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Atlantic City, South Jersey, 365-day streaks

One of the prizes you can get for attending a Munzee event is a virtual emerald munzee. Emerald munzees are assigned randomly to emerald gardens, which are groups of hundreds of emerald pins, usually arranged in the shape of a pin icon. Since there were a lot of events in July for Munzee's 6th birthday, new emerald gardens have been popping up all over the world. I noticed that one of those emerald gardens was in Atlantic City, so that's where I went on Saturday.

There it is. Splat, right on the beach! Hope Caesars doesn't mind. :) I also went to Brigantine to capture a nascent munzee garden. I think it's a boat but the shape is unclear now. Unfortunately, it was too rainy for a walk along the beach so I left the area after that.

A number of things happened on Sunday, but the most significant of those was I finally completed my 365-day Munzee capture and deploy streaks and got two more super streak badges! I would not say it's easy because doing anything every single day for a whole year takes some dedication, but it's more doable than a geocaching streak because of the sheer number of munzees out there and the different ways to play the game.

After hitting that milestone, I spent the rest of Sunday in Mount Laurel, Mount Holly, Willingboro, Beverly, and Cinnaminson, the area with so many munzees that even local munzers haven't gotten everything. Since I passed through the downtown part of Mount Holly, I stopped to take a look at the Shinn Curtis Log House, a log cabin that is three centuries old. Funny thing is dinner that evening was also in a 300-year-old building, so South Jersey has a lot of those historic structures.

Saturday 2017-08-12:

1: Yeti Munzee #643 by JasperCottage
2: Yeti Munzee #1061 by raunas
3: Oh Crackers by bitwiz
4: Help box by jasnumbs
5: Do AC Virtual Resort Room #1 by rufnredy
6: Do AC Virtual Resort Room #2 by BAJACLAN
7: Do AC Virtual Resort by SJClyde
8: UnNamed's Garden Pin in Altlantic City, NJ by UnNamed
9: Atlantic city Garden Pin by Henning49
10: Garden Pin by Evi
11: Atlantic City Garden Pin. by Aukush
12: Garden Pin by I-spy
13: Garden Pin 2764 Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by Primdahl
14: Garden Pin by Kchiefz
15: Garden Pin by Bladenhorst
16: Boardwalk 5 by aufbau
17: Gargoyle's AC Garden #2 by gargoyle18
18: Garden Pin by stanleyseekers
19: Garden Pin by Sanli
20: Garden Pin by WarMadJohn
21: Garden Pin by shrekmiester
22: Garden Pin by MariaBr
23: Garden Pin 6 Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by KFUMunzee
24: Crossbow Munzee by FireKat
25: Mystery Virtual Munzee by jayterho
26: Garden Pin by LegoNater
27: Garden Pin 707 Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by Olivia
28: Let's Party by globe17
29: Garden Pin by 4WDNROX
30: Garden Pin by ka
31: Garden Pin, New Jersey ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by EmmaHKJ
32: Garden Pin by crazynight
33: Atlantic City Garden Pin by OHail
34: Emerald Pin - AtlanticCity, NJ by thelanes
35: Garden Pin Atlantic City, NJ #2 by MeLa
36: Garden Pin by pikeike76
37: Atlantic City Emerald by Traveler97
38: Boardwalk 2 by aufbau
39: Garden Pin by Rekars
40: Garden Pin by pegrob
41: Garden Pin by MrsTandJ
42: Garden Pin by Anetzet
43: Gargoyle's AC Garden Pin by gargoyle18
44: Garden Pin by hoss45
45: Atlantic City Garden Pin#1 by MetteS
46: Garden Pin by N7MFT
47: Garden Pin by Cucus
48: 64. Atlantic City - Tku-6v by Sivontim
49: Atlantic City (NJ) Emerald Pin by Attis
50: Garden Pin by Deafdillos
51: Garden Pin Atlantic city by Jennbaby82
52: Garden Pin by valj519
53: Do not pass go! by Tjsharky
54: Atlantic City Garden Pin#2 by MetteS
55: Broman7's New Jersey Garden Pin by Broman7
56: Garden Pin by Sassygal
57: Garden Pin by laceepacee
58: MVM White by FireKat
59: DH๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡บGarden Pin Atlantic City by DrentseHooglander
60: Ceasars Beach/Pier/Mall? by nora1
61: Garden Pin by smukke
62: Garden Pin by stormpies079
63: Atlantic City Emerald Garden Pin by CCG99
64: Atlantic City Garden Pin by Heinerup
65: RR-Atlantic City Emerald by QueenofDNile
66: Bombora Garden Pin by SpySmurf
67: Leusink's Garden Pin Atlantic City by Leusink
68: Garden Pin by Iiness
69: Atlantic City NJ Emerald by PeachesnCream
70: Under The Boardwalk Emerald by KlassicKelly
71: Garden Pin by Codeyharrison0
72: Atlantic City Emerald by humbird7
73: Garden Pin by ScotuFlash
74: Mandy's Garden Pin in Atlantic City by taiska1255
75: Garden Pin by Jyden67
76: Garden Pin - Atlantic City by dew5077
77: A birthday gift from Munzee 2017 by Lisaeric2016
78: Garden Pin by crashbum
79: Garden Pin by brawnybear
80: Alantc Garden Pin by munzeefarmor
81: Garden Pin by richardg01
82: AC Flat Matt by bitwiz
83: Garden Pin by Candy32712
84: Atlantic City Garden Pin by HB31
85: Garden Pin by MamaPad
86: Garden Pin Atlantic City, NJ #1 by MeLa
87: Emerald from Australia by belladivadee
88: Garden Pin by Jewa12
89: Garden Pin by vira
90: Atlantic City, NJ Garden Pin by AngelGirl
91: Atlantic City - Garden Pin #13808 by winkide
92: Garden Pin by TXhappycamper
93: Garden Pin by PurpleRose4HIM
94: Garden Pin by JensTh
95: Atlantic City NJ MVG #7255 by Annika
96: Garden Pin by littlestangel
97: Garden Pin by bratwurstbude
98: Garden Pin by PompeyAquila
99: AC Boardwalk by bitwiz
100: Atlantic City Garden 2935 by jarcc
101: Garden Pin 709 Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by Olivia
102: Atlantic City Virtual by bitwiz
103: Garden Pin A.C. by bearmomscouter
104: Garden Pin - Atlantic City by einkilorind
105: Garden Pin, Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by shyme
106: Atlantic City NJ Emerald by monrose
107: AC Flat Matt by bitwiz
108: Atlantic City, NJ, USA Emerald by DolphinJo
109: AC by Keebs
110: Garden Pin by Adnshe
111: Atlantic City - Garden Pin by SammyDiddly
