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2017-02-22 12:19 am

Presidents Day Weekend - KoP / Berwyn, Reading, Lehigh Valley

Had Monday off so it was a 3-day weekend. Saturday's trip was to nearby Ridley Park for a few caches, then farther north to King of Prussia, Berwyn, Plymouth Meeting, Lansdale, Colmar, and New Britain. The ruins of the Moore-Irwin House were interesting to explore. It looked like a house built into the side of a knoll, so you can climb up the slope and look down into the ruins. Also remarkable was how close this abandoned structure was to modern-day businesses and offices. It's practically just off a parking lot. I also made a side trip to visit the National Memorial Arch in Valley Forge (for Munzee though. Geocaches are not allowed in national parks.) and the Elmwood Park Zoo murals. (In that section of the mural, it looks like the animals are looking at you disapprovingly. I thought it was funny.)

Sunday's trip was to Wyomissing, Sinking Spring, and Reading. This area is a bit rougher and graffiti-filled but I thought it was clever that the cache at this location was camoflaged to blend in with the graffiti. There were some nice spots too, such as a hilltop pavillion near the Penn State campus.

Monday was the real treat of the holiday weekend. I hadn't been to Lehigh Valley in a while, so there were a bunch of cache series waiting. I didn't have enough daylight for everything but I got the Waltons, Snooper & Blabber, some old TV shows, Mel Brooks, the Addams Family, a bunch of cartoons, and a few more around a residential area for good measure. (The cache owners must've watched a lot of TV. :) ) The caches were mostly in parks and cemeteries in Bethlehem, Easton, and Palmer Township. I thought Housenick Park (BTCS series) was the most interesting area because it's the grounds of an old estate with a cellar (or perhaps a dungeon of mystery), a pump house, and historical tennis courts! (No kidding. That's what the sign says!)

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2017-01-02 01:24 pm

New Year's Weekend

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day fall on the weekend this time but I had Friday off too. Friday's trip was to Lancaster County since I hadn't been there in a while. Tried to get a few more geocaches on the Manheim and Mount Joy side of the county since I'd skipped those on previous trips. The most interesting location was the circle of rocks, like a small Stonehenge, in Manheim.

Saturday's trip was first to Morgantown, to finish the "Morgantown Overlook" multi-cache. I got the first 3 stages last weekend but I could not complete it then because it got dark. After that, I hit the Reading, Leesport, and Lenhartsville areas with a stop in the oddly-named Virginville. For the day, there were some unusual caches and a mysterious stone artifact.

And finally, Sunday's outing was to Hammonton, Egg Harbor City, Laureldale, and Mays Landing in South Jersey. I hadn't been to that area in quite a long time so there were lots of new caches. The view of Lake Lenape in Mays Landing was pretty clear on a winter's day.

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2016-12-05 03:32 pm

Northern Edge, Lake Towhee, Memory Lane

Saturday's geocache outing was to Exeter, Fleetwood, Lyons, Bowers, Topton, Maxatawny, and Breinigsville, pretty much at the Northern edge of my range. (for now) The caches were all rather conventional, except for the cat and the ten commandments tablet. What's amazing about this area is the way some caches don't get stolen even if one might think those are way too obvious. "Falling Forrest", for instance, is a regular-sized cache that is near a road, just sitting on the grass in an open area. There are notes in the log book from people who have found it by accident.

Sunday's trip was to Quakertown, with the intention of hitting Lake Towhee and Memory Lane. (SGL 157) Geocaching around Lake Towhee was somewhat of a dud. I noticed that the first few geocaches were not in hiding spots that the coordinates, hints, and log entries all clearly pointed to. I tried all the other caches around the lake and they were likewise not to be found. It looked like the work of someone who had a vendetta against this particular cache owner because I did find one cache placed by someone else that was still safely in place. After that, I moved on to State Game Lands 157 and had better luck there. It's the area that Taxman calls Memory Lane because he used to go hunting and target shooting there in his younger days. Now, he has a bunch of caches there.

