The Daylily

Jun. 4th, 2012 04:16 pm
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I'm glad I'm a little behind in the yardwork and weeding because once in a while, one of those mysterious plants manages to surprise me. Last week, a daylily flower popped up, almost overnight.

A daylily I found in my yard

That was pretty neat because I'd been wondering about that long-leaved plant at the edge of the grass. The remaining part of the puzzle was where it came from. Then I noticed my neighbor has a cluster of daylilies in his front yard. So thus far, I've received daffodils and roses from one neighbor and daylilies from the other neighbor. Can't wait to see what plant comes over from the neighbor across the street. :)
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This evening, I went for the Top of the... Delaware.?.? geocache. It's at the Ebright Azimuth. At 447.85 feet above sea level, this is the highest natural elevation in Delaware. In most states, the high point would be a climb up a mountain. Not so in flatland. This high point is roadside in a suburb in northern Wilmington. There is nothing even resembling a hill here. On the road leading to this spot, there was only a slight incline. However, there is a sign and a bench, and now a geocache.

I renewed my BJ's Wholesale warehouse club membership yesterday. After holding out for a month, they offered me a discount on the renewal fee (down from $50 to $40) and since I was nearly out of fish sticks, I decided to go for it. This discount is offset a bit by my losing a month of membership because they only renewed it until the end of next June. However, I didn't shop that much in July anyway since I was still using up supplies from the first year, so that's not a big deal.

It's hot during the daytime so when do I do yardwork? At night. With a headlamp. Hope the neighbors don't think I'm crazy. I actually started pulling weeds yesterday evening about half an hour before dusk but finished an hour after dusk, in the dark. I had to use insect repellent because mosquitoes come out with a vengeance at the far back of my backyard at dusk. It was worth doing though. By the time I was done, I'd filled five large bags with weeds. Thank goodness there's a yard waste collection site on the way to work. I did the drop-off the next morning. I also saw a cicada skin on the shed last night. I know they are out there by the noise but I just never see them usually.
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Cloudy, 75°F. I was delayed for a number of reasons on Sunday. The most major reason was a large tree branch fell in my backyard. The tree has been losing one branch per storm so it's only a matter of time before it has zero branches. I wonder how that will work. :) So I dragged the branch out to the driveway, cut it into smaller pieces, and bagged it ready for dropping off at the yard waste collection site.

By the time I was done with the tree branch, it was late in the afternoon. So I didn't go out very far. I went to Woodstown for a few quick geocaches and then to Pennsville to take a hike in the dike area. The two Pennsville geocaches were about 2 miles of walking, so that's something!

In the evening, I had a choice of coupons to use for dinner. The access road to Arby's was closed so I went to Texas Roadhouse in Bear. I had a pulled pork sandwich with a Baby Blossom.

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Red Rose

May. 25th, 2011 11:16 pm
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Made an interesting discovery this morning as I was about to leave for work. The rose plant in the front yard has started producing dark red roses. I didn't plant it. It germinated last year and I have yet to figure out where the seeds came from because my neighbor does not have roses. I didn't weed it out because I thought the thorns would be useful to keep cats from hiding behind the bushes. Thus, the flowers are a bonus. So I now have roses in the front yard and daffodils in the backyard. This makes me wonder what else I can get without actually planting anything.

In the evening, I did two geocaches. Even though these were in different directions from work, I was still able to do both in plenty of time before dusk. The first was Tanks for the Park @ BCP! at Bethel Community Park. I actually had to park at the school across the street because there was a soccer game going on and the parking lot in the park was full of cars. Luckily, they were playing on the other side of the field from the cache site, so I could search for it. The cache site is near the Town of Bethel water tank, hence the "Tanks" in the cache name. Then I went to Home Depot in Newark for Home Again, which is behind the store.