112: 6th Birthday reward - SL17 - Atlantic City by Eskiss
113: Garden Pin by MunzeeMoses
114: PL - Atlantic City Emerald Garden - Garden Pin by PreciousLinda
115: RePes Garden Pin in Atlantic City by RePe
116: Crossbow Munzee by Cren110
117: Garden Pin - Atlantic City by WE4NCS
118: Atlantic City Boardwalk by mding4gold
119: AC by Keebs
120: Garden Pin by JSPRX
121: Boardwalk 1 by aufbau
122: Garden Pin by Brando567
123: Garden Pin by OBC
124: Sophia0909 Garden Pin Atlantic City USA by Sophia0909
125: Garden Pin by Jyden67
126: Garden Pin by TBandit
127: Atlantic City Garden Pin from Finland by jukkas
128: boardwalk 3 by aufbau
129: Atlantic City Garden Pin by rosieree
130: Garden Pin by naturelover
131: Garden Pin by Codeyharrison0
132: Garden Pin by ivwarrior
133: Atlantic City Pier by markcase
134: Nov64's Garden Pin ~ Atlantic City by Nov64
135: Zniffer Atlantic City Garden Pin #3817 by Zniffer
136: Atlantic City, NJ Garden Pin by SLAUGY
137: MV1 Atlantic City NJ by MV1
138: Garden Pin by sidekicks
139: Garden Pin by EagleDadandXenia
140: AC Flat Matt by bitwiz
141: Gargoyle's AC Garden by gargoyle18
142: Garden Pin by Clausjsk
143: NJ Garden Pin by Lewatkin
144: Garden Pin by Grux
145: Garden Pin by Anni998
146: Garden Pin by MrsBoots09
147: Garden Pin by Chocolatefairy
148: Garden Pin by exploringisfun
149: Hello Atlantic City! by acclanman
150: Garden Pin by tartu61
151: Garden Pin Atlantic City NJ by lorimar
152: Garden Pin. Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by EmmaHKJ
153: Garden Pin by sfwife
154: Garden Pin by Cacherscott
155: Guarding the emerald garden in Atlantic City by ivwarrior
156: Garden Pin by wolf78
157: Garden Pin by Lissu
158: AC Flat Matt by bitwiz
159: Garden Pin by MiniPad
160: Garden Pin by RudiTeam
161: Garden Pin by Bladenhorst
162: Garden Pin by BonnieB1
163: Kevin Smith Emerald by daysleeperdot
164: Garden Pin by goldfish72
165: Munzee 6 years Celebration Pin by Tatzaa
166: Oswego IL Jackpot! by GollerMomma
167: denali in Atlantic City by denali0407
168: Garden Pin by JSPRX
169: Flat Rob by Keebs
170: Garden Pin by kimg023
171: Atlantic City Garden Pin by MrCB
172: Atlantic City(USA) Garden Pin from Hungary by pulsarxp
173: AC Flat Rob by bitwiz
174: Garden Pin by Fuglebjerg
175: Garden Pin by Hitcher
176: mobility's Garden Pin by mobility
177: Garden Pin by voyager711
178: AC Flat Rob by bitwiz
179: Boardwalk 6 by aufbau
180: Atlantic City - Garden Pin by Lanyasummer
181: Garden Pin by Ladymunzee
182: Atlantic City Emerald by Kapum
183: Garden Pin, Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by EmmaHKJ
184: Garden Pin by Andy69
185: Atlantic City Garden Pin by BrianMoos
186: Garden Pin Atlantic city by Behr47
187: Alantic city garden pin by valmie
188: Garden Pin by Sandrius
189: AC Flat Rob by bitwiz
190: Atlantic city Garden Pin by pilsleyguy
191: Garden Pin by Donavin301
192: Quick Deploy by Keebs by Keebs
193: Garden Pin by TheBitBandit
194: Garden Pin by KlassicKelly
195: Comfort Station, Believe It or Not! by nora1
196: Garden Pin by senni98
197: Garden Pin Atlantic City by FINDER400
198: Garden Pin by rheinrich65
199: Boardwalk 4 by aufbau
200: ATLANTIC CITY NJ Garden Pin by turnersrugs
201: Garden Pin by MaryShelley
202: Garden Pin 6 Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by EstherMarie
203: Garden Pin by jsamundson
204: Garden Pin by Stumblefoot
205: Garden Pin by Lachzee
206: Munzee Birthday Event 2017 by OCMomkat61
207: DaZie62's Garden Pin #7 - Atlantic City NJ by dazie62
208: Garden Pin Atlantic City by levesund
209: Garden Pin by leevisvard
210: Garden Pin by 16red
211: Garden Pin by TheMachman
212: Garden Pin by tartu61
213: Garden Pin by rebelacts
214: Garden Pin by AksuB
215: Garden Pin by SJULLE
216: Garden Pin by babyw
217: Garden Pin by Jyden67
218: Atlantic City USA Garden Pin by vranda
219: Atlantic City Garden Pin by jfigel
220: Garden Pin by 2JP
221: Garden Pin by HelLin
222: Garden Pin by K6ha
223: Atlantic City Garden Pin by divernick
224: Garden Pin by Itsallclosed
225: Garden Pin by Dibcrew
226: Garden Pin - Atlantic City by machierp
227: Garden Pin 5 Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by EstherMarie