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2016-09-20 11:34 pm

Birthday weekend - New London, Rising Sun, Conowingo, Royersford, Pottstown, Boyertown

My birthday was on a Sunday this year, so I didn't take a day off from work for that. Still it was a packed weekend. Saturday's trip was relatively local because I wanted to use the Golden Corral coupon and the only convenient Golden Corral location was not far away in Elkton. The day started with the Pokemon No geocache, a funny one in New Castle Battery Park, near home. The cache owner was just poking fun at the hordes of Pokemon Go players recently in Battery Park. To be honest though, I really haven't seen too much of that activity myself. There are small groups of players here and there but that's about it. Then I went to New London to get a set of new caches, and then to Rising Sun. Then I did a 2-mile hike on the northwest side of the Conowingo Dam. That was a lot of walking in hilly terrain but well worth doing for a set of classic cache hides that were all ammo cans. As planned, dinner was at the Elkton Golden Corral, where I did feast on various foods dipped in the chocolate fountain. (No one can tell which of those lumps are the broccoli and cauliflower. :) Chocolate-dipped strawberries are pretty good.)

Sunday's goal was to get the birthday Grand Slam at Denny's. However, Denny's is a 24-hour restaurant and I didn't necessarily have to get that for breakfast, so I was free to venture out to the wilds beyond Pottstown and come back later for it. So it was a fun day roaming the countryside of ducks, barns, covered bridges, and municipal parks with strong opinions about dogs. Despite all that, I still made it back to the local Denny's in Newark in plenty of time for a not-too-late dinner.

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2016-09-06 11:17 pm

Labor Day Weekend - Phoenixville, Pottstown, Annapolis

It was a 3-day holiday weekend. The first two days were trips to nearby areas where I noticed there has been some cache placement activity. Saturday's trip was to Exton/Uwchlan, Phoenixville, and Pottstown, with a hike into the hills of the Lock 60 Recreation Area. Sunday's trip was to East Goshen and the Sugartown ruins, and then to the Reading area for a set of puzzle caches, including this frog geocache.

Monday's trip was a long one to a new area. Every year, I try to use the Chevys birthday coupon. The nearest Chevys locations are all on the other side of Baltimore. Last year, I went to Arundel Mills but that mall was way too busy, so I figured I'd try Annapolis instead this year. And of course, it's a good excuse to get some geocaches on the way to and in Annapolis before dinner. Annapolis is actually a decent bay town with a lot of river and bay scenery, good sculptures, and cheeky parking signs. I also stopped at Kent Island along the way and saw some unexpected cartoonish murals. Animal encounters were a theme for the day as well. There was a grasshopper who stayed still long enough for photography. And that night, a small green snake fell on my head when I brushed up against a bush. Which was a surprise because I didn't think such an urban location would have a snake in the bush.

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2016-06-07 01:32 pm

WWFM XIII, Reading, Baltimore

Saturday was the day of the 13th World-Wide Flash Mob. I attended the one in the Reading area, simply because that's where I was going for the day. There are fewer WWFM events this year and attendance is down. I was told that this is because Groundspeak has stopped offering a special souvenir for this annual event. I thought that was a pity since I couldn't believe a mere virtual token was enough to make or break a decision to attend an event. Regardless, I had a good time at this one. It was at a dog park in Jim Dietrich Park, although most of us didn't have dogs. After that, I continued geocaching around Reading and Muhlenberg, and ventured out to Kutztown again. Creative caches included an election cache, a few owls, and a birdhouse. There was also a Devil's Trail but I didn't know what that was about since the sign pointed into a wooden hut.

Sunday's trip was back to the Baltimore area, around Edgewood, Middle River, Essex, and Dundalk. There were lots of new caches to get since I hadn't been there in a while, although the most interesting ones were towards the end of the day in Dundalk. Understand the Buried History of Riverview Park was in an underground pedestrian tunnel. Of course, you can't take GPS readings underground so the cache owner provided a good hint for finding it. Also, the cache page has pointers to historical information on the (early 20th century) amusement park and industrial plant located at that site.

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2016-05-31 05:13 pm

Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday's trip was to Hopewell Township, Titusville, and Washington's Crossing in Central Jersey with a brief foray into Yardley, Pennsylvania. Most of the day was a long walk along the D&R Canal to finish the "D&R Trail" series that I started 2 years ago. This time, I started from the north end, near Washington's Crossing. There was also a historical tour down the route George Washington might have taken in the march to Trenton.

