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Saturday was a big day because I had a combined geocaching and Munzee event in Allentown, NJ. The geocaching event was "Christmas Coffee Cup Clash" and the Munzee event was "NJ Christmunz Party". Both were held at the same time in the NJ Fire Museum office. The museum wasn't actually open for visitors yet but we had permission to enter and view the exhibits during the event. They have antique teletype equipment on display in the office and vintage fire trucks in the barn. Anyway, I've been to lots of geocaching events before but this was my first Munzee event. Munzee took center stage this time. There were a lot of codes to capture in the building and out on the museum grounds. There was also an Eventzee scavenger hunt. It was a cold day so thankfully most of the scavenger hunt items were available in the fire museum office.

After the event, I went geocaching in Crosswicks, Wrightstown, Cookstown, and New Egypt. The area is mostly small towns and countryside. Fortunately, there wasn't any hunting going on at the Crosswicks Greenway, so I was able to take a walk around the pond. There were also cows in Cookstown and hairy tree lumps in New Egypt.

Sunday's trip was to Glasgow, Edgewood, Middle River, Rosedale, Overlea, Parkville, and Towson, going from Northeast Baltimore to North Baltimore. I'd been to the area not so long ago but there were enough caches that I wasn't able to get to on previous trips to make a full day. Now that the foliage is down, it was the perfect opportunity to go for "Clayton Road Park Bushwack". There were a few other wooded areas that were dense and would've been a problem in the summer too. "Carmaggedon" was the interesting cache site of the day. It's at the top of a parking garage in Towson with free parking. Hardly anyone uses that parking garage on the weekend so it was fun to drive round and round all the way up.

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I had a 4-day weekend. This time, I decided to go a different direction each day even though I thought some areas had enough for more than a day of geocaching. So there was a variety of environments, terrain, and geocache placement styles. Common thread throughout the weekend is there wasn't enough daylight to do more than the quickest, simplest caches but I mixed in some short and medium hikes in places where there were several caches along the same trail.

Thursday's trip was southwest to Maryland via US-1 to Rising Sun, Bel Air, and Jacksonville. The donut was an unusual character. The hike of the day was in the Sweet Air section of Gunpowder State Park. This area had two challenge caches. I had doubts about one of the two (difficulty/terrain grid bingo) but it turned out that I qualified in 3 different ways. I ran short of daylight on this one and wasn't able to get to the mystery caches in the deepest part of the woods, so maybe next time.

Friday's trip was southeast to South Jersey in the areas of Woodstown, Franklin, Sicklerville, and Williamstown. The hike of the day was at Owens Park in Monroe Township. It had been renamed "Mystery Park" and now sports a series of 7 puzzle caches. None of those puzzles were difficult but it's nice to have some non-traditional caches.

Saturday's trip was northwest to Pottstown, Sanatoga, Pottsgrove, and Amityville. I noticed that cachers in this area have started placing tricky caches, but fortunately I've seen those tricks before. Only the first one took longer to find because I didn't expect that kind of hide in the Pottstown area. Experience is not always helpful. You may have seen it before but you still figure out somehow that it's what you need to look for.

Sunday's trip was northeast to North Wales, Doylestown, and Quakertown. The hike of the day was in Covered Bridge Park, New Britain, for a group of 3 caches. I did also make it to Peace Valley Park, but it was late in the afternoon by then so I had to limit my scope to 3 caches that weren't far from two of the parking areas.

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My birthday was on a Sunday this year, so I didn't take a day off from work for that. Still it was a packed weekend. Saturday's trip was relatively local because I wanted to use the Golden Corral coupon and the only convenient Golden Corral location was not far away in Elkton. The day started with the Pokemon No geocache, a funny one in New Castle Battery Park, near home. The cache owner was just poking fun at the hordes of Pokemon Go players recently in Battery Park. To be honest though, I really haven't seen too much of that activity myself. There are small groups of players here and there but that's about it. Then I went to New London to get a set of new caches, and then to Rising Sun. Then I did a 2-mile hike on the northwest side of the Conowingo Dam. That was a lot of walking in hilly terrain but well worth doing for a set of classic cache hides that were all ammo cans. As planned, dinner was at the Elkton Golden Corral, where I did feast on various foods dipped in the chocolate fountain. (No one can tell which of those lumps are the broccoli and cauliflower. :) Chocolate-dipped strawberries are pretty good.)

