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To be honest, after some not-so-good experiences at Furfright 2011, I considered skipping this year. However, I discussed my concerns with [ profile] kgraleopard last year and seeing as how this is the tenth Furfright, I decided to give it another chance. I'm glad I did! I see a number of changes to the way the con was run that made all the difference. Just about the only problem I saw this time was the fire alarm at 4am on Sunday, which was the fault of a prankster, not the con. I thought the dances were good this year. I liked the retro sock hop, which I also enjoyed at FAU previously. Saturday night had some good music and a fun crowd too. I also enjoyed the Thriller Crash Course on Saturday morning, even though I wasn't very good at that. I was also at the Saturday Morning Cartoons party, both fursuit parades, and the fursuit games, and got to chat with many of my friends who I only get to see at this con.

As usual, I starting driving late Wednesday night so I could get to Connecticut by daybreak for geocaching. There weren't very many new geocaches since last year, so I decided to do something a bit more challenging. I went to Giuffrida Park in Meriden to hike up to Lamentation Mountain. I don't think it was a very high mountain but there were a few steep sections and it was a round trip of over 3 miles for 8 geocaches. There were good views of Crescent Lake (from the base of the mountain) and the valley. (from the peak)

Getting home on Monday was quite an adventure because of Hurricane Sandy. First, I had to leave Connecticut by 1pm because of a state-wide highway closure. I figured it was a better idea to cut across Westchester County and cross the Tappan Zee Bridge instead of going through New York City. That route also let me stop at Palisades Center Mall for lunch and to use the wi-fi internet. It's a familiar place because I used to live in the area. (And I'm glad the mall has not collapsed from ground subsidence issues.) After that, I saw that the NJ Turnpike was closed south of exit 9, so I detoured to US-1, used the bridge in Trenton to cross over to the Pennsylvania side, and returned home via I-95, which seemed fine aside from some speed restrictions. Later, I found out that the NJ Turnpike was closed only between exits 7 and 8A, so the electronic sign I saw was incorrect, but they were probably still sorting out their info at the time.

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sitaro-3 Sunny day and around 60°F so I decided to hit some local geocaches before returning to the endless work of packing and dejunking. The first one was Bridges of Rockland County in Sloatsburg. It's a scenic area with an old wooden bridge alongside the road bridge. There weren't many places at that street corner to hide a regular-sized cache but I must have been seriously off my game there because it took a while before I had an epiphany and found this tricky cache.

The next one was Sitting a'round' at a small park in valley Cottage. This too was a difficult cache. Checked a number of wrong spots. My epiphany this time came from watching some people who were passing through the park. I saw them looking at an object that was related in some way to the cache hiding spot and all of a sudden, I knew what to look for. Maybe this should be my new geocaching style. Forget about searching. Just observe random things until the right idea pops into my head.

After that, I stopped briefly at Palisades Center to run an errand. It's my last trip to this mall and I probably won't miss the bumpy parking garage. Then I went to the neighborhood TD Bank to get some singles for Where's George. Well, surprise! It was apparently Free Bag Day and they gave me a dark green TD Bank bag. So now I have both a Commerce Bank bag and a TD Bank bag. If this bank changes its name again, I'll be sure to stick around for another bag. :)
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I've been packing. There are boxes on every table now and some on the floor too. Funny thing is this place looks a lot better with nearly everything packed away in boxes. Maybe I shouldn't bother unpacking once I've moved the stuff over. :)

Since it was such a nice day, I took a break from packing to get some new geocaches at Kennedy Dells Park in New City. The first one I did was Warrior Bugs. It was about half a mile from parking but easy with little change in elevation. Then I went for Ammo Cans for Al, a 2-stage cache. I ran into Walkin' Ed at the first stage. He'd been searching for some time so I joined in the search and came up with the tough hide after some looking. Then we went to the 2nd stage together and were first to find. In fact, we were the only ones to complete this cache today because of the difficult 1st stage. And finally, the Kennedy Dells EarthCache, just a bit of sandstone geology.

After that, I went to Palisades Center Mall to pay the phone bill. I also got some Buffalo wings at TGI Friday's in the mall. Nice of them to send me this coupon for the appetizer. And my last stop of the day was at CVS to get a free chocolate bar. I was thinking of saving this CVS mailing list coupon for my next Delaware trip but I checked and there aren't a whole lot of CVS stores there, so I should use it here.
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I went to Palisades Center yesterday evening to complete the list of errands from Wednesday. The mall was surprisingly busy for a weekday evening. I think people prefer this mall when it is raining heavily because of the underground parking garage.

