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Sunny, 50-55°F. Some days take a long time to get going. This morning, it was mostly because I decided to tackle the task of switching my OtherInbox to Google Apps. I've been using OtherInbox to manage emails from chain store and restaurant mailing lists and notification emails from various social networks. OtherInbox lets me create a separate email address and inbox for each mailing list or website. That way, if any of those gets too spammy, I can simply turn it off. In my existing setup, OtherInbox itself stores all the email. After the switch, Google Apps will store the email and OtherInbox will work behind the scenes, automatically labeling and categorizing it. After the switchover, this should actually be a lot faster, simply because Gmail is faster than OtherInbox's email store. Unfortunately, since OtherInbox does not yet provide a migration tool, the process of moving emails over is rather slow.

I did, however, make time in the afternoon for a few local geocaches. The first one was Bridge View on a bridge over the Brandywine Creek. Then I went to Chipmunx Playground in Woodley Park. I didn't see the trail but it was only a short walk through open woods, so that wasn't a problem. The last one was Think Tink in Brandywine Creek State Park. I think I know where the official parking area is on this side of the river but I took a shortcut trail from the nearby residential area.

As soon as I parked the car for the first cache of the day, I realized that I didn't have my walking stick with me. Oops. I must have lost it yesterday. So for the two caches that actually required some hiking, I looked for appropriately-sized tree branches. Nature's free walking sticks. Later in the afternoon, I returned to The Quigley Backyard Cache to see if my walking stick was still there. Yes, it was! However, it was hanging from a tree so someone must have found it and placed it there. Wonder who it was. Maybe the person who feeds the cats behind Pathmark. After that, I went to Happy Harry's to get some after-Halloween 50%-discount candy. Saw [ profile] jackalopejess there in what has got to be the shortest furmeet ever. :)


Nov. 3rd, 2010 01:08 pm
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Sunny, 50-55°F. So what does one do after a 97-geocache weekend? Why, go out and find a few more, of course! I did one in Bear and then headed down to Middletown for a few more quick ones. Of the Middletown caches, only "Timber!" was somewhat of a challenge because it was a rough bushwhack into the woods. However, I think I actually did pick the least thorny and least muddy route this time. Then "Fruit Tree" was conveniently near Hardee's, so that's when I stopped for a late lunch of chicken tenders.

On the way home, I stopped at Pathmark to check the bakery discount rack. Since I was there, I tried to find "The Quigley Backyard Cache". This cache has been a bit of a problem. I'd been saving it for when I go to Pathmark. Unfortunately, every time last month I went to Pathmark, it was dusk and that's the worst time for a detailed search. It's the time when it isn't dark enough for a flashlight to be effective, yet dark enough to make it hard to see fine details. Well, this evening, I solved that problem by going there later when it was completely dark. That worked like a charm. A few minutes with a flashlight and I spotted the cache.

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I did enough weeding yesterday evening to fill two trash bags, but then I got a bit dizzy because some of the weeds were noxious. So I fell asleep before dinner and was wide awake in the middle of the night. That usually is a prelude to high productivity. First, I worked on converting my Twitter scripts to OAuth. I was a bit overdue since Twitter turned off Basic authentication on August 31, but these aren't utilities that I use every day. The main stumbling block was looking for an OAuth library that didn't make things unnecessarily complicated. I found one that's simple enough: by AppHacker. However, it's written in Python but my scripts are in Perl. No biggie. It was actually pretty straightforward to rewrite those in Python once I got up to speed. (I don't use Python very often so every time I pick it up, I have to take a refresher on common Python idioms.)

That only took me to 6am. What else was I going to do today? How about a new project? Enter 4sqNoGPS... (You need a Foursquare account to see it because it starts with the OAuth handshake.)

It's a replacement for Foursquare mobile that is optimized for my handset. (or, as Ericles put it, the smartest non-smart phone :) ) There are numerous problems with Foursquare mobile:
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Coventry Ridge Park Headed out early this afternoon, ahead of the approaching snowfall, to Coventry Ridge Park in Newark for the Hidden Pond geocache. Access to this park is from the Christiana Mall area, specifically the parking lot behind Don Pablo's. From there, I walked up the grassy embankment to the powerline cut. Followed that path all the way to a man-made pond, where the cache was. Then came the tough part. Although there has been significant snow melt the last few days, the cache site was still blanketed with snow and there were no telltale signs of a cache placement. So I just kept poking at the snow in various places until I found the cache.