228: Garden Pin by Germangirl
229: Garden Pin by randco2
230: Garden Pin by iamfull
231: Garden Pin by Jafo43
232: Garden Pin by martinp13
233: Garden Pin by Slinkymama
234: Garden Pin by Clausjsk
235: Garden Pin by magnacharge
236: Emerald - Atlantic City, NJ by pepsiman
237: Garden Pin by deeralemap
238: Garden Pin by webeon2it
239: Atlantic City by valsey
240: AC Flat Rob by bitwiz
241: Garden Pin by MogwaiLiz
242: A.C. Mini golf by Jeeper32
243: Garden Pin by AZBookworm
244: AC Flat Rob by bitwiz
245: Quick Deploy by Keebs by Keebs
246: AC 7/18/17 by aufbau
247: FRLK @ Atlantic City, NJ by FRLK
248: Atlantic City Garden Pin 2 by OHail
249: Garden Pin by senni98
250: Garden Pin - Atlantic City by Questing4
251: 6th Birthday reward - SL17 - Atlantic City by Eskiss
252: Garden Pin by Sunshine76
253: Atlantic City Garden Pin by FlipperFamily
254: Ducktown, Atlantic City -Garden Pin by hani7
255: Crossbow Munzee by Cren110
256: Antlantic City Garden by Kricketracks
257: Garden Pin by JohanneHviid34
258: Garden Pin by jafigel
259: Garden Pin by rita85gto
260: Rufs Resorts Resort Room #1 by BAJACLAN
261: Rufs Resorts Resort Room #2 by ahp42
262: Rufs Resorts Resort by rufnredy
263: B Boat by aufbau
264: Brigantine 857 by bitwiz
265: Brigantine 719 by bitwiz
266: Brigantine 1642 by bitwiz
267: SAIL HO! by HAWG
268: Brigantine Ship 1 by Jeeper32
269: Brig Brown 2 by aufbau
270: The Brigantine Lighthouse Virtual by Keebs
271: Brigantine Inn Virtual by Keebs
272: Brigantine 715 by bitwiz
273: Brigantine 974 by bitwiz
274: Virtual Munzee by Keebs
275: Brigantine by Keebs
276: Brigantine by Keebs
277: Brigantine by Keebs
278: MVM White by Keebs
279: Brigantine by Keebs
280: MVM White by Keebs
281: Brigantine by Keebs
282: Brig Brown 5 by aufbau
283: Brigantine by Keebs
284: Virtual Munzee by Keebs
285: Brig Brown 3 by aufbau
286: Hey, Pal! by Squonk
287: Brigantine by Keebs
288: Brig White by aufbau
289: B Boat by aufbau
290: Brigantine by Keebs
291: Brigantine by Keebs
292: Brig White by aufbau
293: Brigantine's Veteran Memorial Park by Keebs
294: Brigantine School Virtual by Keebs
296: Elks Lodge Virtual by Keebs
297: B Boat by aufbau
299: B Boat by aufbau
300: Brig virt by aufbau
301: Virtual Munzee by Keebs
302: B Boat by aufbau
303: Virtual Munzee by Keebs
304: Keebs Hollow Tree Virtual by Keebs
305: Brigantine 716 by bitwiz
306: B Boat by aufbau
307: Brigantine by Keebs
308: Brig Brown 4 by aufbau
309: Brig Brown by aufbau
310: One Way... Room #1 by bitwiz
311: One Way... Room #2 by aufbau
312: One Way... Room #3 by q21701
313: One Way... Room #4 by Keebs
314: One Way... by hikerfolk
315: AC rest stop by jasnumbs
316: Faun Munzee #1108 by seal
317: Lp by SJClyde
318: Unicorn Munzee #329 by Meredith16A
319: Fire Pump Service by SJClyde
320: Notice by mding4gold
321: Movies by mding4gold
322: No Parking by mding4gold
323: LP 24 by SJClyde
324: Leprechaun Munzee #308 by dayriesw
325: Land here! by njrainbow53
326: My virtual trip to NJ by mcidahoan
327: Craig's virtual by mcidahoan
328: Ruth's virtual by mcidahoan
329: Faun Munzee #626 by RebelGTP
330: Faun Bait by mding4gold
331: Faun Munzee #388 by NativenUK
332: Cooper Family Earth Bait by mding4gold
333: Dragon Munzee #1332 by miri68
334: Dragon Bait by mding4gold
335: Reserved by mding4gold
336: Radio Shack Family by mding4gold
337: W T Grants Store by mding4gold
338: Kennedy Fast Care by mding4gold
339: Grampy is Watching by mding4gold
340: Where Is The Water? by mding4gold
341: Let's Start A Community Garden by mding4gold
342: Planting Peas by mding4gold
343: We're Huntin Wrabbits by mding4gold
344: Leprechaun Munzee #1430 by DivineElephant
345: Shamrock Leprechaun Bait โ˜˜ by mding4gold
346: Ice Bait by mding4gold
347: PNC Bank by mding4gold
348: Station House Virtual by mding4gold
349: Dragon Bait by mding4gold
350: Unicorn Munzee #468 by DieZinis
351: Marlton Strip by bitwiz
352: Yeti Munzee #1111 by Ellolaa
353: Ice Mystery 8 by bitwiz
354: Penalty by mding4gold
355: Elmwood Business Park by mding4gold
356: Unicorn Munzee #1431 by par72
357: Riverfront by fsmtjohnson
358: Unicorn Munzee #726 by RescuePenguin
359: Unicorn Munzee #37 by Robby

