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Last weekend, I thought the area north of Pottstown was interesting, so this weekend I continued exploring further. Upper Pottsgrove seems to have a number of parks that are essentially strips of land between houses, so if there's a geocache, you know there's only one way to get there. "Beaufort's Run Sanctuary" is a good example of that. With all the ornaments and knick-knacks and padre statue, it looks more like someone's yard than a wildlife sanctuary! After that, I went farther north to Barto to the Padre Pio Center, where Padre Raffaele stands. I was surprised that they permitted a geocache right in the shrine area. It was hanging in a rather obvious manner on a tree and apparently, it was the groundskeeper's idea to put it there. The weirdest geocache of the day was "Gleep and Gloop". When I found the container, I saw that it was full of goop and I had to stick a finger in to get the log out. What a novelty.

On Sunday, I started with the stretch between Morgantown and Flying Hills, where there were a few puzzle caches that I'd solved. After that, I went to Robeson and the Birdsboro Reservoir Area. This is a neat area for a walk because the path is the abandoned Route 82, which reminds me of the abandoned turnpike, except that it's smaller. It's also a fairly easy walk as long as one takes care not to fall into parts of the road that have collapsed away. (geocaches: "Old 82 Parking", "Lonely Road", "Presidential Cache- Van Buren") After that, I went to downtown Birdsboro to see another collapsing structure, the old Route 345 bridge, which they are in the process of tearing down. ("Under Destruction" geocache nearby.)

Saturday 2014-10-25:

13 Superstitions: Horseshoe (Pennsylvania)
13 Superstitions: Ladder (Pennsylvania)
13 Superstitions: Rabbit Foot (Pennsylvania)
13 Superstitions: Lucky Number Seven (Pennsylvania)
13 Superstitions: Penny (Pennsylvania)
Please Mr. Postman (P.O. BOX Pottstown) (Pennsylvania)
Stumpy Ties (Pennsylvania)
Keets Cache (Pennsylvania)
Beaufort's Run Sanctuary (Pennsylvania)
Box Full Of Letters (P.O. BOX Gilbertsville) (Pennsylvania)
Three of Three (Pennsylvania)
On Deck (Pennsylvania)
Boyertown Park Bridges Over Troubled Waters (Pennsylvania)
Oliver's Joules (Pennsylvania)
Bechtelsville Park South (Pennsylvania)
Bally Oasis (Pennsylvania)
" Babbling Brook ' (Pennsylvania)
Poled Up (Pennsylvania)
The CPE Cache (Pennsylvania)
Augustus (Pennsylvania)
Books, Bugs and Beyond (Pennsylvania)
Boyertown Reservoir C&D (Pennsylvania)
Here's your sign (Pennsylvania)
Big Buffalo's Return (Pennsylvania)
Gleep and Gloop (Pennsylvania)
Iwa Ika (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-10-26:

Not Pot Pie (Pennsylvania)
Chestnut Hill TB Hotel (Pennsylvania)
Buy Me Some Buttons and Crackerjacks (Pennsylvania)
Preserved Penny (Pennsylvania)
One Goofy Line at a Time (Pennsylvania)
Can a "Penny Ski"? (Pennsylvania)
Olympic Turtles are "Bolder" (Pennsylvania)
Penny Park-er (Pennsylvania)
Button Up (Pennsylvania)
I Think I Can! (Pennsylvania)
Pantry Puzzle (Pennsylvania)
Streamside Penny (Pennsylvania)
Split Decision (Pennsylvania)
Fishin' @ White Bear Inn (Pennsylvania)
Presidential Cache- Madison (Pennsylvania)
Old 82 Parking (Pennsylvania)
Lonely Road (Pennsylvania)
Presidential Cache- Van Buren (Pennsylvania)
Cousin Itt (Pennsylvania)
Let's Play (Pennsylvania)
If you build it they will come... (Pennsylvania)
Outdoor Destination's 9 (Pennsylvania)
Wetlands (Pennsylvania)
1st Landing (Pennsylvania)
Under Destruction (Pennsylvania)
Jaded (Pennsylvania)


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