Sunday's trip was to Lehigh Valley for the "LVG Memorial Day G.E.M." geocaching event. The event was in the late afternoon, so in the morning and afternoon, I got some geocaches around Lower and Upper Macungie.

Monday's trip was to Reading, Muhlenberg, Fleetwood, Moselem Springs, and Kutztown. In the beginning of the day, I tried to tackle some of the more difficult or time-consuming caches around West Reading to clear out the area. Wasn't entirely successful though. At Mini Menagerie, the final location contained a dead raven, presumably lying right on the cache! I decided to leave that one alone for now. (I noticed the cache owner has since removed the carcass, so we're just waiting until the remnants have decomposed.) On the other hand, "Frog Tour Multi-Cache" and "Sweet Dreams" were a treat to do. The former took me to a series of frog sculptures around West Reading, while the latter was in beautiful Trudy's Garden.

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2016-05-24 05:46 pm

Rainy day Berks countryside, the mascot gig that wasn't

Saturday was a rainy day. Contrary to what one might assume, the better bet for geocaches was to get out to the countryside north of Pottstown because there were many cemetery caches that weren't too messy to get to in the rain. The most notable cache site was the graveyard of Robocop! Actually, he was a different Peter Weller from the 19th century. There was also a split lamb in another cemetery. The cutest geocache was a mini mailbox outside the cache owner's house.

On Sunday, I headed out to Point Pleasant Beach to do a mascot gig for a CFF Great Strides event. However, when I got there, I saw Miss GEICO and realized that it was a totally different event. Turns out that the CFF event had been moved to the weekend prior but they didn't bother to tell Hi-4. Oh well. This is the second year in a row that something has gone wrong with the gig, so I might not sign up next year. But no matter. The rain had stopped and there were plenty of geocaches around Point Pleasant Beach, Brielle, Wall, and Manasquan, especially the little power trail in Sawmill Tract. The most humorous cache of the day was Pepto Cachemo. One dose cures cache withdrawal symptoms!

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2016-05-17 02:44 am

Reading/Hamburg, Sourland Mountain

Saturday was a rainy day, so I mostly hit the quick and easy geocaches in the suburbs and countryside to the west and northwest of Reading. (Cumru, Wyomissing, Bern, Leesport) Many of those were cemetery geocaches, thanks to the "Lying In Wait" cache series. Later in the afternoon, the rain stopped, so I took a mile-long hike in SGL 110. Then I hurried back to the parking area since the rain started again just as I was nearly done with that hike.

Sunday began with some dinosaur adventures at the hadrosaurus site in Haddonfield. Then, there was a walk across a pipeline bridge. Although it seemed fine, I wasn't sure if the walkway was sturdy so I had to be careful. And then, there was a geocache on a pedestrian overpass in Collingswood. Not so much of an adventure there. Later in the afternoon, I headed over to Sourland Mountain Reservation in Belle Mead. There were two cache series there, Sweet and Sour, which combined into a long hike from one park entrance to another. The "Sweet" series had some funny caches, like this deer skull with bloodshot eyeballs. One of the stops in Sourland was an abandoned blue Corvair, where the "Dude, where's my Corvair?" geocache was hidden. This was challenging to access due to the overgrowth but there was a faint trail from previous visitors to the abandoned car.

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2016-05-03 01:42 am

Blue Marsh Lake, Reading West, Lawrenceville Jubilee

Saturday's trip was to the west of Reading to get some geocaches in the area of Blue Marsh Lake. I had no idea that April 30 was the last day before they started charging a park fee, so that was a bonus. After that, I continued westward to Heidelberg, Robesonia, Womelsdorf, Newmanstown, and Richland. It's an area with a series of small towns along Route 422, with ducks and lots of cows.

On Sunday, I went to Lawrenceville to do a mascot gig with Hi-4 at the Lawrenceville Jubilee. It rained the whole day so there wasn't much of a crowd and some vendors canceled, but the event still went on. TARDIS Kitty and I did the gig in the rain, which was a bit messy, although on the plus side, one can't feel the rain in fursuit. :) So we entertained the half dozen or so families who attended the event. After the event, I went a bit farther up route 206 to get some geocaches in Princeton, Rocky Hill, and Hillsborough, before heading to dinner.