I had a Wendy's coupon, which was the excuse I needed to try the new Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken. The verdict? It's not that great and it's also priced higher than I would pay for a simple dish. I've had better from Panda Express or similar mall food court vendors.

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I had to pay the phone bill and I also had a Buffalo Wild Wings coupon, so I went to Palisades Center this evening. The coupon was for 6 free wings but required a $7 purchase. Since wings are 50 cents each on Wednesday, I bought 14 wings. Added to the 6 free wings, that makes 20. I had 10 wings with blazin' sauce and 10 wings with wild sauce. The hotter wings look less red than the less hot wings. I haven't checked if this location has the Blazin' Challenge (In short, you have to eat 12 blazin' wings in 6 minutes.) but I'm wondering if I should give that a try. I had 10 blazin' wings this evening and I certainly didn't die.

I knew this restaurant has free wi-fi internet so I brought the netbook for a bit of after-dinner web browsing. Many people still don't know about the free net access because I was still getting questions like "You're getting the internet on that?" The waitress noticed too and she asked if she could use the netbook for a minute. Turns out that she needed to check her grades at the local college. Looks like she's working her way through college. Rather admirable. I held a few jobs when I was in college too although those weren't the serious kind that paid for tuition. At best, I had food money. :)

I've already told a few dozen people at events within the last week and let slip to anyone who was reading on Twitter and Friendfeed, so I guess I should mention it here too. After 14+ years, I'll finally be moving away from here. There is a lot more to this story, not all of it public yet. I've got to write more about it some time. For now, it's the final spring cleaning. Everything I'm not bringing with me must be consumed, given away, discarded, or sold. I started last week, removing a few items a day. I'll get this done.

This evening, I started sorting through my 1000-book library. Since I still have plenty of time, I'm going to try selling some of those first before recycling or freecycling them. As I was going through the first bookcase, I came across some CDs. Remember the Pizza Hut Big Mix promo back in the year 2000? If you got a 16" pizza, it came with a website code that allowed you to build a mix CD with 6 songs and get that CD in the mail. I have two of those CDs. I don't remember which songs I chose and the label doesn't say. I suppose there's only one way to find out. I hope my taste in music wasn't too horrible back then. :)
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Took the day off since it seemed like the only day this week with good weather. I went geocaching in Westchester. The main purpose of this trip is to do a bunch of geocaches in Sprain Ridge Park while parking is still free at that park. They charge a parking fee from Memorial Day to Labor Day, or so I've been told. Sprain Ridge has lots of hills and rocky slopes so it was also a good opportunity to try the replacement boots that Columbia Sportswear sent me. I was done with the 7 geocaches in Sprain Ridge by 2pm so there was plenty of time to go for all the new geocaches in Mamaroneck as well. Total for the day is 23 geocaches.

In the evening, I went to Palisades Center. I had 18 wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. 6 of those were free because of a customer survey coupon. The other 12 were 50 cents each because of "Wingolution Wednesday". Not a bad deal, all in all. I chose the three hottest sauces, Mango Habanero, Wild, and Blazin', and got 6 wings with each sauce. Strangely, Blazin' seemed less hot to me than Wild. Maybe the labels got mixed up.

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Earth Day

Apr. 23rd, 2009 04:26 am
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Yesterday, I came across a list of Earth Day free stuff, which, if you think about it, goes against the spirit of the day. Nevertheless, I did go for some of those items. I got the aluminum foil. I didn't go to Walgreen's because there isn't one that is easy for me to get to from here. In the evening, I went to Palisades Center. Raided my recycling bin for a few bottles to recycle at the Disney Store to get a free water bottle. Yes, I traded three bottles for one bottle. Wonder how that makes sense, but it is a Disney bottle. :) The Target store was out of free reusable tote bags by that time, but no matter. I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to use the coupon for six free wings. Then, since it was 50-cent Wings Wednesday, I also got some boneless wings.