Sunday's goal was to get the birthday Grand Slam at Denny's. However, Denny's is a 24-hour restaurant and I didn't necessarily have to get that for breakfast, so I was free to venture out to the wilds beyond Pottstown and come back later for it. So it was a fun day roaming the countryside of ducks, barns, covered bridges, and municipal parks with strong opinions about dogs. Despite all that, I still made it back to the local Denny's in Newark in plenty of time for a not-too-late dinner.

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The only goal for this weekend was to get the first of the three Mission GC souvenirs. There was a secret message that I decoded a week before and all it said was I needed to find a geocache with 10 or more favorite points to get the souvenir. That's easier said than done though. Geocaches with that many favorite points are few and far between. I had a couple of caches in mind and a backup plan for Sunday in case I couldn't get one on Saturday. Fortunately, it worked out. After geocaching my way up through Quakertown and Bethlehem, I arrived at "The Art of the Cache" on the Lehigh University South Mountain campus. Once I got there, I could see why it got favorite points. It's at a sculpture garden with some rather weird sculptures!.

On Sunday, I intended to go to Dundalk to get the caches that were placed for an event I didn't attend, but then I noticed that the northern and northeastern part of Harford County, Maryland, had a bunch of good countryside geocaches. (including this cow geocache) So that's where the trip ended up. I even got a few geocaches in Delta, PA, in the corner of York County I'd never explored before. Saw a lot of frogs that day. They were camouflaged among the leaves and I'd never have noticed them if they hadn't jumped around.

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Saturday was the day of the 13th World-Wide Flash Mob. I attended the one in the Reading area, simply because that's where I was going for the day. There are fewer WWFM events this year and attendance is down. I was told that this is because Groundspeak has stopped offering a special souvenir for this annual event. I thought that was a pity since I couldn't believe a mere virtual token was enough to make or break a decision to attend an event. Regardless, I had a good time at this one. It was at a dog park in Jim Dietrich Park, although most of us didn't have dogs. After that, I continued geocaching around Reading and Muhlenberg, and ventured out to Kutztown again. Creative caches included an election cache, a few owls, and a birdhouse. There was also a Devil's Trail but I didn't know what that was about since the sign pointed into a wooden hut.

Sunday's trip was back to the Baltimore area, around Edgewood, Middle River, Essex, and Dundalk. There were lots of new caches to get since I hadn't been there in a while, although the most interesting ones were towards the end of the day in Dundalk. Understand the Buried History of Riverview Park was in an underground pedestrian tunnel. Of course, you can't take GPS readings underground so the cache owner provided a good hint for finding it. Also, the cache page has pointers to historical information on the (early 20th century) amusement park and industrial plant located at that site.

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Saturday's trip targeted a group of geocaches in Abingdon that had been placed for a recent geocaching event that I didn't attend. After that, I continued towards Baltimore, going around the northern part of it. The surprise of the day was the Hampton National Historic Site near Towson. The National Park Service doesn't usually allow geocaches, but I soon realized that the ones on the property were placed by Hampton NPS themselves. Anyway, those were quite nice and took only a bit of a walk around the estate grounds.

Sunday's geocaches were in Pottstown, Birdsboro, and Reading, mostly along the Rt 422 corridor. I decided to do a bit of hiking to get some caches along the Schuylkill River Trail because it wasn't raining. "Everybody Talks" was the interesting one of the day. It's a geo-mob cache, where the first part requires 3 people at the given coordinates to have their phones open to a website. When the website server detects that there are indeed 3 viewers at that spot, it spits out the final coordinates. What I noticed was there was Xfinity WiFi at that location, so I could get away with not having 3 mobile lines. I was able to do it with 2 phones and another spare phone on WiFi. (Of course, I could've also set up a WiFi hotspot but that's against the AT&T GoPhone terms and conditions, last I checked.) The funny cache of the day was "Piece of Mind". I thought that was a misspelling at first but the cache did look like a piece of brain.