When I got home, there was still 15 minutes before dark so I cut the grass in the backyard. I'm surprised that the back lawn went from having a bunch of bare patches last year to growing thick and knee-high every two weeks this year. The problem is I had a rock marking the spot where the clothes line pole used to be but I can't find it any more because the grass has swallowed it up. So there is a sizable patch where I have to use the string trimmer instead of the lawn mower to avoid wrecking the latter on a hidden rock. Aside from that issue, I can cut the grass fairly quickly and it really isn't strenuous work once the sun has gone down.
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After Monday's 55-cache spree at the C&D Canal, I returned to the C&D Canal for two more geocaches on Tuesday. That was a more leisurely affair for a change. There was a bit of walking this time and some information-gathering. The first was Gas Up at C&D Canal-North side, near a gas pipeline tower. This geocache used to be on the south side of the canal but it was moved to make way for the C&D Speed Trail. After that, I went over to the south side of the canal for Mason Dixon Stone at C&D Canal. This is a mystery cache for which I needed to get information at two stages to derive coordinates for the final part of the cache. The C&D dirt road has limited access points so I actually had to drive 3 miles on a dirt road to get to where I needed to park, and 3 miles back on the dirt road to leave the area, getting the final cache along the way.

Wednesday was a rainy day but the severe thunderstorm made a right turn into South Jersey just before reaching my place. So I cut the grass. Seemed like the grass grew another half a foot in just two weeks since I last cut it. This time, I used both the lawnmower and the string trimmer. The lawnmower isn't great at making tight turns so I cut the remaining islands of grass with the trimmer. Using the two together, I was able to do both front and back yards in 90 minutes. It used to take 2 hours.

Thursday was rainy the whole day but I went out geocaching anyway since there were two new geocaches in the Pike Creek area. (7 miles from work) Luckily, the rain stopped just when I got to that area. First, I did Souvenir Challenge (Delaware). This is a challenge cache with a logging requirement. I had to have 10 souvenirs before I logged it. (Souvenirs are like Foursquare badges, virtual awards for doing certain things on the site.) I already had 20 souvenirs, so that wasn't a problem. Then I went for the I Hate Rock Hides geocache, not far from the Souvenir Challenge. The cache description is somewhat misleading. After poking around the area for a bit, I realized that there must be some kind of trick there and reading the online cache logs confirmed it. I looked somewhere a bit different and the cache was a snap to find then.
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What an action-packed Saturday! I went to two events. The first was a Where's George event, the DE Annual Gathering 2011, in the afternoon. It was at Stewart's Brewing Company in Bear. I ordered the chicken cheesesteak and then proceeded to chat about Where's George with the group. There were Georgers from Delaware and neighboring states, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. However, there was also someone from Ohio! She had a reason to be in this area and decided to stop by.

In the evening, I went to Delaware Furbowl 25. I skipped the dinner portion of the meet and went straight to the bowling alley. I'm impressed at the improvements they've made to this monthly event. We've taken over the rec room (the room with the air hockey table) of the bowling alley for event functions. Part of that room was curtained off into a fursuit changing area / lounge. (which is far better than the way we used to change into fursuit in the restroom) We also used the rec room for the photoshoot, which ought to be tons better than the old location by the bowling lanes simply because of better lighting. Also new to me were event badges and the event registration tables. It's becoming a mini-con!

This time, I wore the newly-refurbished Chestnut Husky fursuit. I sought the services of [ profile] jackalopejess last year and took delivery recently. I think she did a wonderful job doing various repairs and making some replacement parts, especially the tail and feet, which used to have recurring issues. Anyway, stepping into this fursuit was like getting into a comfortable old character, which nevertheless still has a lot of life in it. As for bowling, I played my usual 70/80-point games but I got two strikes, no doubt by chance.