One thing I forgot to mention from Saturday is my car got rear-ended again. The reason why it slipped my mind is there was no damage at all. I was in Highland Park, waiting in a line of cars at a traffic light. The light turned green. The guy behind me started too soon and tapped my bumper. My first thought was oh no, not again. I'd only just gotten the bumper fixed last month from the previous rear-ending and I didn't want to go through process that again. But no, when I got out to check, there wasn't a dent in the bumper. The guy's car wasn't damaged either, except that his license plate had become somewhat bent. He didn't seem to care about that though. He said it was already like that before this.
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Weird weather today. It snowed this morning. Then in the afternoon, it rained only on one side of the road and I noticed that because only half of my car got wet as I was returning from lunch. Looks like one of those days when the weather is defying all weather forecasts. In the evening, the weather was mild (about 50°F) and merely cloudy, so I headed out to Hewitt and West Milford. There were a bunch of quick geocaches out there and I'd been waiting for daylight to get long enough for me to sweep them all after work.

The first two, WM Park and Ride and Hardware Hide, are at parking lots. Then I went to Sand Cap ballfield for 3 more: Mini at Sand Cap, Don't let the Beavers Eat Me, and Sharing the Nut Hide Out. "Mini" is near the ballfield and the other two are a short walk down a woods road. After that, it was dusk but I couldn't resist going for The Monksville Cache on the way out. It's next to the Monksville Reservoir boat launch.

After that, I went to Palisades Center. Didn't get to do much shopping this time because of lack of time. I had dinner at Johnny Rockets, using my last repeat customer discount. (They aren't issuing that coupon any more.) I had a tuna melt with fries and a root beer float. Also had a refill of fries, of course. I took a look at the food court before leaving the mall. Four vendors have gone out of business! Not that I was ever a fan of this food court, but what's going on in this mall?
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It was a rainy day today but the rain slowed to a slight drizzle in the evening so I thought I'd go for some geocaches. I went to the butt end of Ringwood State Park. This is the back-door access via the Cooper Union Trail. I parked at the Presbyterian church and headed into the woods on the trail. This area is supposed to be hilly but the trail is a gradual incline. I found Little Cache - Big Log, A View of Nothing, and Tree Of Manybutts. Then it got dark and started raining again, so I turned around and went back. There are more geocaches further in but I'll get those starting from the park end of the trail another day.

After my hike, it started raining heavily so I figured I should go to Palisades Center this evening and use the underground garage so I wouldn't get any wetter. Used the returning customer discount at Johnny Rockets again and had a Smoke House Single and a root beer float. I noticed that the Disney Store had a buy-one-get-one-free sale on all plush toys, so I got two 22" Bolt plush toys. Of course, buy-one-get-one is not a deal if I'm going to end up giving one away but what the hey? So you might see one of them at a charity auction this year.

Also, my eyeglasses broke this afternoon. One of the arms just snapped off. Not to worry though. I'd been ordering eyeglasses online last year to use up my FSA, so I just started using one of several spares I had lying around. I stopped worrying about losing or breaking eyeglasses when the replacement cost fell below $30 per pair. If you've been paying hundreds of dollars for a pair of eyeglasses, you really should investigate alternative sources.

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Yantacaw Brook Park

Finished my tax returns, both Federal and State, last night. I had already done nearly all of them earlier this month but I was waiting until the end of March to see if any more 1099 corrections would come in. Also, if I submit the tax return after midnight on April Fools' Day, then when the IRS asks me if this is a joke, I can point to the e-file date. :) Seriously though, I think the numbers are correct. I spot-checked the Taxcut output and went through the checklist of dividend and capital gains worksheet items a few times, although I'm not really sure why I should go to so much trouble any more considering that Treasury Secretary Geithner is a tax cheat.

Anyway, it appears I paid too much estimated taxes last year so I have a Federal tax refund. However, I'm applying it to this year's estimated taxes. I won't get a check but I'll pay less in the Q1 1040-ES. From the state tax return, I'll get back around $700. I e-filed the Federal tax return last night. E-file for the state tax return is not included in the Taxcut package so I went to the Palisades Center post office to mail it. After that, since it was lunch time and since they keep giving me that big returning customer discount, I went to Johnny Rockets and had a Rocket Single and a Mr. Pibb Float. (They ran out of root beer and had to improvise.)

