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16 years ago, I found my first geocache and since that first one, I logged 34,813 more. The shoulder injury, however, has been a real wake-up call. I'm simply too accident-prone to continue. So this weekend and every weekend thereafter, I'll be going for Munzee and, where available, Flagstack. Most of the action will take place near a street or parking area so even if something bad happens, at least I won't have to drag myself too far to get help.

Anyway, physical therapy has been a novel experience. On Thursday evening, I went to the place just down the road from home that the orthopedist recommended. With all kinds of exercise equipment in the open area, it looked somewhat like a gym. There were a few people doing exercises, although at a slower pace than at a regular gym. The physical therapist took some measurements to see how far I can move my arm vertically and horizontally, which was actually quite a bit more than I thought. Then he got me started on a few stretching exercises. I've also been doing those on my own at home and at the office, wherever convenient. I'm sure there'll be more in my next PT session.
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