Other things I did today: Found two geocaches, Penn Wood Park and Hamburg P&R, both on the way to the Where's George event. Also, I tried the new string trimmer. I got it at a discount during the winter, knowing that I could use it later on the Spring growth. I used it on the longer bunches of grass in the front yard and it was faster than getting the lawnmower out for this.
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There was a snowstorm on Sunday. A lot of dire forecasts got tossed around but in the end, it appeared that my area didn't get that much snow. After the snow stopped, I could still see patches of exposed grass. That was misleading, however, because the wind blew the snow around so on one side of my yard, there was almost no snow while on the other side of my yard, the snow was six inches deep. So let's say the true snowfall was somewhere in between the two numbers.

On Monday morning, there was a lot of strong wind. Some time in the morning, cable broadband went out. It could be one of two things. I figured if it was a neighborhood outage, service would soon be back after Comcast got calls from dozens of people. If it was a problem on my side, I would know by that evening. So I stepped outside to shovel snow. My driveway was the part that got six inches of snow but aside from that, I didn't need to do much. The sidewalk was pretty easy to clear. Also, the front yard has Southern exposure so the snow was already melting in the sun by the time I got to it. Once I freed my car, I went out for 6 new geocaches.

The caches... )

I brought the snow shovel so I could've dug myself a parking space at each cache site if the need arose, but there was no need to. Also, the snow didn't hinder geocaching. In fact, it was easier than usual because all I needed to do was follow the tracks of other geocachers who went out after the snowstorm. Those tracks brought me right to the cache sites. After that little caching spree, I went to Cici's Pizza for dinner since I had a $3.99 coupon. The restaurant was nearly empty that evening, which is good because I like that place better when it is quiet.

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Cloudy with a bit of snow, 36°F. This afternoon, I did the biggest house and yard clean up that I've done in a while. I took out a lot of stuff to be recycled. I also did two hours of yard work. I removed most of the bindweed, greenbrier, and wisteria vines from the fence, dug out the weedy deep-rooted privet plants, raked leaves, and gathered and chopped up fallen tree branches. I filled up three trash bags with yard waste. That still wasn't enough, so I filled up the yard waste barrel too. I thought I had plenty of trunk space but I was barely able to get all the yard waste bags in. So the recycled waste had to ride in the back seat.

I dropped off the yard waste at the yard waste center the same afternoon. Then I went to find the Glasgow Woods geocache. This is in a thorny wooded area near an apartment complex. Although corrected coordinates had been posted this morning, those coordinates were still a bit soft. Fortunately, Evanspack and Tabbikat arrived and helped with the search.

Next, I did the banking and recycling errands. Then I went to Lone Star Steakhouse in New Castle for an early dinner because I had their December coupon. I had a Swiss and Mushroom Burger. One thing I noticed is they don't have buckets of peanuts at every table any more. Those are still available but you have to ask. It's because some customers have peanut allergies, so they have to keep the peanut dust under control. I wonder if the nearby Texas Roadhouse has adopted a similar policy.
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Sunny, 45-50°F. It's hard to tell whether things went according to plan if there wasn't much of a plan in the first place. I noticed that all the errands could be done in the evening and it looked like a yard work kind of day, so I did that first. Filled another two trash bags with leaves and weeds. Seems like I just did that not too long ago! I also saw the neighbor's cat eating grass in my backyard. I watched and didn't interfere this time because I noticed that it was going for one specific kind of wild grass that I meant to weed out anyway. (I wonder if that's the tastiest grass or the best gut-cleaning grass.) So it was helping.

In the afternoon, I noticed a new geocache in the listings. It was about time to head out for shopping and this new cache wasn't far away, so I went out to Caching in the Country. This cache is next to Mary's Country Kitchen, a restaurant that I'd never noticed before in the Route 4 median in Stanton. Found it in about two seconds. I was FTF and only by a few minutes because Shinebox pulled into the lot shortly after.