I started thinking though. If Johnny Rockets is an homage to '50s-style burger joints, does this mean that 50 years from now, people will recreate restaurants from today for nostalgia value? What eateries from this era would people reminisce about? "Back in my day, we had Mall Food Courts with Real Plastic Trays." or "We used to go to this place called Dunkin Donuts, sonny, but that was before caffeine and pastry release implants." Maybe there'll even be sit-down restaurant theme parks where you can see cheesy replicas of Chili's, Olive Garden, Bennigan's, Ruby Tuesday, and TGI Friday's with Authentic Junk on the Walls, all under one roof.
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According to the weather forecast, there was a 90% chance of rain on Saturday. So I planned on doing a bunch of easy geocaches in Westchester. Well, surprise! The day was sunny and 60°F. I still did those easy geocaches but I threw in some bike trail walks and a few hikes in the woods. Park and grabs are fine for quick gratification but those don't really nourish the soul. I had a $5 coupon from my last visit to Johnny Rockets, so I returned to Palisades Center in the evening to have dinner at Johnny Rockets again. This time, I had #12 and fries and a chocolate peanut butter shake. Also had a refill of the fries. I think if they had unlimited garlic fries, that would make them an even match to Red Robin.

Sunday was a rainy day. It was 46°F to 54°F most of the day. There was a geocaching event in Manhattan in the morning, but I decided to skip it because I started a little late and I'd have to rush over to make it in time. One thing about driving in Manhattan is you can't be in a hurry. There is too much traffic and too many traffic lights, and I would think the rain makes it worse. So I just skipped ahead to the Long Island part of my plans for the day. Didn't get to do too many caches after all. I tackled a few walks in the woods, as far as I could go before getting too wet. Of course, there were a few quick ones too.

For dinner, I went to Flushing Chinatown and had nasi lemak and stuffed vegetables Malaysian style. I think this is a repeat of what I had the first time I went to Curry Leaves but these dishes are worth repeating. The curry really hit the spot. This restaurant is family owned and operated, and I still think it is interesting the way they use the dining area as their family living room. They watch TV there, the kids play there, and this evening, they disciplined their kids there. Okay, perhaps doing that in front of customers was a bit over the line. Another observation: Because the sun sets later now and because I tend to geocache all the way to sunset and because it takes an hour and a half to go from East Moriches to Queens, I arrived at Flushing Chinatown at around 9pm. I noticed that many restaurants and stores close at 9pm on Sunday so that will cut down on my choices until Daylight Saving Time ends in the Fall. Two of my usual places are open after 9pm but I'm going to miss the sweet bean curd.

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McMillan Reservoir, Ramapo County Reservation

Yesterday, I took the car to the service department in Mahwah for the 100,000-mile service. (Odometer reading was 101,820.) It was supposed to be a mere one-hour wait but I ended up having to leave the car there overnight because they stripped the oil pan screw and had to replace the whole thing. The loaner this time was a Toyota Yaris. This is the 2-door model. It's a small car but it sacrifices a lot of the back so the driver's compartment actually has some room. The engine isn't high-powered but the lightness of the car makes up for that so it passes the steep hill test. (Steep incline on Lake St. on the way home.)

The next day, I waited for the phone call from the service department but it never came, so I called them late in the afternoon to ask if my car was ready. It was. They didn't call because the home phone number they had in their records didn't work. The one they had was for the landline that I canceled last year but I was sure I gave them my cell phone number 2 visits ago. So I went and got my car and to celebrate, I headed out further to Ramapo County Reservation in Mahwah. I didn't go all the way up the mountain this time. I only went up to the level of the McMillan Reservoir. I used the Schuber Trail. Squirrel Your Nuts was along the way (0.5 mile from parking lot) so I got that one. It's near some stone ruins. Then I continued going 0.6 mile up the Schuber Trail. This stretch was steeper and rockier. When I reached the West shore of McMillan Reservoir, I found Ivan Meets GI Joe. Then I took the silver trail back to the parking lot. (Asphalt path. Fast, easy downhill.) Round trip was a bit over 2 miles, I think.

