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Cloudy, 60-65°F. I woke up early Saturday morning for a trip to Long Island. I'd already packed two days before so it was just a matter of loading the stuff (otter fursuit, overnight bag, two boxes with extra clothes and sleeping bag, and that's just for a two-day trip! :) ) onto the car. It sure was cold in the morning! I got two quick geocaches on the way to NY state. Once I got to Elmont though, the serious geocaching began. I'd not been to Long Island in about a year and Nassau County was chock-full of new geocaches. In the short stretch from Elmont to East Meadow, I found 30 geocaches and most of them were rather quick roadside or street corner park-and-grabs.

In the evening, I headed over to [ profile] jbadger's place, where I would spend the night. We went out for a hibachi dinner at Hotoke in Smithtown. Sometimes I think that living on my own for so long has made my tastes rather out of sync with everyone else's. Hibachi is a good example of that. I do not regret going to Hotoke because that's the only way I could find out that the hibachi experience isn't for me. It's just a bit disappointing when I'm the only one at the table not having a good time. Anyway, here's what I thought. The place is noisy and the locals are loud. A hibachi table seats about two dozen people so unless your group is that big, you'll have to share it with other groups and some people, well many people, don't watch their language and don't use their indoor voices. Also, I wasn't terribly amused by the chef's antics. He dropped a utensil while trying to juggle and some of the food he flung ended up on the floor. I didn't like the prices either. $20 for portions that aren't filling? $2.75 extra charge for fried rice? I didn't order the fried rice but I noticed that charge on other receipts. The only difference between steamed rice (no extra chargee) and fried rice ($2.75) is the chef stirred the latter around on the hibachi for a minute or two. Maybe it picked up $2.75 worth of magic hibachi dust. :) As I mentioned above, I don't regret going the first time but I'm not going again.

The next day, JBadger and I got up early and went to the Wantagh LIRR station to pick up [ profile] freakylynx and [ profile] rapidtrabbit for the mascot gig at Walk Now for Autism Speaks in Jones Beach. This was a big event with a crowd of 27,000. We entertained the crowd in the field area and also took a short walk out on the boardwalk and back. Got stopped for hugs and photo-ops probably hundreds of times and I never saw the same family twice. I thought the (still unnamed!) otter fursuit would be appropriate for a beach event. Most people guessed he was some kind of big cat or cougar. A few people did know he's an otter right away. Other guesses I heard were chipmunk, squirrel, and muskrat. I got lots of compliments on the fursuit sandals that I made because those looked like beach flip-flops. One nice thing about this fursuit is the head is large enough for me to wear glasses inside. I had some homemade anti-fog solution. (1% dish detergent solution) There was still some fogging but I only had to wait a bit for the temperature to equalize and then I had crystal-clear vision.

After the mascot gig, we went to East Bay Diner in Seaford. Rather confusingly, there's another East Bay Diner on the same road, two miles to the west in Bellmore. I had bison burger deluxe. Before ordering, I wanted to know whether the bison burger was good. I didn't realize until I checked my online photos later that I'd already tried it myself a year ago! Yes, it's really that unmemorable. :) After lunch, JBadger and I did a little geocaching. Then we went back to his place to hang out a bit and pick up my stuff. And finally, I took the long drive home, bagging one last geocache on the way at a NJ Turnpike rest area.

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On Sunday, our Hi-4 group went to Jones Beach on Long Island to do a mascot gig at the 2009 Walk Now for Autism Long Island. There are some troublesome issues with Autism Speaks' stance on vaccinations but it's my last year doing this gig, so I won't worry too much about it. In costume this time were [ profile] jbadger, [ profile] rukario71, [ profile] rapidtrabbit, and I.

I thought this was a good event. Few events we do have attendance in the 5 figures and this is one of them. (27,000 people) Event volunteers were helpful in providing transport from parking to changing area (a tent at the end of the field behind the stage), providing water and snacks, and checking on us every now and then. I did 3 sets, a long one at the start, a medium one, and a short one at the end. Posed for photos dozens of times. Also met the GEICO gecko, MetLife Snoopy, and Elmo. (the guy playing the latter had been introduced to our group)

After the gig, we had lunch at East Bay Diner in Wantagh. Then [ profile] rukario71, [ profile] jbadger, and I went and did a bunch of geocaches around Levittown, Massapequa, and Smithtown. We didn't have much time before sunset so it was good that there were a few that were close together. In the evening, we went to Flushing Chinatown for soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai. These are dumplings with a bit of soup inside. There is some novelty to these soup dumplings, but I wasn't impressed with the service. We went there just for the soup dumplings and although we did order two steamers of dumplings, the servers kept coming back and asking if that was really all we were ordering. Quite annoying. Also, they add an automatic 15% gratuity to the bill, a practice I deplore. And that's all they got.