After dinner at Old Country Buffet (food photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), I had the opportunity to check out the new Target store at Christiana Mall. I was informed that this store has been open for one month already but I didn't notice because I rarely visit the mall. I guess I'll go to the mall more often now since this Target is half the distance of Brandywine Target from home. It's an average-sized Target store that shares the mall parking area and has an indoor connection to the mall. This was a quick visit of under 10 minutes because I knew exactly what I was there for and I had no wait at checkout. Curiously, the cashier scanned my coupon four times because I bought 12 of that item. I'm not entirely sure how that was supposed to work but it beats Pathmark's coupon doubling!
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Sunny, 55-60°F. Busy day, although mostly around the home. Raked leaves in the backyard. It's a little early for that because most of the leaves are still up on the tree and strangely, still green. Then I mixed a small batch of cement to fix an indentation I noticed in the front wall.

Later in the afternoon, it was time to recycle paper waste and old batteries and drop off the yard waste, so I took the opportunity, since I was going out, to find two geocaches. Thornhill Park and Scottlands Hill are in small wooded areas, both in the same housing development. (Glasgow Pines) By luck or some such, it didn't take me long to find either cache, but without specific hints in dense wooded areas, these may take quite a bit of searching for some.

In the evening, I researched Health Savings Accounts because my new health plan is HSA-compatible. It's rather disappointing to see that most HSA trustees charge a monthly fee and few offer any kind of investment option beyond a low-interest checking account. I found a few no-fee HSAs in a web search so I'll check those out today. Also, the local bank has a HSA with no monthly fees, although there is a setup fee.
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Rainy then sunny, 60-65°F. Utility workers came around this morning to plant grass seed on the places they dug up. Well, it's too late because I seeded my backyard more than a month ago and the new grass is already taller than the original grass! I hope they did the sidewalk area while I was out because that part really needs grass. Anyway, I got the idea to put down some patio blocks in that strip of land between houses, since I never meant to grow anything there anyway. Not even grass. So I did some quick weeding of that area to clear some space for the patio blocks. Since I then had a full bag, I decided to take it to the yard waste dropoff.

There was a new geocache in Middletown, so after dropping off the yard waste, I went and did that one. Then I figured I might as well get the other new cache in Smyrna too. Then I went to Dover. By the time I was done, I was somewhere west of Felton! So it turned out to be a full day out. I had a Texas toast bacon cheeseburger combo at Hardee's in Dover, shopped at Big Lots in Dover, and got the patio blocks at Home Depot on the way back. (Of course, I went to the Home Depot that's just a few miles from home so I wouldn't have to drive so far with those heavy things in the trunk.) Got home and arranged those blocks right away. I'll have to get a few more loads of blocks to cover the whole area but this is a start.

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Sunny, 70-75°F. Seemed unseasonably warm today, so it was too bad that the main thing I had planned for the day was an errand run. However, I did do a few geocaches along the way. Happily Ever After was a quick one over in Hockessin. By quick, I mean I parked within feet of the cache and the first thing I touched was the cache. Happy Blue Hens took a bit more work but this two-stage cache has an amusing theme.

After that, I went to Y not go to church? Why not? Because I'm not Christian, so I was there just for the geocache. :) Coordinates for this one were way off but luckily, given the hint, there were only two possible areas where it could be. The last one I did was Cache for CHF&TP. This one was rather challenging but I just had to try it because I was at that strip mall anyway to get something from Jo-Ann Fabrics. From the parking lot, it was a walk on a path, and then a walk through waist-high weeds, with some thorny plants along the way to keep things interesting, to a muddy area by a creek. All that for a micro-sized cache. But hey, I crossed that one off the list.

Last leg of the trip was a grocery stop just before the supermarket closed for the night. Then I got home and did some weeding in the backyard by flashlight. I thought I would just pull a few weeds but by the time I was done, I'd filled up one trash bag anyway! I figure nighttime's the best time to do this because the weeds don't expect it. :)
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Cloudy, 55-60°F. I had a dental appointment at New Castle Dental this afternoon. This was the fastest dental appointment ever because there was very little plaque, no gum bleeding, and no cavities. See, I take care of my teeth so that I can eat the food that I photograph. :) Unfortunately, this dentist is not on the in-network list of the health insurance to which I'll be switching in November. I let them know about that and they said if I send them the info, they'll see if they can work with this new dental plan. I hope so, but even if not, there are dentists only a few miles further away who are in the network.