After that, I went to Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack. After getting a few items I needed, it was time for the dinner coupon tour. First, I went to Qdoba on the 4th level for chips and queso. The loyalty card sends me that bonus every year. Then I went to Johnny Rockets on the 2nd level for burger and fries and a mocha shake. The coupon was for the shake. I noticed that Johnny Rockets has changed their pricing scheme to be somewhat similar to Red Robin, i.e. they charge more for the burgers but each burger now comes with all-you-can-eat fries. There was wi-fi internet but it came from the Apple Store one level down.
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90000 miles

Except for the all-day rain, this Tuesday turned out to be much like the last Tuesday. A power failure early this morning reset my alarm clock so I woke up late. No problem. I just took half a day off and went to work in the afternoon.

Went for 3 geocaches in Congers in the evening. First one was Dam Lake, a quick grab near Congers Lake and the Paul Farmhouse. Second one was Congers Secret Cache. For this one, I found parking significantly closer than the suggested parking location. So it was a quick cache, which is good because there was still a drizzle. And finally, I went further up Route 303 to Hemlock Park for Hemlock. That was easy too, although for some reason, the terrain was rated 3 stars.

Palisades Center was just a straight shot down Route 303 from Congers, so that's where I went next. Just like last Tuesday, I had 40-cent wings on Wings Tuesday at Buffalo Wild Wings. I also took a look at the Acer Aspire One mini-notebook at Staples since it was in this week's store circular. The keyboard is too small for my hands. However, I remember thinking that about the ThinkPad when I first got it too. It may just be a matter of getting used to the form factor. Performance seems to be adequate, at least for applications that they had already installed. Of concern is memory upgradability. It appears that the Aspire One cannot take more than 1GB of RAM, which is a problem because I already use a bit more than 1GB on my ThinkPad. No hurry though. I can wait for more mini-notebooks to show up in stores before deciding.
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Fursuiters at Blackie's

Monday evening, I got home, did the laundry and fell asleep from exhaustion. Remember that one Dr. Dolittle story where he had to treat an island full of sick animals and after that, he was so run down that he slept for 3 days? Well, after talking to the animals for 3 days, I was tired like that. :) Woke up early Tuesday morning. Here's where people get the impression that I don't go to work. There were 4 new geocaches near home -- 2 of those weren't listed until that night -- and I visited them all that day.

In the morning, I went to Johnny 99 near the Sharp corporate building in Mahwah. It was simple because I knew the access road, having seen it many times on my way up Route 17. Then at lunchtime, I went for A Whole Lot of Tandem at a truck parking lot in Spring Valley. I knew about this tandem lot because I'd been there previously to look for a USGS benchmark. Never found that benchmark for reasons unknown but fortunately, the cache was easier.

That night, I was catching up with the latest cache listings when I saw two new geocaches in West Nyack. So I went for Park & Grab #1 and Park & Grab #2. The two geocaches were both in park and ride lots but on opposite sides of the Route 59 and Route 303 interchange. Both geocaches were easy to find in the dark. Only the second one took a little while because I started looking at the wrong spot and didn't see it until I went back to the car to get the bigger flashlight.

After that, I was a bit peckish so I went to Palisades Center nearby to see what, if anything, was still open that hour of night. Well, surprise. Buffalo Wild Wings was still open (BWW and TGI Friday were the only two businesses open late there. Even the theater was closed by that time.) and they still had 40-cent Wings Tuesday. So I got a dozen wings in Southwest Chipotle sauce. Because my sleep schedule was out of whack, it was actually my fifth meal of the day. From morning to night, I had: breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch, pie, and wings. I got six free wings for filling out the world's shortest online customer survey, so I'll be back for more late night wings soon.
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Hackensack River Park

Monday afternoon, I visited the Mt. Moor geocache, next to the Mt. Moor Cemetery in West Nyack. I already knew about this location because the cemetery is within the perimeter of the Palisades Center Mall! (near a parking deck and between two mall roads) The cemetery was, of course, there way before the mall, so the mall developer had to build around it. Another example of that is the Mary Ellis Grave, which ended up being surrounded by a Loews theater parking lot.

On Tuesday, there was a bumper crop of new geocache listings. In the afternoon, I visited Watch out for the "Bear" at Sikorsky Children's Park in Wesley Hills, NY. There is a twist to this cache but I ought not spoil it here for those who haven't found it yet. In the evening, I went to Hawthorne's Millstones and Who moved Magee Road Bridge?, both in Goffle Brook Park in Hawthorne, NJ. Very quick finds for both, although I went through the wrong section of the wooded area, following a disused trail.