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2016-04-19 05:50 pm

Princeton, Reading, Hamburg

Saturday's trip was first to Upper Freehold, including Clayton Park, Assunpink WMA and Etra Lake Park, before heading over to the Princeton area. I wanted to get in some hiking to get some of the older geocaches in the area before going to the built-up areas for quick caches. A strange thing I found was a panda hanging on a tree. The strange part was it had nothing to do with the geocache, which was nearby, so sometimes one just comes across random stuff in the woods. Also, Clayton Park had a lovely purple field. On closer examination, I saw that it's a dense patch of purple deadnettle. And the flock of guinea fowl in Etra Park in no way hampered the cache search, although they were very noisy.

Sunday's excursion was to get the new geocaches in Leesport, Shoemakersville, and Hamburg, although I did stop in Morgantown, Wyomissing, and Reading along the way. In Centerport, I arrived at a fork in the road! The town has a good sense of humor.

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2016-04-05 05:55 pm

Maryland, Pottstown/Reading

Saturday's trip targeted a group of geocaches in Abingdon that had been placed for a recent geocaching event that I didn't attend. After that, I continued towards Baltimore, going around the northern part of it. The surprise of the day was the Hampton National Historic Site near Towson. The National Park Service doesn't usually allow geocaches, but I soon realized that the ones on the property were placed by Hampton NPS themselves. Anyway, those were quite nice and took only a bit of a walk around the estate grounds.

Sunday's geocaches were in Pottstown, Birdsboro, and Reading, mostly along the Rt 422 corridor. I decided to do a bit of hiking to get some caches along the Schuylkill River Trail because it wasn't raining. "Everybody Talks" was the interesting one of the day. It's a geo-mob cache, where the first part requires 3 people at the given coordinates to have their phones open to a website. When the website server detects that there are indeed 3 viewers at that spot, it spits out the final coordinates. What I noticed was there was Xfinity WiFi at that location, so I could get away with not having 3 mobile lines. I was able to do it with 2 phones and another spare phone on WiFi. (Of course, I could've also set up a WiFi hotspot but that's against the AT&T GoPhone terms and conditions, last I checked.) The funny cache of the day was "Piece of Mind". I thought that was a misspelling at first but the cache did look like a piece of brain.

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2015-11-10 05:17 pm

Morgantown, Reading, Lancaster LXV

Saturday's trip was northwest to Morgantown and Reading since I'd solved some puzzle caches up that way and wanted to log the physical caches. One nice thing about heading out that way on Saturday was the libraries were open for at least part of the day and I was able to get two library geocaches. Both of them, "What the Dewey" and "Bear Tales The Sequel", were set up similarly, with a Dewey call number outside the library and a hollowed-out book placed on a shelf in the library, among the other books. Other noteworthy items seen on Saturday were the Bondsville Mill ruins and an eyeball. (really a nicely-painted Halloween pumpkin)

Sunday's trip was to Lancaster County. One major problem there was the Route 41 closure. This road closure forced such a long detour that I don't think it's a good idea to take any more trips that way until the bridge reconstruction is completed. Anyway, this trip focused on Southern Lancaster County, mostly around Strasburg, Willow Grove, Quarryville, and Fulton. Among the various sites I visited was Robert Fulton's birthplace. He was an 18th century inventor and engineer who developed a commercial steamboat. I am still wondering about the soap on a rope in the tree though. Several of those were in Lancaster County Central Park and may or may not have something to do with the memorial under that tree.

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2015-10-27 09:25 pm

Another Taxman run, corner of Berks

Saturday's trip was another run for mostly Taxman geocaches in Ambler, Horsham, Hatboro, Southampton, and Northampton. Sunday's trip was to a new area, up through Pottstown, Boyertown, Earl and Oley. I'd been up as far as Boyertown before, so the part that was new to me was westwards towards Oley. I was surprised at the pace of development in that area. Seems like a bunch of strip malls and a new Wawa store have sprung up since the last time I went that way.