The snow didn't start until much later so there was still time for a Pathmark grocery run. Perhaps the best bargain today was the clearance breakfast cereal. It's an off-brand frosted corn flakes cereal that normally sells for $1 per box. It's on sale for 50 cents this week. In addition, the box was a bit beaten up so it was on the clearance rack with a 50%-off sticker, making it a mere 25 cents! Such a deal. It probably would go well with the off-brand chocolate milk I got at Save-A-Lot earlier this week. :)

I use code samples when I work but I look for those using Google's main web search so I completely forgot about Google Code Search. Well, I rediscovered it this evening. Out of curiosity, I entered my name in the search box to see how much of my code Google has indexed. Got some surprising results. Apparently, the tin newsreader now uses message digest code that I wrote back in the 90s. That's pretty neat. Also, a bunch of undergrad students borrowed my Java analog clock code for their CS final project. Hope they got a good grade. :) The remaining search results are not terribly surprising. It's nice to see some short programs that I wrote a long time ago still hanging out on Linux software archives. Google Code Search also has a few of my scripts from old websites that have long since been deleted. If I ever need that code again, I suppose I could just get it back from Google's cached copy.
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Sunny and 48°F. Since the weather was good this afternoon, we went for a bunch of geocaches in the Delaware City area. I especially wanted to tackle a few difficult ones just for the sake of clearing out the area.

yay is rated 4 stars for terrain. When I got there, I saw that even though it was only 150 feet from the road, it was down a steep slope. It wasn't that bad though. After studying the area for a bit, I saw a possible sane approach down and that was good enough. The Deer Made Me Do It! is rated 3.5 stars for terrain. I suspect that it once required climbing a tree but some time during the 2 years since the cache was placed, the tree fell down so it's now not quite as physically demanding.

Nothing too hard about Cache Emplacement. It's just a loop hike on a flat soggy/muddy trail. Red Lion -Delaware C.A.C.H.E.-Hundred had a bit of rough terrain but again, it wasn't too difficult provided one can handle a sandy slope and some brush. And finally, McKenzie's Cache was the quick downtown sidewalk cache of the bunch.

Then came the grocery shopping portion of the trip. I wanted to use a reward coupon from a Pathmark receipt. It was $2 off a deli purchase. Here's where different people at the supermarket gave me different answers. The question was whether fried chicken from the deli counted as a deli purchase. One of the cashiers said no but the staff at the customer service desk said yes. So I used the self-checkout next to the customer service desk and let them take care of the coupon code entry. No problem that way.
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Did a strip mall crawl yesterday. There are lots of strip malls a bit down US-13 from my place but I never got a chance to see all the stores because I've been busy and every trip out from the house has been for something specific or for something that was planned. I didn't have too much to do yesterday and the weather was fine, so I thought I'd get to know the area better.

The first store after the I-295 ramp is Wawa. I've been there, at least. Then, there's a strip mall with a Popeye's, except that the first two letters are missing from the sign so it's a "Peye's" restaurant. :) Then came the best part: The Entenmann's Bakery Outlet. They had quite a lot of $1 deals on bread, cakes, danishes, and donuts. I just got a loaf of bread for now, but one idea I had is any time I go to a pot-luck picnic or party, I can stop at this Entenmann's store on the way, since it's so near, and pick up a discounted cake. Doesn't matter that it's near the expiration date if we're going to eat it the same day.

Next strip mall after that has a Happy Harry's Discount Drugs, which has been a Walgreen's in disguise since the acquisition. I'd never seen this drugstore chain until my first trip to Pennsville but now it's the closest drugstore to home. Last two stops of the day were to Home Depot for a saw and to Pathmark for a few grocery items.

