baltimore. Last year, I went to Arundel Mills but that mall was way too busy, so I figured I'd try Annapolis instead this year. And of course, it's a good excuse to get some geocaches on the way to and in Annapolis before dinner. Annapolis is actually a decent bay town with a lot of river and bay scenery, good sculptures, and cheeky parking signs. I also stopped at Kent Island along the way and saw some unexpected cartoonish murals. Animal encounters were a theme for the day as well. There was a grasshopper who stayed still long enough for photography. And that night, a small green snake fell on my head when I brushed up against a bush. Which was a surprise because I didn't think such an urban location would have a snake in the bush.

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Went for jury duty on Thursday morning. It was actually my first time because I wasn't eligible all the previous times I received a jury summons. The county courthouse in downtown Wilmington was pretty busy that day. There were 17 cases on the trial calendar, so it took most of the morning for them to sort through those cases. They whittled it down to 3 cases after settlements and plea bargains. I was in the third group of jurors to get called. After calling 35 jurors for jury selection in each of the first two cases, the bailiff decided to just call the rest of us for the third case. So nearly 100 people, including myself, had to take the elevator to a courtroom on the 8th floor. (Courthouse stairs were reserved for emergency use only.) It was like the elevator line at the Westin during Anthrocon. :) By the time we all got to the 8th floor though, the prosecutor and defendant had both agreed to a bench trial (trial by judge) due to the complexity of the criminal case, so they didn't need a jury after all. The judge took a few minutes to explain that decision to all of us and then we all went back down to the jury assembly room. By the afternoon, they decided no more jurors were needed so they handed out the juror certificates and dismissed us. Even though it was just a lot of waiting, I still thought it was an educational experience because the court staff explained what was happening every step of the way. There was still some daylight afterwards, so I went to Logan and Mullica Hill in South Jersey for a quick geocache run before returning to Delaware for errands and dinner.

Saturday had bad weather, with a mix of snow and rain, but I figured if I headed south to Eastern Shore, there would be only rain down that way. This time, I went to Wye Mills, Wye Island, and some of the fingers of land next to Easton. The hard part about geocaching in that area is the shape of the land. There are lots of fingers of land, up to 10 miles long, into the Chesapeake Bay with no bridges linking them. If you venture down one finger for a geocache, it takes a lot of driving and time to go back out of the finger and down another finger. So I picked only those fingers with a good collection of geocaches. Prospect Bay was nice. Even though it looked like a very exclusive community, no one bothered me and it looks like they leave geocaches alone too, even those really obvious cache containers that I saw sitting out in the open. Near the end of the day, I revisited St Michaels to finish the geocaches I didn't have time for last week, and ended the day at Claiborne Beach. (the only time that day the sun came out)

On Sunday, I hit the trail loop for 11 geocaches at Kirkwood Preserve in Newtown Square. There was some snow on the ground from the previous day's snowfall but not really enough to make it hard to find those geocaches. There was one geocache in Radnor that required climbing a concrete pillar. I brought my ladder but it didn't feel safe because the ladder didn't reach high enough, so I decided not to retrieve this cache until I can get a longer ladder. The shape of the pillar also makes it a lot harder to use long tree branches to knock the cache off, although some have done it that way. After that, I continued onwards to Lower Gwynedd and Horsham. Things were a bit rougher there because of some uncleared parking areas. "Up Against the Wall!" was findable despite the snow, although I had to dig up nearly a 10-foot line of snow before I saw it. Of course, I put the snow back for the next person! :) "Enterance[sic] to the Woods" was difficult for no good reason. That whole area was a messy mix of water and snow. After kicking away the snow fruitlessly for a while, I saw the cache just sitting out there on a tuft of grass. It wasn't a hiding spot that made sense but I think some caches just put the whammy on folks. I noticed in the cache logs that others took a while to find it too, just because of the weirdness of the placement.

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On Saturday, I went geocaching a bit farther down Eastern Shore Maryland than last weekend's trip. There was rain in the weather forecast for Sunday, so I figured I should take the opportunity to travel while the weather was good. This time, after picking up a few puzzle/mystery caches in Church Hill, I continued to Easton and St Michaels, both new areas for me. One of the problems around the Chesapeake Bay is there are numerous fingers of land, each up to 10 miles long and typically with multiple branches. Once you've gone geocaching down one of those fingers, that's pretty much it for the day because it takes a lot of time and driving to return to the main highway and go down another finger. So after hitting Easton, there was really only enough time for the St Michaels finger and Bozman, which was on one of the land branches. There was quite a bit to see down that way, however. First, there's the MEBA Merchant Marine Memorial, which is laid out like a giant ship with a big propeller at one end. Then, there's the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, which was closed at the time unfortunately, although I still got to see the Tilghman Island Drawbridge exhibit.

It rained almost the whole day on Sunday. Although temperatures were higher by the time I left home, I heard that roads in Pennsylvania were still messed up with numerous accidents from icy conditions early that morning. So I decided to stay closer to home and pick up a few geocaches in New Castle County and Cecil County. The most unusual one of the day was "Brace Yourself", which was a snake! Fake, of course. At 3.5 stars, the most difficult one of the day was "Veterans Community Park". I think I was lucky to find it without help because it looked like trash and it wasn't in a spot that I'd have thought to check. The only thing that worked in my favor was it was exactly what I guessed it would be after reading the cache logs.

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There was finally some snow earlier this week. Although the snow on the ground wasn't much and was mostly gone by the weekend, it led me to decide to try geocaching in some parts of Maryland to the south that I hadn't yet covered. Saturday's trip was to Ocean Pines, just outside of Ocean City. Well, I don't know about the ocean part but there sure was a lot of lake scenery! Generally, the caches were similar to others found around Ocean City and I'd consider it an extension of my Chincoteague trip during the holidays. One problem I noticed in Ocean Pines though is the town planners seem to be averse to left turns. I found myself having to make a right turn and then a U turn so many times on that day, that it was tiresome towards the end.

Sunday's trip was down the Eastern Shore via Route 301 to Kent Island. That area was new to me too, even though I'd been as far as Queenstown on previous trips. Rather noteworthy was the series of caches on the Cross Island Trail. It's not a power trail because there were significant distances between caches but there were many spots along the way for scenic views of the coves and inlets. However, I stopped short of the Bay Bridge because of the $6 toll. That will have to wait for a time when I have a full day to devote to the other side of the bridge.

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