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Geocaching trips get shorter and shorter this time of the year because of lack of daylight. On the plus side, there's more time for dinner. Saturday's trip took me down from Newark to Aberdeen, Edgewood, White Marsh, Hunt Valley and Towson. The best view of the day was from the top of the hill at the Agriculture Center and Farm Park, but the sun was already setting so there was only time after that for a few urban caches near Towson University.

Sunday's trip was into South Jersey, through Glassboro, Stratford, Berlin and Marlton, mostly picking up some caches that I'd passed by previously. Schadler's Pond was nice.

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On Friday, Hurricane Joaquin brought enough rain to cause some coastal flooding in Southern Delaware. Although I still had some of the First State Challenge series to do, I figured it would be better to go somewhere else on Saturday instead. So northeast Baltimore it was! We went to Churchville, Bel Air, and Long Green. It wasn't all suburban this time. There were some countryside areas with cows. The oddest thing I saw though was a deer and shoe display on a cemetery memorial.

On Sunday, it was time to finish the FSC. We went to Harrington, Bridgeville, Seaford, Millsboro, and Selbyville. There was still one FSC geocache near Bethany Beach that I didn't go for because I thought it would be better to save it for after the waters recede, but I had more than enough to qualify for the certificate. Anyway, the most interesting item of the day was a giant chair in Seaford and the best cache was a birdhouse library cache in Bridgeville.

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Started Saturday with some geocaches around Havre de Grace, near the Concord Point Lighthouse and maritime museum. Then we made our way towards northeast Baltimore, via Edgewood and Joppa. There was a church fair going on right around "Cache to Eagle #11 - BAC, Harford District" but they knew about the geocache. As a bonus, there were sno-cones afterwards. Not too many geocaches come with refreshments. :)

Sunday's geocaching trip started near Pottstown and then we generally followed US-422 to Birdsboro, Reading, Wyomissing, Sinking Spring, and Robesonia. Two of the geocaches, "Hootie , The Owl" and "Passed Berks' Past #5", were at Red Caboose Park, which of course had to have a red caboose! The other noteworthy site was an old (half of a) bell at St Daniel's Church in Robesonia. No informational signs though, but it's probably the original bell from the church.

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Saturday morning, I joined Delaware (and some Pennsylvania and New Jersey) geocachers in the "Red Lion Road Adopt a Highway CITO XII". It's a geocaching event to clean up Route 71 near Lums Pond. We met up at the start of the road by our "Adopt A Highway" sign. Then we split up into groups of 4 or so and each group took a 1/2-mile section of the road. It didn't look like there would be that much litter at first but I saw that whenever I went down the embankment from the road a bit, there were a lot of bottles and cans all over. So that's what I mostly did - I went up and down the embankment, filling up my trash bag multiple times. Then we trucked all those bags of trash back to the meeting spot and piled those up for DelDOT to pick up later. We put in about two hours of work but 30 people can pick up a lot of litter!

The rest of the day, I found a few local geocaches. Hiked a few miles in Middle Run, visited a scenic railroad bridge fishing area in Conowingo, and waded in a storm drain. (a geocache where slippers / flip-flops were useful) Then in the evening, I went to Delaware Furbowl 57. It's pretty amazing that a regular bowling meet has turned into a mini-convention with attendees from hundreds of miles away making a weekend trip of it. Had the opportunity to meet up with some folks I hadn't seen in years and also some new acquaintances I'd only contacted over Twitter before that. So that was fun.

On Sunday, I tried going to York via Maryland instead of via Lancaster, but actually spent most of the day in the Maryland countryside, around Jarrettsville, Monkton, White Hall, and Parkton, to the north of Hunt Valley where Fur 'the More used to be. Prettyboy Dam was the most scenic spot of the day and the red brain was the weirdest geocache of the day. Generally, I like the countryside better than the urban areas near Baltimore. People seem nicer too. Near the end of the day, I talked to someone living on a rural road, whose property was across the road from the cache. He seemed genuinely impressed by the assortment of caches in the countryside and the nearby town of New Freedom.

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I missed out on getting the Maker Madness souvenir last weekend, so this weekend, I planned my trips around two Maker Madness events. I was actually able to make it to both events, so the second one was gravy but both were pretty good and definitely worth attending.