We had to clean up a tangle of vines and short trees at the back fence line. Hence the need for a saw. I'd like to talk to the backyard neighbors about this too because some of the tree branches are leaning far into their backyard and tangled up with their trees, but I've never seen them outside. Anyway, we removed what we could and did some weeding this afternoon. Tomorrow should be interesting.
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I solved a few puzzle caches at home yesterday and so today, I found two of them on my way to the supermarket, assuming that I intended to shop at Pathmark in Newark instead of New Castle. :) The first of the two was "OYR" Wanna Be in Newark, De. It was a pretty simple puzzle once I realized what restaurant "OYR Wanna Be" was referring to. The second one was A Few Good Books in downtown Newark. The questions in this puzzle are meant to be answered at the Newark Free Library but with some web research, I was able to find all the answers before heading out there. Only question B posed a challenge but the answer is on at least one website.

The Newark Pathmark is right across from the library so that was a good place to stop and pick up some groceries. Also went to the Chinese supermarket in downtown Newark and got, among other things, some vegetable buns. Then I took a different way home and picked up Sleep Less Cache More, a cache-and-dash style geocache.
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Four days after the move and there are still lots of boxes in the living room to be unpacked but we're getting there. Didn't get the free turkey on Tuesday. The Pathmark bonus coupon was good for anything from the meat department so for ease of preparation, we got chicken instead. Thus, the first use of the gas oven was to make baked chicken thighs. We did the chicken drumsticks two days later.

It was a quiet Thanksgiving. We didn't head out early on Black Friday for the early bird sales. However, there were still plenty of interesting specials this weekend so we went out a little later. Found the Oh, Well geocache in New Castle along the way. For a cache rated 3 stars in difficulty, it actually wasn't that hard. But I still didn't see it the first time. In 46-degree weather though, I was glad it didn't take too long to find.

After the cache, we went to Walmart in Wilmington, Young's Oriental Grocery in Wilmington, Target in Brandywine, and Pathmark in New Castle. (had to stock up on groceries too) Also made a quick stop at Concord Mall just to check it out but there wasn't anything spectacular about that mall. Contrary to what one might expect, the shopping crowd wasn't really that bad. Sale items, at least the ones we were looking for, were still available and there was no wait to checkout at any of those stores.

Saturday: Did more unpacking and put more items in their correct places in the house. The dining table and living room lamps are now in place. Also wrapped some gifts and gathered up some toy donations for tomorrow's SJG event in Deptford.
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It was a rainy Saturday so I stayed in and caught up on all the things I couldn't do while packing. I did two months' worth of accounting and got reasonably up to date with photo uploads. I also did a few more address changes online.

In the evening, I went to the diner meet at Hot Plate. It was only 2 miles from home so I probably didn't have to leave home as early as I did. Met up with Industre and The Comedian outside the diner. The servers arranged a bunch of tables together for us in one section of the diner. Then we were joined by Lupine, Luna, Kinsasha, Reaux, Genji, Aisha, Dan, [ profile] kitt3ns, and many others whose names slipped my mind. So it was quite a group. I had a Philly Pretzel Cheeseburger. After dinner, I opted not to go to the after-dinner party because I had to pick up some groceries at Pathmark and get home. It was a nice evening out and I look forward to more local gatherings.


Oct. 3rd, 2009 12:31 am
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I didn't have broadband installed at the house yet, so I haven't been posting anything, except on Twitter. After checking out of the motel, I started taking care of little things around the house.
  • Got some tools from the nearby Lowe's and started weeding the front yard. Also pruned a broken branch from the bush.
  • Got groceries at Pathmark (where the store layout is a mirror image of the Ramsey Pathmark and will take some getting used to) and started making meals in my new kitchen.
  • Installed a shower curtain rod so I could use the shower. (The house seller helpfully left behind a new shower curtain.)
  • Got a locksmith to install deadbolts on the front and back doors. This was actually on my homeowners insurance policy so I was making it legitimate.
  • Took delivery of the DSL equipment, ready for the service start date.
I spent the night at my new house. I don't have a bed there so I just used a sleeping bag on the carpet. The neighborhood is quiet at night. I could only hear the distant rumble of I-295. The house is a fairly comfortable place, although I'm not as good at sleeping on the floor as I used to be. It'll be a far more functional home once I've moved some furniture there.