The last geocache of the day was Hackensack Aviary at Hackensack River Park in Hackensack. Access to this park is through the lower level of the Riverside Square Mall parking garage. After finding the geocache, I went into the mall to take a look around. This has to be the most upscale mall in Bergen County. I can't imagine buying much there, unless I wanted to eat at one of the restaurants. However, the restrooms are nice.

There's a problem with my camera that I noticed in photos starting from roughly three weeks ago. In photos like this, where there is an area of clear sky, you can see a smudge on the image. (I circled it in magenta.) It didn't go away after I cleaned the lens, which means the dust is inside the camera. Folks on FriendFeed came to the same conclusion. This camera is long out of warranty and has no user-serviceable parts inside, so I'll have to get a new one. In the meantime, I've been using Photoshop Elements' spot healing brush, which does a decent job de-spotting the photos.
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Palisades Interstate Park

This evening, I went for the Home of the Globetrotters geocache. It's in Palisades State Park in Englewood Cliffs. However, entrance to the area is via Allison Road Park, a park I've visited several times for geocaches and once for a mascot gig. At the end of Allison Road Park, there is a place where the fence has collapsed and that's where one would cross over to Palisades State Park. One curious thing about this geocache is it contained a few bottles of Zwack Unicum, which had been tagged as travel bugs. I had no idea what that was but I did a web search later and it is a Hungarian herbal liquor. We're really not supposed to leave food/drink in geocaches though.

After that, I went to Palisades Center to get dinner and some Staples 1-cent "Back to school" specials. (I could always use the pencils.) I noticed that the mall is celebrating its 10th anniversary. I remember going to this mall back in 1998 when it had just opened. Back then, it was half empty, the 4th floor was unfinished, and the Target store wasn't there yet. It sure has come a long way! I also remember being very concerned about the sinking parking garage and cracks in the floor, but the mall hasn't collapsed and the ground appears to have stabilized.

I had Panda Express in the food court. I had a coupon from the online customer survey I submitted after my last visit. However, they gave me a hard time when I tried to use it, saying that I didn't call the survey phone number. Of course I didn't! I filled out the survey form on the web, I told them. Anyway, I didn't insist that they honor the survey coupon but they did honor it in the end. Nevertheless, I sent a note to the Panda Express customer survey website about that problem. If there is a misunderstanding, maybe they can straighten it out.
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Clausland Mountain Park

Looks like another Doomsday just went by. :)

I thought I'd squeeze in another geocache before the end of the world and it was a good one. I went for the Follow the Turquoise trail geocache in Clausland Mountain Park in Orangeburg, NY. It's actually an old geocache but I didn't go for this one all these years because four stages seemed a bit much to me. However, it didn't take as long as I anticipated. I was done in about 80 minutes and I wasn't hurrying. It's a 2-mile round trip up and over the mountain and back. I parked at Tackamack Park and followed the Long Path (turquoise blazes) from there. The first stage, which wasn't exactly a snap, still didn't take very long. The second stage was the hardest because coordinates were off by about 100 feet. I read the online logs and used the adjusted coordinates that someone else had posted. The third and final stages were both very easy.

After that, I went to Palisades Center Mall for Panda Express, which contained no real panda that I know of. I also took another look at Steve & Barry's $8.98 sale. The last time I went to Steve & Barry's, I didn't buy any shoes because I only saw shoes with laces and I have enough of those. This time, I noticed that they also had a different style of shoes, a strange hybrid shoe with both velcro and laces. So I started thinking: If I took those shoes and removed the shoelaces, what would I end up with? Velcro shoes! Just what I'd been looking for. So yes, I got two pairs in size 16. Not much storage space left but I can make room for velcro shoes.
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Rockleigh Woods Sanctuary

Such a mixed bag of weather. The temperature was as high as 72°F. Then it dropped when it started raining in the afternoon. I never know whether to bring a jacket. In the evening, it stopped raining just long enough for me to go and find the Before the Giants: Eagles Edition geocache. It's in Rockleigh Woods Sanctuary in Rockleigh. Starting from the parking area behind the Rockleigh municipal building, it was a 1.2-mile round trip walk through the woods. However, most of the trail was relatively flat. The only notable incline was the last 1000 feet before the cache site. That part was a walk up the ridge alongside this rocky stream.