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Sunny day, approaching 80°F in the afternoon. Went geocaching on Long Island because I felt like it. I noticed that a few of the new geocaches were placed by employees. This company is headquartered on Long Island. I have a user account on but I haven't been using this online graphics suite. I should take another look at it.

There was a boy peeing mere feet away from where I subsequently found "DWD with a view". He was having a wild time peeing in an open area and swinging his stream all over the place. No shame at all. I had to wait for him to finish before I could look for the cache. When I found it, it was damp but I hope that wasn't because of pee. Ugh. Long Island, I am disgusted!

I finished the caches on my list a bit early but I couldn't resist getting another cache at Flushing Promenade before dinner since it's not far from Flushing Center. As usual, the Mets had taken over the closest parking lot so I had to park at the marina and take a half-mile walk to the cache site. Once I was done with that, I went to Flushing Center. I had prawn mee and roti canai at Curry Leaves. That was the flattest roti canai ever. Just one big sheet.

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Good weather on Sunday. Temperature was 70°F to 80°F most of the day. I went to Long Island. This will be one of the last few trips I'll make to LI for a while so I made it count. Went west to east along the southern half of the island. Then turned around and picked up a few geocaches along the northern half. Most of the geocaches were quick but I did find the time for two significant hikes for "South of the Boardwalk" and "The Lakeland Underground". Dinner was at Curry Leaves in Flushing Center. I had curry mee with stuffed vegetables and roti canai. I'll miss this kind of unpretentious ethnic dining.

I'd left my walking stick at Memorial Field in Rutherford on Saturday so on my way back from NYC, I altered my route a bit and swung by Rutherford. The town is a lot quieter at night. I found my walking stick on the grass. Since I was there, I checked the cache hiding spot and was puzzled to not see it there. I hope that's because someone moved it a little and not because it has already gone missing.

Monday is my substitute for that rainy Saturday. I had to go to the post office first thing in the morning to pick up a package that Meritline mailed all the way from China with certified mail. Considering that this is a pair of $3 LED flashlights with free shipping, I doubt Meritline actually made any money after shipping costs. I also had to mail another book that I'd sold in the Amazon marketplace. Considering that I listed that book only the night before, it's a pretty fast sale!

After that, I went to Orange County. Got lots of quick caches but then I ended the day with a 4-mile hike in the Stewart Airport Buffer Zone for the last 6 geocaches. Long walk but that was satisfying!

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Started Saturday morning with a small breakfast at IKEA in Paramus. It was free this weekend but the cafe was really crowded, which may be the biggest downside to this deal. It's only 99 cents at other times anyway.

Then I headed out to Western NJ. Got a flat tire on I-80 in the Parsippany area going at highway speed, which is not a good time for a tire to deflate. I got it safely to the emergency lane after rolling along a bit. The second problem was the emergency lane at that location was narrow and highway traffic was whizzing by pretty close. (If the flat had occurred just a mile ahead, I would have had plenty of room to work in.) So I thought it was worth calling AAA to send a professional to do this. 15 minutes later, the flatbed tow-truck arrived. The guy knew exactly what to do and I was on my way again within half an hour from the time the flat occurred. (Conveniently, I already have a service appointment on Tuesday and I can buy a tire at that time.)

After that, I knew this wasn't going to be a picture-perfect day but I played through anyway. It turned out to be interesting in a way. I met Mag-man and daughter at two cache sites, "Hope's lost" and "jenny's micro". The latter was really difficult to find so teamwork helped. I also met ECSAR at "A Societal Relic". He saw me at the abandoned payphone and stopped to say hello. I'd actually just been to his cache at an abandoned milking station. (There are apparently lots of abandoned structures near Blairstown.)

