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Saturday's trip was south to Salisbury for another munzee raid since there were more dense areas in and around the city that I hadn't hit yet. There were also a few geocaches along the way in Camden, Bridgeville, Seaford, and Laurel.

On Sunday, I did a mascot gig at the Lawrenceville Jubilee. Solo gig this time because Damian couldn't make it due to an automotive problem. I wore the raccoon fursuit this time and it was this character's first appearance at the jubilee. It took the crowd a few minutes to warm up to the character and then it was high-fives and hugs everywhere. It was a smaller crowd than in some of the previous years because of the weather but it was still a great crowd. I did five rounds, about once per hour, and only one round was cut short a bit because of rain. Otherwise, the gig went rather well. After that, I still had time for one geocache near Trenton and a bunch of munzees in Mount Laurel.

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To avoid any strain on my shoulder, I decided to plan the weekend around Munzee instead of geocaching, although I did still get some geocaches along the way. Most Munzees are in built-up areas and I'd say more than 95% of them would be rated 1 or 1.5 stars for terrain. I took a look at the Munzee map and the area just south of the state line, from Salisbury to Ocean City (Maryland, not New Jersey), was chock full of Munzees. So that's where I went.

Saturday's trip was to the south end of Ocean City. I got some geocaches in Bear and Ellendale on the way. There were two geocaches I hadn't gotten yet in that part of Ocean City but for the most part, I had the Munzee app open to grab the virtuals and some physicals along the boardwalk. Of course, I did the tourist thing too while I was there. I gawked at the dinosaur bones and the funny batmobile. Munzee total for the day was 2,203 captures and 30,912 points, the best I'd ever done and enough to bag the 25K Day badge, which I'd been eyeing for a while.

On Sunday, I went down to Salisbury. There were large groups of Munzees at the shopping center on southbound US-13, entering Salisbury, and at the Salisbury University sports fields, but the real treat this trip was to the Salisbury Zoo. I didn't walk in all the way but I saw a representative sample of animals and captured a full set of the limited-time charity paw prints Munzees. It made sense that the Maryland Munzers would deploy those at the zoo. Sunday's totals: 1,755 captures, 29,220 points. Then after leaving Salisbury, I got some geocaches in the Seaford area along US-13, on the way to dinner.

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Since I had a 4-day weekend and there were two events towards the south that I could attend, I decided to take a 3-day trip to the Salisbury area as a mini vacation. On Thursday, I went straight down route 13 and went past Salisbury to Princess Anne and Pocomoke City, which were areas that were new to me. There were lots of geocaches down that way, although those were mostly clustered around the major towns with miles of open space in between. Generally, the area was flat and rural with wide-open spaces. I thought I might have trouble finding dinner on Thanksgiving Day but to my surprise, Ruby Tuesday in Pocomoke City was open. In retrospect, I needn't have worried. It's not really the everything-is-closed holiday it once was and many businesses have extended Black Friday shopping into Thursday evening.

On Friday, I went to the Light in the Darkness geocaching event at an Irish pub in Salisbury. It was a small event but it was good and I got to try a shepherd's pie as well. One common thread throughout the 3 days was the "WGD" cache series. These are from the Wicomico Geocache Dash annual events, which I haven't been to. I'm glad they left these caches out the rest of the year, and even for multiple years after, for everyone else to find.

On Saturday, I ventured to the rural areas (around Hebron and Quantico) northwest of Salisbury before returning to Salisbury to finish the caches in Pemberton Park. In the evening, I headed back north to Dover to attend the 14th Central DE Furbowl. It was only a short visit though because I had to continue my journey home before it got too late.

Sunday was back to a standard geocaching trip to Bucks County. I went to Abington, Horsham, Warrington, Doylestown, New Britain, and Jenkintown. There were a few surprises like Graeme Park, a former governor's residence and interesting stone house / museum that I'd never noticed before because it was set back from the main road. There was also this funny sign. (which is actually for a laundry / cleaning service) I also finally finished the caches around Bradford Reservoir, which I'd saved for when the weather is cooler since most of the walk is across an area with no shade.