On Saturday, I went to Cedar Lane Regional Park in Bel Air, MD, for the "HCGP Makers Madness Event". It was a simple event, just a table set up in an unused section of the parking lot. But it was pretty nice and I got to see some of the Maryland geocachers whose caches I'd been finding on previous trips to Harford County. Only real problem was it was a windy morning so stuff kept flying off of the table. After that, I went geocaching around Bel Air and Fallston, including a short hike on the Ma & Pa Trail, which is actually the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Trail, not the Mama and Papa Trail as I originally thought. :) I know I've complained a lot about Maryland in the past but this trip was quite enjoyable. There was a lot of variety in the area in terms of cache hides and terrain.

I planned Sunday around the "Maker Madness Easter Flash Mob-Bison Tube Exchange" event. It was an Easter-themed geocaching event in the food court of Fairgrounds Mall in Reading, PA. I actually knew more people at this event than at the Maryland event because apparently, the folks going to Berks County events are the same ones who go to Bucks County and Lehigh Valley events. After the event, I headed out a bit northwest to do the "I Love Lucy" series of geocaches. These are all puzzles based on Lucille Ball's TV, movie, and radio career. I skipped part of this series because the terrain in the eastern section looked unbelievably hard, but the western section was a nice hike across a ridge and some dust bowl areas. I ran into a bunch of people doing target practice in the woods but I talked to them and they stopped (for a beer break) so I could find the cache. They'd been firing in that direction the whole day without knowing it!

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The holiday weekend started Friday evening with a trip into Philadelphia. I didn't plan it that way but after finding a geocache in Wilmington and continuing to cache towards the northeast, I found myself at the edge of Philadelphia and thought why not go into Chinatown for dinner?

On Saturday, I decided to go to Five Mile Woods in Lower Makefield, PA, because I noticed there were more than a dozen geocaches in that park alone. Most of those were fairly typical but I thought "The Curious Geo-Puzzle: Part II" was interesting. It had 3 riddles I needed to answer to unlock the cache. I knew two of those answers and fortunately, mobile data reception was good enough in the woods there to research the third one. After that, I went to Newtown. It's been years since I last visited that area, so there were lots of new geocaches.

On Sunday, I went to White Marsh, MD, to walk the bike path along Route 43. Most of the geocaches along that path were fairly simple, although one was starting to get really difficult to find because of thick vegetation. That seems to be a common problem everywhere as we head into summer. After that, I went for the HBWLADS cache series in Dundalk and a few more caches here and there on the peninsula until it was time to leave.

On Monday, I decided to hit the last section of the Schuylkill River Trail (the last section populated with geocaches anyway) near and in Reading. As usual, I geocached around town (in Cumru and Shillington) until later in the afternoon to avoid walking in the midday sun too much. The SRT walk was once again the best part of the day. I parked at the Brentwood Trailhead and walked to the east. Then I walked back to parking and walked west to Reading. There was some good scenery where the trail crossed a bridge but most of the walk was about average. The cache series ended at the Looking Back, Facing Forward mural in Reading.

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Saturday was a rainy day. I had already planned on heading to Maryland so I didn't change my plans but decided to do some of the easier geocaches and anything I left out on previous trips in the vicinity of Havre de Grace, Churchville, Bel Air, and Fountain Green. I'll save the bike trail geocaches near White Marsh for another time. There was still plenty to do. There were some puzzles that I solved since my last visit, so I went and found the final cache containers for those. I also hiked the trail behind Harford Community College despite the rain. This being a campus trail, there were some prank signs along the way. I also revisited the Bel Air neighborhood where someone called the police the last time and interrupted my search. Apparently, they had problems and/or were nervous about strangers. (Even the police officer thought that was ridiculous but I decided to skip the area that day.) This time, nothing happened and I was able to finish the "Crazy Bone" series. The "Atari 2600 Tribute" series that I did on Saturday is noteworthy. Each cache is a repurposed Atari cartridge.