After that, I went to Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack. I'd just received a Digital TV Converter Box coupon (which looks like a debit card), so I thought I'd go get a converter box at the Target store in the mall. I also took a quick peek at Steve & Barry's in the mall and I noticed that they have size 17 shoes! That's amazing because I rarely see anything over size 14 at the usual stores. I wear size 15 wide myself but maybe 15 wide is 16 or 17 with extra toe room. I'll go and try their largest sizes the next time I need shoes. There's a Subway in the mall, so I got yet another $5 footlong.

Joined the Twit-Out today, so I wasn't on Twitter for a full 24 hours. Twitter had been experiencing periods of slowness and going down for hours at a stretch almost every day with not a word from Twitter about the reasons for the outages, so a bunch of Twitter power users decided to hold a temporary boycott and move the discussion to Friendfeed. I have to admit that I was cynical about it. I thought it wouldn't be any better than the Livejournal "writers' strike" -- worse than that even because on Livejournal, some users pay for service and have economic leverage in making demands, whereas on Twitter, all user accounts are free accounts. But I went along with it anyway because I might as well get some work done on my nascent Friendfeed client in Vim script. (coming from the same nut who wrote a Twitter client in Vim :) )

Well, the Twit-Out turned out to be fun. We had many conversations and I made a bunch of friends on Friendfeed. It appears that the people at Twitter are starting to communicate their problems a little better too. At least, their public admission of failure is a step towards solving Twitter's problems. I'd say let's tough it out and give them time to work out the scalability issues. Livejournal was slow too a number of years ago but it has improved to the point where I rarely see any server lag. Besides, we can hang out at Friendfeed when Twitter's down. :)
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Hutchinson River

Ever had one of those days when you dream about something and then you wake up and go and do it? Yes, it was surreal.

46°F and sunny. After finding one new geocache in nearby Ramsey, I crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge to Westchester to do a bunch more. I thought it would be good weather for walking a bit more, so I started in Northern Westchester (the portion of the county North of I-287) and hiked some of its rolling hills. Then I bagged a bunch of quick geocaches in Southern Westchester. I'm surprised that there were so many new geocaches to find. Looks like cache placement activity there has picked up a bit.

My phone case broke. Since I was passing Palisades Center on my way home, I thought about dropping in to get a replacement phone case. Saturday is a busy day at the mall, so I was only going to go in if I could find a parking space easily. Well, surprise! It was easy to find a parking space. I guess Easter weekend is not a shopping weekend. Checked Best Buy, but they might as well be Worst Buy with those prices. Staples and the Sprint store weren't any better. Only Target had a phone case at a reasonable price. (a little more than what I paid an Amazon seller for that first case. Best Buy, etc, would go out of business if everyone found out about Amazon seller prices.)

After that, I had some chicken stuff from Panda Express at the mall food court.

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Queens Crossing

Well, surprise, Qdoba sent me a gift certificate for chips and queso. I actually got it a while ago but I waited until there were a few things I needed to do at the mall because with gas prices nowadays, it isn't worth going there just for food. Anyway, I had their chips and queso. I also got a chicken taco salad because I hadn't had that in a long time. (Sounds healthy but there's not much salad in there. :) ) I really want to give that restaurant another chance but service was and still is rather meh. They don't look like they want to be there and I can't say I blame them either.

I still have to try the new Buffalo Wild Wings in Palisades Center. I haven't done that because there was always something else on the itinerary every time I visited the mall. Maybe next time, whenever that is. On this trip, I also went to Target to browse the clearance rack. Found some $8.50 pants. Not as cheap as the $6 pants that was in clearance the last time but still a bargain and this time, they had more pairs in my size.

Speaking of bargains, JP Morgan bought Bear Stearns at $2 per share. Just before the weekend, BSC had been trading at $30/share. Seeing as how Bear Stearn's Manhattan headquarters alone is worth 4 times what JP Morgan will pay for the entire company, it's hard to believe that they didn't try an asset sale first to raise funds. So there must be some things, maybe too embarrassing or scandalous, that they're not revealing. This deal is still contingent on shareholder approval and I would expect them to object. If they don't, check their pulses. In any case, it is obvious that fundamentals of large investment banks are highly suspect and their stocks are subject to manipulation, so I'm not long or short any of them. I'm just staying away.


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