When I got home, I had to mow the lawn. Because of one week of rainy days, the grass had grown about four inches! What's nice is the two grass seed patches have grown too. The first patch is almost as fully-developed as the rest of the lawn (except with a different shade of green) and the second patch is at least well on its way. I also needed to remove and bag a lot of smaller fallen branches. I was surprised at the number of branches that had piled up in the back corner behind the shed. Okay, more wood for the yard waste drop-off site then.

In the evening, I went to Cici's Pizza in Newark because I felt like it. (Living near one of these is dangerous! :) ) Their $3.99 buffet deal is over but I had a $3.99 coupon, which was the same thing. In addition to pizza and more pizza, I also had a plate of carrots just because. And I didn't forget to photograph the dessert this time.

Fort Mott

Oct. 1st, 2010 09:37 pm
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Cloudy, 65-70°F. Yesterday's storm brought down a few tree branches. I chopped the branches up and put those away for later. Then I went to Fort Mott State Park in Pennsville to do the batch of geocaches that were placed for last weekend's event, which I did not attend. Those geocaches weren't that difficult to get to but the park was flooded, so I had to take a bit of a longer walk to get around the waterlogged area.

I returned home in the afternoon to pick up the tree branches and take them to the yard waste collection site. I also visited "Bear Hotel", since that cache was near the yard waste site. And finally, I went to Cici's Pizza in Newark for the $3.99 buffet special. I timed my visit correctly. I was a bit early for dinner (and very late for lunch) so the restaurant wasn't crowded. I had pizza, of course, soup and salad, and dessert. This Cici's restaurant reopened in August after shutting down for a few months because the previous owner couldn't pay the staff and quit. Hope the new management fares better.

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My router, a Linksys WRT54GC, is getting a little outdated and I was interested in getting a newer model that can run the DD-WRT firmware. It's something I'd wanted to do for a while and reading this Coding Horror blog entry reminded me about it. CompUSA has a special on the E2000 this week, so while I was out today to get a few things, I made a stop there to check it out. As always, I used one of the internet terminals in CompUSA to read Amazon reviews. As I've mentioned before, CompUSA's providing access to Amazon is a double-edged sword, not because it's cheaper at Amazon but because customer reviews often reveal product flaws. It appears that this router has potential overheating problems. It's a low-profile device with insufficient air circulation. My WRT54GC, on the other hand, is positioned vertically, like a book standing on its edge, so that was never a problem. So the search continues.

The last few days were rainy, so I stayed home except for supply runs and breakfast coupon usage. I took the opportunity to work on a fursuit that I recently acquired inexpensively. No Name the Otter was built for someone taller (but not that much wider) than I so the arms and legs are a little long. One big plus: the head is roomy enough for me to wear glasses inside, which is useful. On Sunday, I made some measurements and hemmed the arms and legs to more appropriate lengths. It was pretty simple: fold, pin, and sew. It took pretty much all night because I was handstitching but the end result doesn't look as messy as I thought it would.

That wasn't not the only problem though. I noticed that the fursuit feet are indoor-only (felt and fur soles) and probably won't survive much wear. So on Monday, I made fursuit sandals. I got the anti-fatigue flooring from Lowe's and the nylon straps and buckles from Jo-Ann Fabrics, and got to work that evening. This too took all night until 4:30am because I was unpracticed. Knowing what I know now, there are definitely some things I would do differently or in a different order. Anyway, he should be ready. I'll do a few more wear tests at home to check for problems and see if there's a chance to debut him soon.