Sunday 2017-08-13:

1: Hydra Munzee #1324 by Merrymunzee
2: rnr 920 by rufnredy
3: 618;; by aufbau
4: Lp by svilen1975
5: Hoagiefest by svilen1975
6: Yeti Munzee #1032 by Lanyasummer
7: Cold Beverage by Jeeper32
8: Yeti Munzee #1017 by Lally
9: Greenie by Keebs
10: No Parking by SJClyde
11: Hydra Munzee #243 by MMarshall
12: Anotherzee by aufbau
13: Bzzz by q21701
14: No idling by Jeeper32
15: 6 by Jeeper32
16: Vegetable at Crystal by aufbau
17: kennel by aufbau
18: Hydra Munzee #306 by Czechroo
19: lp by aufbau
20: lp motel Room #1 by NatureKlutz
21: lp motel Room #2 by UnNamed
22: lp motel Room #3 by bellacandy
23: lp motel Room #4 by bitwiz
24: lp motel Room #5 by abraithwaite908
25: lp motel by aufbau
26: short stop by aufbau
27: Yeti Munzee #678 by disneyfan4life85
28: Wally lp also by aufbau
29: Unicorn Munzee #1382 by Ernzee
30: eb by aufbau
31: jury duty by aufbau
32: Burlington County Prison Museum by aufbau
33: Dragon Munzee #84 by 4beefan
34: Fire! Lane by aufbau
35: A Munzee a Day keeps the Obsession at Bay! 2 by ThePacer
36: LP behind mattress firm by aufbau
37: A Munzee a Day... 6 by Bandyrooster
38: dp35 by aufbau
39: No parking by aufbau
40: A Munzee a Day... 6 by Bandyrooster
41: Play the Munzee Game 22 by ThePacer
42: Leprechaun Munzee #473 by MissAmerica1
43: Bowlzee by aufbau
44: Air Mail by aufbau
45: Munzee All Day Long 3 by Bandyrooster
46: old forgotten lp Room #1 by cptcranky
47: old forgotten lp Room #2 by ThePacer
48: old forgotten lp Room #3 by Bandyrooster
49: old forgotten lp Room #4 by SJClyde
50: old forgotten lp Room #5 by njrainbow53
51: old forgotten lp by aufbau
52: Hydra Munzee #13 by TrialbyFire
53: Water 3 by aufbau
54: Yeti Munzee #366 by schmitzfam4
55: ZO ice 1 by aufbau
56: Bigger green by aufbau
57: owltel Room #1 by cptcranky
58: owltel Room #2 by Kaluria
59: owltel Room #3 by wanderings
60: owltel Room #4 by Bandyrooster
61: owltel Room #5 by ThePacer
62: owltel by aufbau
63: stop again by aufbau
64: mo greenie by aufbau
65: mysterious sam by aufbau
66: cart by q21701
67: grapefruit by aufbau
68: Found a spot by aufbau
69: stop by aufbau
70: Walmart Security by aufbau
71: soda blue by aufbau
72: Green box at 1500 by aufbau
73: 8225 lp by aufbau
74: Round green by aufbau
75: Moo pole by aufbau
76: Just another lp by aufbau
77: LP at corner by aufbau
78: 207 green box by aufbau
79: 2303 lp by aufbau
80: 2307 lp by aufbau
81: Other side utility pole by aufbau
82: Artistic pools lp by aufbau
83: More utility pole by aufbau
84: Truck entrance by aufbau
85: Faun Munzee #1296 by scoutref
86: Private Property Camera Surveillance by mding4gold
87: Leprechaun Munzee #963 by Baggio
88: smoke free by aufbau
89: Yeti stop by Jeeper32
90: Greenie on Lp by mding4gold
91: Lakeview Motel Room #1 by bitwiz
92: Lakeview Motel Room #2 by aufbau
93: Lakeview Motel Room #3 by tugwake
94: Lakeview Motel Room #4 by Kaluria
95: Lakeview Motel Room #5 by wanderings
96: Lakeview Motel by cptcranky
97: Penalty by mding4gold
98: Strawbridge Motel Room #1 by aufbau
99: Strawbridge Motel Room #2 by bitwiz
100: Strawbridge Motel Room #3 by PirateRat
101: Strawbridge Motel Room #4 by tugwake
102: Strawbridge Motel Room #5 by svilen1975
103: Strawbridge Motel by cptcranky
104: Mt Laurel Corp Park Rob by bitwiz
105: Mt Laurel Corp Center by bitwiz
106: Mt Laurel Corp Center by bitwiz
107: Mt Laurel Corp Center MVM by bitwiz
108: Mt. Laurel Amethyst by aufbau
109: Mythical Bait by mding4gold
110: Dragon Munzee #441 by justustwo
111: Yeti Munzee #335 by laceepacee
112: Dragon Munzee #1334 by booboo1

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