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Went to Western NJ on Saturday. In just a few weeks since my last visit, lots of new geocaches have been listed around Hackettstown, Blairstown, Hope, and Hainesburg so I did those. I also visited the Mohican Outdoor Center at the Delaware Water Gap briefly to seek 4 geocaches in a row along their access road. That's a pretty scenic area and the cabins look nicer than home! I ran into Chris58 at "65 million years in the making" and we went and did "In remebrance[sic]" together since this cache was next on both our lists.

Dinner was at Arby's in Hackettstown. I noticed that there are now lots of new restaurants (both fast food and sit-down) just south of Hackettstown on Routes 517 and 57. It's like a food court out there now and this solves the problem of where to eat in Western NJ after geocaching. Anyway, I had a coupon for a bacon and cheese roastburger so I got that. This Arby's was also offering a 5 for $5 deal. End result: 6 sandwiches! I brought 3 home. Such a deal.

On Sunday, I went to Queens. NYC has traffic problems now because of the closure of the ramp from Cross Island Parkway to the Throgs Neck Bridge. Some traffic got diverted to the Clearview Expressway and some got diverted to the Whitestone Bridge, causing even more delays there. I didn't experience any delays going to Queens but coming home, I got stuck in traffic until I thought of an interesting alternate route to get around the mess. I didn't have quite as much of a problem on city streets, which is a good thing because I used those most of the day going from cache site to cache site.

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Cloudy. 63-70°F. It looked like it was going to rain all day long but it didn't rain until the evening, and even then, the rain didn't last long. I went out to Long Island to find all the new geocaches placed within the last few weeks. I headed out eastwards on the northern half first, turned around, and came back along the southern half. Most of the caches were pretty standard hides. "I lost my marbles" was a little strange because it was less than 100 feet from the final stage of an older cache. I saw the older cache first and it looked like someone signed that log book by mistake.

Someone ran a red light in downtown Oyster Bay. Good thing I was slow to enter the intersection. A collision would've ruined the day, no doubt.

Went to Flushing Center in the evening for dinner. I had curry mee with stuffed vegetables and roti canai with egg at Curry Leaves. I think the former is their best dish. I came to that conclusion after trying most of the items on their menu. It's tough to beat something that has curry, crispy fried bean curd, and fish. On this trip, I also did a bit of shopping on Roosevelt Avenue and got a bulk discount from the sweet bean curd lady.

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Mostly cloudy on Sunday but the weather wasn't bad. I went out to Long Island. Found a few geocaches on my own in Manhasset and New Hyde Park. Then I met up with [ profile] jbadger at his home. Then we headed out to eastern Long Island (Ridge area) for the "Gotta Love those Llamas" puzzle cache. Of course, one cache is never enough so we added on a bunch more in that area, including another puzzle cache, "Division Diversion", which I had solved a long time ago by writing a Perl script but hadn't gotten around to finding the physical cache.

Dinner was at Chili's in Holtsville since I had a two-entree coupon. I had Southwest Cedar Plank Tilapia with side salad.

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Saturday: Went to Central Jersey to finish a few groups of geocaches in Passaic River Park, Glenhurst Meadows, and Duke Island Park. That last group was placed for the Duke Island Safari geocaching event earlier this month. I missed the event but caches placed for the event are still in the park so I got that part of the event experience at least. I did a lot of hiking in muddy flood plain areas on Saturday so it's a good thing I had boots. Dinner was at Fuddruckers in Parsippany, where I had chicken nachos and tomatoes with cheese. It felt weird going to Fuddruckers when there wasn't a geocaching event. I kept expecting to sign the event log or trade travel bugs at any time.

Sunday: Long Island trip. I started late so I didn't think I would have that much time but I still was able to get nearly all the new geocaches up to Moriches. Dinner was at Curry Leaves in Flushing Center. I had curry mee with chicken and roti canai. I'm pretty sure I've tried those before but when in doubt, go for the curry.

Monday: Went to Western NJ (Washington, Hampton, Bloomsbury, etc) via Route 57. I don't think it was that long since I was last there but there were quite a number of new geocaches. I was at the peak of my ability that day. All the geocaches, even the difficult ones, were a snap to find. For dinner, I did a Google search on my cell phone for a conveniently-located Ruby Tuesday and found one in Bridgewater. I had Ruby Minis with salad bar.