And finally, all the rain from the last few days is helping the grass seed patches. The first patch, which germinated mid-September, now looks much thicker. The second patch, which was slow in germinating, did spring up at last. So they join the other half-dozen or so species of grass in the backyard land grab. Personally, I'm rooting for the grass species that looks like tufts of hair, the biggest clump of which is growing out from under the heating oil tank. Not sure exactly what type it is, so I'll call it hair fescue.
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Sunny, 90-95°F. This morning, I noticed a big fallen tree branch leaning on the backyard fence. That pretty much shaped the whole day because I had to saw the tree branch into pieces and then my first errand of the day would have to be to take it to the yard waste drop-off site. I picked the yard waste site in Bear, with an eye to finding Kings Land at Kings Croft Park on the way back. When I got to the park, I decided I would help pick up litter in the park since I had the yard waste bag (I can't leave plastic bags at the yard waste site so I always empty out the bag and take it with me for reuse or whatever.) and gloves with me.

When I got to the cache site, I found the cache after looking around again and rechecking everything. I wondered how it could've been so difficult the first time, but then I remembered that this is exactly what happened at SRT #15 yesterday. Sometimes, the obvious is easy to overlook. After that, I walked around the park and picked up trash, mostly at the perimeter and tree line. This is a comparatively clean park but I still filled up the bag partway. When I brought the trash back to the parking area to dispose of in one of the trash cans, I noticed that a lady was waiting in the parking area for me to be done. She told me she was surprised that someone was doing this for the park and thanked me for this. Was not a big deal, really. I've done that for parks in North Jersey and Long Island in the past just because I had spare plastic bags to reuse for trash.

After that, I went to the Churchmans Crossing area to use the last two of the 2-week birthday coupons. One was for a Brownie Sundae at Chili's and the other was for a small coffee at Borders.
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Wednesday was sunny, turning to cloudy; 85-90°F. I didn't check the weather forecast and had no idea there was a 50% chance of thunderstorms. In retrospect, it was a good thing I didn't check. The forecast might've dissuaded me from going out and the rain didn't actually begin in earnest until after I returned home at night. I didn't leave home until well into the afternoon because I was waiting for a UPS delivery. Then I figured I might as well also wait for the mail delivery. While waiting, I mowed the strip of grass between driveway and fence, and did some minor yardwork. I also watched the utility workers dig up the sidewalk area again and wondered what they still needed to do that they didn't do the last time there was a hole in that spot.

When I finally did get out, I visited two new geocaches not far away. The second one brought me close to Lums Pond State Park, so I figured I might as well pay the park fee and do the two caches in there. Then, since I already had a park ticket, I figured I might as well visit Fox Point State Park too. Hence "Two Bridge View", a last-minute addition to my itinerary. Well, the view was hazy in the setting sun so I saw only the Delaware Memorial Bridge. One-bridge view is better than no-bridge view, I suppose. Dinner was at Lone Star Steakhouse near home, to use the birthday coupon from this restaurant chain. I had Texas hot wings and a Sirloin Dip. The server seemed fairly alarmed that I picked "Texas hot" right away but in reality, those wings weren't what I'd call hot. They fall roughly in the middle of the Buffalo Wild Wings range of sauces. (Certainly not hot enough to feel it a second time. :) ) When I got home, the thunderstorm caused a power failure. So I went to sleep early. (and didn't update Livejournal)

Thursday was sunny; 90-95°F. I headed into New Jersey with an eye to using my Chevy's birthday coupon. This is the hardest coupon of the lot to use because the nearest Chevy's is up by Princeton, 70 miles from home. Even so, I figured by sundown, I would've geocached most of the way there. That was correct because when I decided to stop geocaching, there was only 20 miles to go before Chevy's. It was a long day and I got many geocaches in many towns -- Pennsville, West Deptford, Mount Ephraim, Oaklyn, Cinnaminson, Riverton. When I hit Central Camden County, I noticed that I started having to go longer distances between unfound caches and that's when I realized I'd been up there several times this year already for events and one convention.