Back to Jersey on Friday after taking care of a few things. Along the way, I made a little detour to attend the Branchburg geocaching event at Moe's. I had the Instant Friend, which is a vegetarian quesadilla.


Jun. 10th, 2008 11:24 pm
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It has been very hot (temperature in the upper 90s) and humid since the weekend but there's a thunderstorm going on now and I hope that will cool things down a bit.

Last Friday evening, I went looking for Benchmark LY2909. It was just outside the fence at the PSE&G switching station in Waldwick. I thought there would be a security issue so I just photographed the survey disc quickly and left the area, but not before taking a brief look at the green space near the road.

Dental appointment this evening. No problems, other than the gums being a little red. But that happens all the time. Then I went to Badlands Tacos in downtown Ramsey. Because I kept going to Subway the last few months for $5 footlongs, I almost forgot that I had coupons for Badlands. It's perfect. There's wi-fi in the downtown area and they have better air conditioning than I do at home. This evening, I had a set of tacos.

And finally, I used the coupon from the Post breakfast cereal promo. They offered to send a coupon for one free box of Honey Bunches of Oats if I sent them 5 coupons from competitors. I did that a few weeks ago so I thought they had forgotten, but the coupon arrived yesterday. As a bonus, the cereal is on sale at Pathmark this week, so I got a larger size than I'd otherwise have gotten. (the coupon was good only up to $3.79, which doesn't buy a lot of brand-name cereal nowadays) Then I got home just before the storm started.

Fort Lee

Jun. 3rd, 2008 03:03 am
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Palisades Interstate Park

This evening, I went to Fort Lee Historic Park, part of Palisades Interstate Park, to seek the 1776 New Jersey Part 3 The Evacuation of Fort Lee geocache. I'd put off this one for a long time because the Fort Lee area is notorious for traffic delays at rush hour. However, I didn't actually have much of a problem. I drove in from the north via Route 505 and Hudson Terrace because that was the simplest way to go. Parked within 150 feet of the cache site and it was an easy find.

I hadn't been to that park in quite a while. I remember the last time I was there. Back then, everyone was still panicky about a possible terror strike and the National Guard was stationed in the park. I wasn't there for very long when one of them came over and told me to stop loitering because... terrorists loiter in parks with views of major NYC bridges? Anyway, nothing like that happened this evening. Security isn't as tight any more, although the TBTA still has a prohibition against taking photos of the George Washington Bridge.

After that, I went to Subway in Ramsey for an Italian BMT footlong and then to Pathmark for a few grocery items. I linked to BrightKite pages for the two locations. BrightKite is something I signed up for a while ago but hadn't been using. Then recently, I noticed that if I check in at a location and then send photos from my cameraphone using Sprint PictureMail, my check-in log and photos will appear together on the location's page. So each location can tell a story. This would be more interesting to watch if more of the locals joined in but in the meantime, it's a mild distraction.
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Ramapo County Reservation

Another geocache, Subway footlong, and grocery shopping evening, almost as though I were following a script! Anyway, the weather was fine so I went to Ramapo County Reservation to seek the Thorny Wasteland geocache. Given the name of the cache and the warnings in the cache description, I expected this one to be quite a challenge, but I didn't have to worry. The most challenging part of it was the uphill bushwhack but the hardest part of it wasn't that long. I went off-trail where the orange trail met the reservoir. The initial part of the bushwhack was steep. However, when I got to the top, I saw a grassy (and thorn-free) plateau and from there onwards, it was actually an easy walk to the cache site.

After that, I went to Subway in Ramsey and got a BBQ Rib Patty footlong. A little birdie -- okay, okay, that was ManInTheWild on Twitter -- warned me that some Subway stores had quietly ceased the $5-footlong promotion, but fortunately, the Ramsey Subway was still doing that.

Next stop was Pathmark in Ramsey, as I had run out of some critical grocery items. I noticed that store-brand frosted flakes were on sale but when I checked out, those scanned at a higher price. I inquired at the courtesy counter and got one box free (store policy for scanning problems) and the other box refunded to the shelf tag price. Nice.