On Saturday evening, my phone malfunctioned to the point where it was totally unusable. The screen came up blank. Nice of it to do that at the end of the day when it would cause the least inconvenience. Fortunately, I already had a spare phone from eBay, so that night, I activated it, transferred the contacts, and installed the Opera Mini software. I've done that a few times before so it was easy. (Who needs the Sprint Store anyway? :) ) It's the same phone model except red in color instead of gray. Since both colors are around the same price on eBay, I figured I might as well get a non-drab one.

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  • Took the day off.
  • Went geocaching around Central Jersey in on-and-off rainy weather.
  • Found "Dead Man's Creek #1" but location is dubious and it is a buried cache, so I reported it and it is now archived.
  • Went to "Welcome to... (Branchburg NJ) 2009" geocaching event in the evening. It was at Moe's in Branchburg. Had Close Talker with chicken.


  • Rain early but fair weather later. Went geocaching on Long Island.
  • Attended "WWFM-V Heckscher Park, Huntington" geocaching event. It was a flash mob event so it lasted only 15 minutes. Short and sweet.
  • Digital camera broke so I used the cell phone camera the rest of the weekend. Currently bidding on eBay for a replacement.
  • After the event, continued geocaching in Nassau County and then picked up more in Brooklyn and Queens. Lots of slow driving on city streets.
  • Dinner was 4 items + rice at Box Five Buffet in Flushing Chinatown. They had fried fish!


  • Fair weather early. Rain came in the afternoon, thankfully after the mascot gig.
  • Mascot gig with [ profile] yargo and [ profile] grizz593 was for Walk MS at CIA in Hyde Park. Funniest part was when Grizz went into the changing area and I came out shortly after, kids started asking how the bear turned into the dog.
  • Post-gig lunch was at Applebee's in Poughkeepsie. I had riblets.
  • Found most of the new geocaches south and southeast of Poughkeepsie. Did 4 before the gig and 18 afterwards. The latter 18 were in the rain but the ones I picked were mostly close to parking.
  • Dinner was fried fish at KFC/LJS in New Windsor. They weren't at their best. Service was slow, all the trash receptacles were full, and they had run out of plastic knives and forks. They only had spoons.

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Two hot and sunny days this weekend: 80°F and over on Saturday, up to 93°F on Sunday. On Saturday, I headed out to Long Island to attend the Metro NY Geocaching "Snack-Luck" Gathering picnic event at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow. There was picnic food, of course, and then we went out in groups to find all the new geocaches in the park. After that, I went off on my own and by chance, ran into Mmacgown, Sakiman, and Dog & Bear at "WRR-4K Parkway Lawns". So we did the next few geocaches together.

At the end of the day, I went to Flushing Chinatown as I usually do on Long Island trips. Since it was a Saturday, I thought I would have to pay for parking, but I noticed that all the parking meters on 39th Avenue were out of service. So I took advantage of the free parking. There were five new geocaches, the "Flushing Freedom Mile Tour" set, in the neighborhood, so I took a walk around and found all five before going to Curry Leaves for dinner. I had E-fu Noodles with Triple Delight and Chendol. The E-fu Noodles were okay but not uniquely Malaysian. Some Chinese restaurants offer that too. Chendol is a shaved ice dessert with coconut milk, red beans, and green noodles. I'd been saving this for a warm day.

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Saturday was a rainy day and almost consistently 46°F the whole day. I didn't have a solid plan for the day so I started in Elizabeth and kept going to the nearest unfound geocache on the GPS, skipping anything that would require too much walking in the rain. That somehow brought me down through the Amboys and deep into Monmouth County.

wrench001's bad attitude cache was quite an adventure on a rainy day. I knew from the description that the cache was in a swamp but it was less than 800 feet from where I parked so I wondered how bad it could be. Well, aside from having to step over junk in the woods and hop over a few streams, it wasn't that bad until I saw where the cache was. It was on a little island in the swamp. At the closest point, there was still about 15 feet of water between me and that island. So I took off my shoes and socks, rolled up my pants, and waded across. The water was COLD but it was only a few steps to the cache so it wasn't that bad.