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It was a 3-day weekend because of the Labor Day Holiday on Monday. I hadn't planned any vacation trips so I went for some geocaching events in the area. On Saturday, I attended "August Souvenir Celebration". It's at a cafe in East Greenville. I haven't been to that area much and I especially had not been to the nearby Green Lane Reservoir Park in years, so after the event, I went geocaching there.

On Sunday, I went to The Pagoda in Reading for the "Berks Quarterly Trackable Swap and Flash Mob" event. We had a group hike afterwards to attempt the "Peace be careful" geocache, which is up on a steep rock face. It's actually an interesting landmark because of a large Peace sign painted on the rock face. It had been raining though, so the rock face was too slippery and dangerous. We sent two people who were good at climbing to get the cache, while the rest of us waited below, possibly to catch them if they fell off. (Not sure what the plan was there. :) ) Anyway, that was the most exciting part of it. We also went for the other geocaches along the same trail.

On Labor Day, I thought it would be nice to go somewhere other than to Pennsylvania for a change. So I hit Southern Delaware and Salisbury, Maryland, for a bunch of new geocaches that had been placed since my last trip that way. The day was more driving than finding, but there were some amazing geocaches, like the elaborate birdhouse geocache outside the Courtyard Marriott in Salisbury. I also got to use the Woodland Ferry again.

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I checked webcams to see if areas to the north had thawed out yet but there were still vast expanses of snow all over. I figured I'd give it another week, so once again, I headed south to Delmar and Salisbury to continue the group of geocaches I started tackling last week.

On Saturday, I visited mostly the built-up and mall areas around Salisbury. Although one would expect mostly cache & dash caches in those areas, there were some good puzzles in the bunch. The "Question Mark" series had a lot of algebra. "Caching Among the Stars!" was a puzzle having to do with the first geocache on the International Space Station. I actually researched that one on the spot using WiFi because I'd neglected to prepare, but it wasn't too difficult. "It's Always the Green One" was a cache up in a tree near a mall parking lot. Luckily I had the right tool to retrieve the cache because I wasn't sure if I could climb that tree without attracting undue attention.

On Sunday, I did more geocaches in park environments like Salisbury City Park. While the urban parks are the same as anywhere else, the wooded areas had some good, albeit convoluted, trails for walking. Towards the end of the day, I hit some caches closer to the downtown area of Salisbury. I noticed that some cache descriptions caution not to visit at night for reasons of safety, so that was a bit worrisome. Also, according to cache logs, one geocacher found a gun on the ground near a cache site. Later, they determined that it was only an air pistol but with the crime rate in the area, I can see how it could have been somewhat alarming. I didn't see anything untoward myself. The biggest danger I encountered was people were riding their bicycles on sidewalks in the downtown area and I had to be careful not to get knocked over.

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A little while ago, I noticed that "TAD" in the TAD geocache series stood for Trails Across Delmarva, not Trails Across Delaware. So I wondered if there was more of that series just across the border in Maryland. Turns out there were 3 more branches of that. Since the various snowfalls in the past week probably did nothing to improve conditions up north, I decided to head south this weekend and do those TAD caches.

On Saturday, I got some geocaches in Laurel and then headed west, across the state line, to Sharptown, Eldorado, Rhodesdale, and East New Market. It was generally easy-going, even if there was a bit of snow late in the afternoon. This is a somewhat rural area with a few small towns. I do still like this area because unlike the Baltimore area, the East Shore and Delmarva parts of Maryland haven't gone crazy with speed cameras. (except for a solitary one I saw near Denton)

On Sunday, I returned to the area. After a few geocaches in Seaford, I went west across the state line and then south to Sharptown, Mardela, Hebron, Salisbury, and Bivalve. The Salisbury area was busier than Sharptown but I was still able to pull off safely on the side of the road near each cache site, so it was okay. Since the TAD series is designed to take you out and then back, I ended up back in Salisbury in the evening and, oblivious to the high crime rate there, I got a few more geocaches on the way back north through Delmar.

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