May. 9th, 2008 11:30 pm
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Chicken Parmesan Footlong Sub

Rained all day today so I didn't go for any geocaches this evening. I'll save the mile-long hikes for better weather. So instead I went grocery shopping. Snagged the last bag of Valutime Frosted Cocoa at Pathmark. They had it on clearance because they're getting rid of that product line. Pity. It was the bulk-packaged generic brand breakfast cereal with the lowest unit price in the supermarket, so in a way, getting rid of it is a price hike. I'll try something else next time.

Then I went to Subway in Ramsey and had a chicken parmesan footlong. Like the marinara meatball footlong, this one is pretty messy. The sauce just drips all over. Chatted with the neighborhood teens who were hanging out in Subway because of the rain. They were big on footlong jokes. :)

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I don't know how long they'll continue this promotion, but Subway has been having $5 footlong subs for 3 weeks already. Of course, I went and got one at Subway on Main St. every time I had errands to run in Ramsey. Anyway, since I already had photos of most of the Subway footlong subs, I wondered what else I could do. So I shot a video of this evening's turkey and ham footlong. Yes, food video. It's the next step after food photography. :) Now I want to go and shoot videos of all the food I photographed. I need to practice moving the camera more smoothly though.

I also went to Triangle Plaza in Ramsey to drop off some clothing donations and to get a few items at Pathmark. One thing I noticed is Pathmark cashiers will give you a discount of a few cents if you bring your own shopping bag instead of using their plastic bags. I brought the Hannaford reusable bag on this trip so I got the discount. Saving a few cents per shopping trip is insignificant but it is a nice gesture on the part of Pathmark.
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I-87 northbound rest area

I relinquished one of my domain names. It wasn't one that I was actively using. I did that because a business startup owner asked for it and provided enough information to show that he was going to use it for a worthy business purpose and because doing so fits into this year's "cutting back" theme. (I'm still trying to figure out what last year's theme was. :) ) Of course, I had to insist that he compensate me for the remaining paid time on the domain name and he was happy to do so. Also, it's instructive to note that GoDaddy's registrant change procedure is just a matter of filling in a web form with the new registrant's info. Piece of cake.

I used the Hannaford reusable grocery bag this evening when I went to Pathmark in Ramsey to pick up a few items. I used the self-checkout lane so I bagged the items myself and didn't need to instruct the bagger not to use a plastic bag. In the scheme of things, it doesn't make much of a difference because I reuse plastic bags anyway. Here's the problem with plastic bags though: I have too many of those! I reuse plastic bags as garbage bags but garbage almost always takes up less space than groceries. So, over time, I accumulate plastic bags and those plastic bags have just about filled up one closet now. If I use the cloth bag for groceries and continue using my supply of plastic bags for garbage bags, I'll gradually deplete my plastic bag inventory and reclaim the closet.

This evening, I also used the first of this month's Shoppers' Hotline coupons at Burger King in Ramsey. Each coupon is a full-page printout with details on the offer, validation codes, etc. The cashier took the coupon to the back of the kitchen to confer with someone else. I thought she was questioning the coupon but it turned out that she simply didn't understand it. Then she entered it in the cash register incorrectly anyway. But that's okay. It was only a bit of confusion, so I didn't mind explaining the coupon.
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Ramsey Duck Pond

Living only a mile from work, there are very few days when I experience a real traffic delay. Today was one of those days. The occasion was utility work blocking half the road.

This afternoon, I revisited Knot's Landing at Ramsey Duck Pond to grab a geocoin and also to leave two travel bugs from the bagful I got from yesterday's breakfast event. I don't think I've been to this pond when there was snow on the ground, so I took some pictures for my collection.

After adding the travel bugs and geocoins from yesterday's event and the geocoin from Knot's Landing, I've now logged 3,646 trackables. My user profile at GC lists the types of travel bugs and geocoins I've logged but not in order of frequency. So I pulled the HTML into an Calc spreadsheet and sorted the data. Here are the top 10:

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I've logged more Unite for Diabetes Travel Bugs than I thought. However, since there are 20,000 of those in existence (I have no idea how many are still circulating though), I'm still a long way from finding them all.