The rain stopped at around 4pm, so I went for a walk in Huber Woods in Middletown. That turned into a 2-mile hike to finish off all the geocaches in that park. Then I finished the day with a beach walk and a few more easy geocaches on my way to dinner at Ruby Tuesday in East Brunswick. I had the broccoli and cheese quiche combo with salad bar, of course.

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Sunny and 57°F. Not as windy as the day before. I went geocaching on Long Island but I started a bit to the west so the first few geocaches were in the Far Rockaway section of Queens. "By the sea" was in a particularly strange area of the Rockaways. There was a set of abandoned roads with potholes and dangerous open manholes. The buildings had long since been torn down. I was surprised to find unused land like this in New York City because if developed, this could turn into some pretty expensive waterfront property. I asked an old-timer what this area was and he told me there used to be houses. Of course, just because the land is abandoned, it doesn't mean that no one is using it. People were walking around. There was a group of people training beagles in the vicinity. (They hadn't gotten the "trained" part down yet so the beagles were running around all the bushes.)

Then I headed over to Suffolk County. Hiked and cached at Hedges Creek, Post Morrow, and Terrell River. In the evening, I went to Flushing Chinatown. Since I went geocaching right up to dusk, it was past 9pm by the time I got back to Flushing. I've been going to Flushing on Sundays because parking is free on that day, but I think from now until the fall, I don't need to be concerned about that. They only charge for parking until 10pm, so if I get there at 9pm or later, it won't cost more than a dollar. For dinner, I went to Curry Leaves and had asam laksa and rojak. Asam laksa is noodles, onions, and pineapple in a hot and sour fish soup. It packs a punch but I'm somewhat used to it so I don't find it terribly hot or sour any more. Rojak is a mix of stuff (mango, jicama, crackers, squid, cucumber, crushed peanuts) in a special sweet sauce. The menu says it is a spicy dish but it didn't seem hot at all to me.

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According to the weather forecast, there was a 90% chance of rain on Saturday. So I planned on doing a bunch of easy geocaches in Westchester. Well, surprise! The day was sunny and 60°F. I still did those easy geocaches but I threw in some bike trail walks and a few hikes in the woods. Park and grabs are fine for quick gratification but those don't really nourish the soul. I had a $5 coupon from my last visit to Johnny Rockets, so I returned to Palisades Center in the evening to have dinner at Johnny Rockets again. This time, I had #12 and fries and a chocolate peanut butter shake. Also had a refill of the fries. I think if they had unlimited garlic fries, that would make them an even match to Red Robin.

Sunday was a rainy day. It was 46°F to 54°F most of the day. There was a geocaching event in Manhattan in the morning, but I decided to skip it because I started a little late and I'd have to rush over to make it in time. One thing about driving in Manhattan is you can't be in a hurry. There is too much traffic and too many traffic lights, and I would think the rain makes it worse. So I just skipped ahead to the Long Island part of my plans for the day. Didn't get to do too many caches after all. I tackled a few walks in the woods, as far as I could go before getting too wet. Of course, there were a few quick ones too.

For dinner, I went to Flushing Chinatown and had nasi lemak and stuffed vegetables Malaysian style. I think this is a repeat of what I had the first time I went to Curry Leaves but these dishes are worth repeating. The curry really hit the spot. This restaurant is family owned and operated, and I still think it is interesting the way they use the dining area as their family living room. They watch TV there, the kids play there, and this evening, they disciplined their kids there. Okay, perhaps doing that in front of customers was a bit over the line. Another observation: Because the sun sets later now and because I tend to geocache all the way to sunset and because it takes an hour and a half to go from East Moriches to Queens, I arrived at Flushing Chinatown at around 9pm. I noticed that many restaurants and stores close at 9pm on Sunday so that will cut down on my choices until Daylight Saving Time ends in the Fall. Two of my usual places are open after 9pm but I'm going to miss the sweet bean curd.

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Saturday was sunny and 40-55°F. Went to Orange County and then Pike County. I finally got the two geocaches, "the old power source" and "hatching cache", that I couldn't do the last time because the hay bales in the field were on fire. The geocaches were on the rail trail, not in the field, but I didn't want to park my car anywhere near there and disrupt the work of emergency personnel. Did all the geocaches pretty quickly. It still wasn't sunset when I reached Milford so I continued heading west and finding more geocaches until I ran out of daylight. The last cache was at a public library in the middle of nowhere, 8 miles outside of Milford. For dinner, I finally got to use the Chili's coupon. I went to Chili's in Middletown and had Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers and chips and queso. That was quite a lot of food so I took some of the chips home.