Dinner was at Chevy's as planned. I was there the last hour before closing time but they still had plenty of chips and salsa. I couldn't decide what to order so I got the "build your own combo". Not sure how replacing one decision with four decisions helped anything though. :) Anyway, I had chile relleno, crispy chicken flautas, carnitas taco, and a pork tamale. Those were all good, but the flautas were better than I expected. Never had a chile relleno before, so it was a new experience. It's a big roasted stuffed pepper.

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First stop of the day was to Denny's to get my free birthday Grand Slam. In the "Build Your Own Grand Slam" menu item, you get to pick four items from their list of breakfast foods. I got pancakes, eggs, bacon, and whole wheat toast. It was a leisurely affair. I didn't get there really early to begin with, so "breakfast" ended at 1pm.

After that, I went for some geocaches that were not too far away. "Child's Play" is an old cache in the Claymont area that I'd been meaning to do for a while but never bothered to take the exit off of I-495 until this afternoon. The other 3 geocaches are recently-placed ones. "Dude Man Yo's #1" is in a weird location at the door of a converted warehouse building. I suspect the cache owner either works at or has some connection with the design studio whose door that is.

In the afternoon, I discovered that the grass seed patch closer to my back door had germinated into tiny blades of grass that stood straight up. Really cute. No idea what's happening to the other patch though. I guess it's easier to grow grass in the shaded area because that part of the yard doesn't get quite as dry. Also did some weeding since I was out there looking. Yes, I know. Doing work on my birthday...

In the evening, I went to Delaware Furbowl XX. It was the same itinerary as the previous DE Furbowl: dinner at East King Buffet followed by bowling at AMF Price Lanes. This time, I wasted no time getting what I wanted, hence sushi and ice cream on the same plate! (I added peanuts and an egg custard for nutrition. :) ) At the bowling portion of the event, I wore the Kinzer coyote fursuit. Still not so good at bowling but I did get two strikes, one spare, and a bunch of 7s and 8s.

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Grand Nano

Sep. 9th, 2010 01:41 am
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Sunny, 90-95°F. There were a bunch of new geocaches scattered around the local area so I did those today. A few were right in town. I also went to Newark, Elkton, Middletown, and Townsend. I don't think any of those were too tricky but I did spend a bit too long on a wrong idea of the cache hide at "Unfinished Business". Since I was in Middletown, I stopped at Hardee's for a late lunch of chicken tenders.

Once I was done with all the new caches, I headed into downtown Wilmington to try an old one, "Grand Nano". This has been a frustrating geocache because the last few times I tried going for it, the area has been too busy, or patrolled by police, or completely out of parking spaces. This evening, I apparently got there at just the right time when the sidewalk was nearly deserted. It still took me a little while to find the caches (Yes, there were two there: the original cache and a replacement cache that the cache owner added because he thought the first one got lost!) but I did it, finally.

My last stop on the way home was at Lowe's to get grass seed. I figured I would attempt to grow some decent grass on the bare spots left by the utility workers after the gas line dig and refill. If this works, I'll get more for other parts of the yard that aren't in the best shape.

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I did enough weeding yesterday evening to fill two trash bags, but then I got a bit dizzy because some of the weeds were noxious. So I fell asleep before dinner and was wide awake in the middle of the night. That usually is a prelude to high productivity. First, I worked on converting my Twitter scripts to OAuth. I was a bit overdue since Twitter turned off Basic authentication on August 31, but these aren't utilities that I use every day. The main stumbling block was looking for an OAuth library that didn't make things unnecessarily complicated. I found one that's simple enough: by AppHacker. However, it's written in Python but my scripts are in Perl. No biggie. It was actually pretty straightforward to rewrite those in Python once I got up to speed. (I don't use Python very often so every time I pick it up, I have to take a refresher on common Python idioms.)

That only took me to 6am. What else was I going to do today? How about a new project? Enter 4sqNoGPS... (You need a Foursquare account to see it because it starts with the OAuth handshake.)

It's a replacement for Foursquare mobile that is optimized for my handset. (or, as Ericles put it, the smartest non-smart phone :) ) There are numerous problems with Foursquare mobile:
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