Grocery run this evening. I didn't intend to turn this into a full shopping trip. I went to Pathmark only to pick up one sale item for which I had a coupon. However, when I got there and started checking the store specials, I noticed that there were quite a number of specials this week for which I had matching coupons! So in the end, I got $37 of groceries for about $13.50. Not the best I've ever done but it's decent savings. The amusing part is one of the items was -31 cents because of a doubled coupon. Pay me for buying bagged cereal? Sure! Can I get another one? :)
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Near the Park Ridge Swim Club

Yesterday evening, it got colder and it started snowing. Rather inconveniently, I had also run out of some key grocery items so I had to go out that evening in the snow to the fruit market and then to Pathmark in Ramsey. At Pathmark, I noticed that it was the last day of a triple-coupon sale. I started thinking how ridiculous it was to be taking my time combing through coupons when I should really just be getting what I needed and going home because it was snowing outside, but it was triple coupons! Anyway, it turned out to be harder to extract a deep discount at Pathmark than it was at A&P the week before, so I merely stocked up on items I knew I would need soon and that was that.

This afternoon, it was 47°F. Any snow that had fallen overnight had long since melted away. I noticed that The Swirly Girly Cache, a new geocache near the Park Ridge Swim Club, had just been listed. It was only a few miles away so I went for it. The plastic container was actually not placed in the most obvious way but I caught a glimpse of it and found it quickly. Then I headed over to Burger King in Park Ridge for chicken tendercrisp.

Friday Five )

Sleep In

Dec. 9th, 2007 10:19 pm
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Sheepshead Bay

Stayed at home today, except for a quick run to Pathmark in the afternoon to get a few minor supplies and the Sunday paper. I needed to get everything ready and pack for two upcoming trips. Those are back-to-back so I knew I wouldn't have time to pack for the second one after coming home from the first. Also did some minor cleaning and tidying around the home.

I was surprised that the Ramsey Pathmark wasn't crowded at all on a Sunday afternoon. I thought that was the peak time for grocery shopping. If they aren't busy on weekdays and if they aren't busy on weekends, then I would worry that this particular store will be shut down after the A&P-Pathmark merger.

And finally, I was reviewing yesterday's geocaches when I noticed on this cache page that NYC Park Rangers do go geocaching too. Now, one may argue that park rangers shouldn't be playing games while on the taxpayer's dime, but I think this is far less destructive than what they've been doing in other counties: requiring lengthy permit application processes and confiscating caches outright. Also, from his geocaching profile, it sounds like he'll help integrate this activity into NYC Park's programming.
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Hofstra Park - Tiki Man

Another sunny day. About 40°F or thereabouts. This afternoon, I went to Hofstra Park in Prospect Park (NJ, not Brooklyn) for games cache. When I first saw this puzzle cache, I had no idea what it was about so I set it aside. Yesterday, I realized that it's actually not a puzzle. I tried some numbers in Geochecker and those worked so I went for it today. What's strange about this park is there appears to be a homeless camp at the trailhead. The trailhead itself is rather trashed up, although I did see an interesting tiki man carving. Once past that trailhead, the rest of the wooded area is pretty normal and I found the geocache easily.

Pathmark is rather light on specials this week, so I went to A&P to use my coupons on their canned soup special. While there, I took a look at their other specials and got $40.43 worth of groceries for $13.70! I'd been saving grocery coupons for two months, so they never stood a chance. That should take care of food for another week and a half. (or longer)

While on the subject of coupons, I recently received a bunch of Lenovo ThinkPad coupon codes that can be stacked for a 50% discount. (Depending on the model. Some are discounted a bit less than that.) So over the past few days, I've been going onto the Lenovo website to price some ThinkPad configurations and I've been writing about that experience on Twitter and in some Livejournal comments. It's not as big a deal as it might seem though. The base price is rather high, so even after applying all the codes, the configuration I want will still be around $800, which isn't much lower than comparable configurations from Dell or HP. Also, it appears that some resellers offer discounted ThinkPad pricing too so again, it's not as big a discount as it might seem at first. I may get one anyway. I have two weeks to decide before the coupon codes expire and I'll use that time to compare and evaluate.


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