Sunday was cloudy and 55°F. Went to Long Island to do some new geocaches in the northern half of the island. Also went to the Kiss Me I Think I'm Irish geocaching event. I hadn't planned on going when I did but by the 8th geocache, I was tired and dragging around so I decided to stop early and see some friends. It was a nice event, albeit very crowded because the meeting room at the back of Panera Bread in West Babylon was small. I brought the netbook so I could log the travel bugs that I'd just picked up that day before leaving them at the event. I find that the size of the laptop computer matters a lot when it comes to deciding whether I'll bring it or not. I probably wouldn't have brought the bigger laptop along. Aside from cupcakes, conversation, and travel bug exchanges, there was also a raffle. I won a small geocache container that I should probably hang in a pine tree somewhere. :)

After that, I went to Flushing Chinatown for dinner. This time, I went to Box 5 Buffet on 40th Road. This restaurant is right next to Curry Leaves so I must've passed it at least half a dozen times since its grand opening. What made me decide to go in? Well, this time, there was a sign outside saying "10% discount". Works for me! :) So the deal was I got 4 items plus rice and soup for $4.50. The food was okay, not spectacular, but the price was right. And what counts is it was satisfying. I also had some egg custards at Vanilla Cafe.

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Long Island

Mar. 9th, 2009 02:43 am
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58-65°F. Went out to Long Island to visit some geocaches in the northern half of the island since my last few trips were to the southern half. It started out sunny but the clouds rolled in some time in the afternoon and then it started raining lightly.

I was in Setauket at the "Panda's Delight" site. I'd just found the cache in a bamboo grove and was heading back to where I'd parked. (which, incidentally, wasn't the right place because I didn't know which dead-end road led to the designated parking area) I passed one of the locals and we did the friendly exchange of "hello"s. He turned around and warned me about a nasty guy in the park who was accosting people. He told me that the fellow was hiding in the other bamboo grove by the pond. Good thing it wasn't the bamboo grove where the cache was. This is a first though. I've run into nasty locals on Long Island before but this is the first time, one of the locals warned me about a nasty local. Maybe one day there'll be a sign in the park about nasty locals.

Got dinner and did some minor grocery shopping in Flushing Chinatown. Due to the time change, I arrived there at a later hour. I noticed that some restaurants and stores close at 8pm, so the later you get there, the fewer your choices. This time, I had curry chicken with potato and house special dumpling soup at Curry Leaves. The curry chicken was okay but not nearly as spicy as their dried curry chicken. Just like surgery, one word can make a world of difference. After that, I had an egg custard at Vanilla Cafe. I got a 20% discount because it was almost closing time. No surprises here. The egg custard tasted exactly the way I thought it would.

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Bull/Ox sculptures at Queens Crossing

40°F. Rained most of the day. Found geocaches in 3 distinct areas. First, I did 2 geocaches that I didn't have time for during the week in the eastern part of Bergen County. Then I went for 4 geocaches in the northern part of Nassau County. 3 of those involved a bit of a hike so I probably should not have done those in the rain. "Shu Swamp Seed" was in a swamp but the trail wasn't too waterlogged in spite of the rain. Finally, I got 6 geocaches in Mastic and Shirley.

Ran into one of Tha Twinz at "Osprey Park". She was checking on the cache after someone noted that it might be missing. Nope. It's just hidden very well. I also had the wrong idea on the type of cache hide so it's a good thing the cache owner was there to provide some guidance.

Decided to forgo a side trip in Queens for one more cache so I went directly to Flushing Chinatown for dinner and shopping. I had kueh teow thong (flat rice noodles in soup) and squid with watercress. The former was obviously not authentic because back in the old country, it doesn't come with so many ingredients. (Sometimes, the non-authentic version is an improvement.) The latter dish was also somewhat different from the what I had back in the old country. However, memory is failing me so I'll have to check with my parents on what the original ingredients were. The complimentary dessert this time was sweet potato and ginger soup.