The weekend was almost the best part of autumn. There were a lot of fall colors, such as around the hidden lake in Upper Pottsgrove and in an office parking lot in Warminster. Also, temperatures had gone low enough that one would not work up a sweat hiking on some of the longer trails.

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2015-08-03 01:06 pm

Valley Forge, Doylestown, Reading

First goal on Saturday was to visit Valley Forge National Historic Park to look at some dolomite rock formations and get information for the "VFEC2: Parking Lot Stromatolites" and "VFEC3: The Port Kennedy Quarry" earthcaches. I needed those earthcaches for the High-Five for the Earth souvenir, part of Geocaching Road Trip '15. I guess it's a good thing I haven't been too diligent about finishing up all the earthcaches in this region because otherwise, there wouldn't have been a bunch that were within 30 miles of home! After that, we geocached our way up through Lower Gwynedd, Montgomeryville, and New Britain, with a final destination of Doylestown. Downtown Doylestown was a mess of congestion and parking was tough but we still got all the geocaches there and also visited the Little Free Library in the residential area just outside of the downtown.

Sunday's plan was to hit the Reading area again (including Shillington, Wyomissing, Mohnton, and Leesport) for puzzle caches since I'd solved more than 20 of those over the past week. My initial thought was I should save the puzzle caches for the last Geocaching Road Trip '15 souvenir, which comes out in two weeks. But then I realized I'm solving new puzzles all the time now, so it's pointless to save those. Most of those puzzle caches have themes and the physical geocaches follow the themes. So "Setz der Disch", which is food themed, is a roast turkey. The "Creature Feature" puzzles are animal-themed and "7 Creature Feature: Who Let the Dogs Out?" is a dog head, which admittedly is a bit bizarre to find in a camouflage bag in the woods.

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2015-07-28 01:35 am

Northeast Baltimore, Pottstown/Reading

Started Saturday with some geocaches around Havre de Grace, near the Concord Point Lighthouse and maritime museum. Then we made our way towards northeast Baltimore, via Edgewood and Joppa. There was a church fair going on right around "Cache to Eagle #11 - BAC, Harford District" but they knew about the geocache. As a bonus, there were sno-cones afterwards. Not too many geocaches come with refreshments. :)

Sunday's geocaching trip started near Pottstown and then we generally followed US-422 to Birdsboro, Reading, Wyomissing, Sinking Spring, and Robesonia. Two of the geocaches, "Hootie , The Owl" and "Passed Berks' Past #5", were at Red Caboose Park, which of course had to have a red caboose! The other noteworthy site was an old (half of a) bell at St Daniel's Church in Robesonia. No informational signs though, but it's probably the original bell from the church.

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2014-12-22 02:39 pm

West Goshen, Reading, Gloucester County

Saturday was about attacking some cache series to the north and northwest in Pennsylvania. First, I did the "Take A Walk" series in East Goshen Township Park. I found some of those caches earlier but the series was extended recently. It's not actually as much walking as the name implies because the park is chock full of parking areas, but I cut it into three small loop hikes. Then I headed over to Temple, a bit north of Reading, for the Chinese zodiac series. It's a series of 12 caches along the Muhlenberg Rail Trail in which every animal "is the BEST!" (BEST stands for Berks Explorers Seeking Tupperware, the Berks County geocaching group, so it's a clever way to name those caches.) After the two series and a few more caches, it was night. So I went to "Where Santa Threw Up (Night Cache)" in Audubon. It's an easy street corner cache but its actual purpose is to bring people to the most festively decorated yard in the neighborhood.

I had no concrete plans for Sunday, so I just headed a bit into South Jersey to find caches here and there in Gloucester County. I gave priority to some caches that I knew would be affected by the impending NJ state parks policy but also threw some urban and suburban caches into the mix. There were some interesting spots, like the tile flag sculpture and the Wenonah tea house.

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2014-11-10 05:33 pm

DE Furbowl 55, Cecil, Pottstown North

On Saturday, I only went for geocaches around Newark, Hockessin, and Cecil County because I was planning to attend DE Furbowl 55 that evening. Actually, there were quite a number of local geocaches by this time because I hadn't been going geocaching on weekdays after work because of the earlier sunsets. I also noticed that some new geocachers have been busy placing caches around North East and Rising Sun, which is good because it keeps the Cecil County area fresh.