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Sunny, 36-45°F. Last Sunday, I completed the Narnia series of geocaches so today, I went for the two bonus caches in this series, "Caspian X" and "Aslan". The coordinates for "Aslan" depend on information from the 6 series caches, while the coordinates for "Caspian X" were written on the "Aslan" cache container. After that, I continued finding geocaches in Mastic and Moriches. I hadn't been to those towns in nearly two years so there were lots of geocaches to find.

The real surprise came in the evening. The Soup, Bread and Caching Love Stories geocaching event was this afternoon but I wasn't in the right location to stop by. On my way back from Moriches, I thought I'd stop by to see the place anyway. I arrived at Panera Bread in North Babylon at 6:30pm, over 2 hours from when the event was supposed to end. I didn't think I'd see anyone from the event there. Well, surprise surprise! Dog & Bear, Captainmath, and Firstmate were still there! So we had a little chat and I got some travel bugs and one of the teddy bears that Dog & Bear was distributing. I missed the main part of the event but it was a nice meetup nevertheless.

After that, I continued on my journey to Flushing Chinatown for dinner. I missed the Northern Blvd exit but I remembered that there was a new geocache two exits further on the GCP in a quiet part of Queens, so I went for it. Sometimes, I think I miss exits on purpose. :) After that, I went for dinner which was at Curry Leaves in Flushing. I had wonton mee and chicken satay. Pretty mundane as far as Malaysian food goes but I needed photos of the former for my collection. I saw "squid with watercress" on the menu and wanted to try that but Curry Leaves was out of squid tonight. I think I know what dish this is from the old country so it will be interesting to order this to see how close they get to the original. I'll ask again next time.

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Long Island

Feb. 9th, 2009 01:54 am
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45-62°F. Sunny with a short period of rain. Because of today's unseasonably warm weather, I went to Long Island to tackle some geocaches that I'd put off because it was too cold on previous trips. In the case of "Nicoll Point", that was because the walk was too long to do in subfreezing temperatures. In the case of "HKB-2 Hundreds to Find", that was because it sounded like something that would take too long. I finished both today. Later in the day, I headed further east to Shirley and Mastic. I hadn't been to that area for a long time so there were lots of geocaches to do and enough left over for another trip. Maybe next week.

My only disappointment today was that the Green area parking lot geocache had already gone missing. It was in my usual parking area in Flushing Chinatown so I figured it would be convenient to get that just before dinner, but alas, that was not to be. This one had been out for only two weeks and probably didn't survive long beyond its first week. Flushing Chinatown has a track record of devouring geocaches. I remember another one at the busy Main-Roosevelt intersection that didn't last long either.

Dinner was at Curry Leaves in Flushing. I had satay tofu and ginger duck noodles. The duck noodles at Curry Leaves, while inexpensive, aren't as good as the duck noodles at Penang in Edison. The herbs make all the difference. I also thought it was annoying the way they chopped up the duck so that bone fragments got into the soup. In a way, it's a relief to find something where Curry Leaves falls short of the standard because I was starting to think that I could never go anywhere else again. So I'll still go to Penang for duck noodles.

After that, I did my usual shopping along Roosevelt Avenue. I noticed that the vendors at Roosevelt Food Court had posted food pictures and English translations of their menus. My guess is they got tired of explaining to people like me who can't read Chinese because it's so damn hard.

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Cloudy. 27-36°F. There was 1 to 3 inches of snow overnight so I left two hours later than usual to allow time for the roads to be cleared of snow. When I headed out, the highways were okay but secondary roads on Long Island were still covered in snow. Oh well. I wasn't going to drive very fast anyway. It was a good day to be outside though. There wasn't any snow or rain during the daytime, the temperature was a lot higher than the brutal cold the day before, and the thin layer of fresh snow on the ground made for interesting hikes at Edgewood and Stillwell. The only disappointment was that Cedarmere was inaccessible because the driveway was still full of snow. I had a shovel and could've shoveled it for the county but it's easier to come back another day.

Dinner was at Curry Leaves in Flushing Chinatown again. I had prawn mee and an oyster omelette. Despite the redness of the soup, I would consider the prawn mee only medium in spiciness but the flavor was all there and quite authentic. They served the oyster omelette on a sizzling plate, which is something no other Malaysian restaurant I've been to has done. The portion size was generous for an appetizer. Snow started falling after dinner so it was a slow drive home on snow-covered roads.

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