In the evening, I had an early dinner and then went to AMF Prices Corner for Furbowl. The place was busy! It'd been 11 months since my last Furbowl and my understanding is attendance is regularly in the triple digits now. I wore the Rakket Raccoon fursuit this time. It was a fun time, although I didn't stay all the way to the end because I had to prepare for the next day.

On Sunday, my first destination was Uwchlan to get more of the "13 Superstitions" series. It was a bummer though that the final 13th cache was under repair, but at least I got the required codes from the first 12 of those. There were some rather creative caches in this series, among them, the black cat and the clump of clover. Thank goodness the latter wasn't too deep in the bush or it may have been tough to find! After that, I went farther north to Nantmeal and Douglassville. Monocacy Hill was surprisingly packed. I wasn't able to get a proper parking space in the main area so I only got the two closest geocaches that I could access from roadside parking near a side entrance. And finally, I went way north to Bally for the "Stove Road" series of caches. The "road" here is an old woods road that's rocky, somewhat overgrown, and barely discernible in some spots, but the 4 caches were pretty good and worth negotiating the terrain to get to.

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2014-10-28 12:33 am

Town of Potts and beyond

Last weekend, I thought the area north of Pottstown was interesting, so this weekend I continued exploring further. Upper Pottsgrove seems to have a number of parks that are essentially strips of land between houses, so if there's a geocache, you know there's only one way to get there. "Beaufort's Run Sanctuary" is a good example of that. With all the ornaments and knick-knacks and padre statue, it looks more like someone's yard than a wildlife sanctuary! After that, I went farther north to Barto to the Padre Pio Center, where Padre Raffaele stands. I was surprised that they permitted a geocache right in the shrine area. It was hanging in a rather obvious manner on a tree and apparently, it was the groundskeeper's idea to put it there. The weirdest geocache of the day was "Gleep and Gloop". When I found the container, I saw that it was full of goop and I had to stick a finger in to get the log out. What a novelty.

On Sunday, I started with the stretch between Morgantown and Flying Hills, where there were a few puzzle caches that I'd solved. After that, I went to Robeson and the Birdsboro Reservoir Area. This is a neat area for a walk because the path is the abandoned Route 82, which reminds me of the abandoned turnpike, except that it's smaller. It's also a fairly easy walk as long as one takes care not to fall into parts of the road that have collapsed away. (geocaches: "Old 82 Parking", "Lonely Road", "Presidential Cache- Van Buren") After that, I went to downtown Birdsboro to see another collapsing structure, the old Route 345 bridge, which they are in the process of tearing down. ("Under Destruction" geocache nearby.)

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2014-09-02 04:23 pm

Labor Day Weekend, Green Lane, Reading, Southern Delaware / Salisbury

It was a 3-day weekend because of the Labor Day Holiday on Monday. I hadn't planned any vacation trips so I went for some geocaching events in the area. On Saturday, I attended "August Souvenir Celebration". It's at a cafe in East Greenville. I haven't been to that area much and I especially had not been to the nearby Green Lane Reservoir Park in years, so after the event, I went geocaching there.

On Sunday, I went to The Pagoda in Reading for the "Berks Quarterly Trackable Swap and Flash Mob" event. We had a group hike afterwards to attempt the "Peace be careful" geocache, which is up on a steep rock face. It's actually an interesting landmark because of a large Peace sign painted on the rock face. It had been raining though, so the rock face was too slippery and dangerous. We sent two people who were good at climbing to get the cache, while the rest of us waited below, possibly to catch them if they fell off. (Not sure what the plan was there. :) ) Anyway, that was the most exciting part of it. We also went for the other geocaches along the same trail.

On Labor Day, I thought it would be nice to go somewhere other than to Pennsylvania for a change. So I hit Southern Delaware and Salisbury, Maryland, for a bunch of new geocaches that had been placed since my last trip that way. The day was more driving than finding, but there were some amazing geocaches, like the elaborate birdhouse geocache outside the Courtyard Marriott in Salisbury. I also got to use the Woodland Ferry again.

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