Sunday was another rainy day. I headed out early in the morning for the Hi-4 mascot gig at CFF Great Strides in Point Pleasant Beach. I actually wasn't sure we were going to do this because the crowd was rather small due to the rain. However, Damian K and Rapid T Rabbit arrived a bit later and we went ahead with the gig. The husky fursuit got wet and a bit muddy around the legs but most of it is machine-washable so that's not a problem. We had a bit of fun, did the gig until around 1pm, and split up. For the rest of the afternoon, I found some simple geocaches around Manasquan, West Belmar, and Neptune. At times, it was raining too hard to carry electronics around outside so I used aerial photos and some good guesswork to find those caches. On the way home, I noticed that it wasn't raining in the Bordentown area so I stopped there for a while to pick up a few more geocaches and kill time before dinner.

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Saturday morning was the MML Geotrail Kick-Off Event in Perryville. I was originally not planning to go to this event but since I was heading out that way anyway, I figured I might as well stop by and sample the light refreshments. This event was meant to be the launch of a new series of geocaches all over Maryland. However, I opted not to go for those after the event. Instead, I went for the Honeygo series of geocaches in Perry Hall. This is a set of 13 geocaches along Honeygo Blvd. Because of parking issues though, some of those geocaches were a bit of a walk. However, it was not a bad day for a sidewalk stroll. After that, I continued finding quick geocaches in Whitemarsh, Rossville, and Middle River before heading off to dinner.

I intended Sunday to be a low-key day of geocaching around Lancaster but somehow got 20 finds anyway. Part of that was the "Inside The White Box" series, in which each cache was inside a wooden bus shelter. I didn't do #4 in that series because strangely, it was over 20 miles to the north. Stopped geocaching and went to dinner earlier than usual because I had a morning appointment in Philadelphia the next day.

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I hadn't been to Maryland in a while. Since there were new geocaches in Harford County and since some geocaches that were missing on my previous trip had been replaced, I decided to go there both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I went to Havre de Grace, Aberdeen, and Belcamp. I took a stab at some geocaches with more challenging terrain as well, although there wasn't very much hiking involved. On Sunday, I started by tackling the Geocaching Proving Ground. It's a collection of geocaches with different hiding styles, all within Cedar Lane Regional Park in Bel Air. I thought some of those caches were rather creative. I also had a chance to try the grabber tool that I got at Harbor Freight recently. "Ghost to the Post" is high up on a football goalpost but I was able to retrieve it easily this way without climbing. After leaving Cedar Lane Regional Park, I continued geocaching in Bel Air, Edgewood, Joppa, and the edge of Baltimore before going home.

The downside of this trip was both days, I ran into people in that area who were either paranoid or touched in the head. On Saturday, I parked on the side of the road next to a public green area to do "Back in them woods!" Someone pulled up behind my car and started honking over and over again. I had no idea what was wrong. The road was quite wide there, so I didn't think my car was in the way. I went over and asked the guy what was wrong. He told me that he could not pass my car because he couldn't see around it. This was hard to believe, seeing as how the road was a quiet residential road and wide enough for three cars side by side. Perhaps he has a vision problem. Oh well. I turned my car around and parked on the other side of the road just so he could pass.

Sunday was even worse. I was in a neighborhood in Bel Air. After parking on the side of the road to access a park area, I started walking out onto the green. Someone came out from his house and started giving me the 20-questions treatment. I asked him if my car was in the way or something. He replied in the negative, but it seems they're suspicious of outsiders parking on their street even though it's a public street with a public park. Someone apparently also called the police on me. So when the police arrived I asked them again if my car was in the way. They said I was fine there and the police already knew about geocaching. (They knew about the caches at Cedar Lane Regional Park too.) They did mention that there has been vandalism in the area and it could be why they were called. Needless to say, after all that hassle, I didn't feel welcome in Bel Air, so I went over to Edgewood, where people left me alone at least!

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Last Monday, I hit the 18,000-cache milestone. After this Monday's evening cache outing, I was up to 18,111 caches. So it was a 111-cache week. I don't think it was my highest one-week total since I've done a few powertrails, but for regular geocaching without taking any extra days off (aside from the Independence Day holiday), it is more than usual.

On the July 4th holiday, I took a trip up to Lehigh Valley. There were a few geocaches very near the Lehigh Valley exit on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Extension that I never got a chance to do on previous trips. I did those on this trip and then traveled around Macungie and Allentown the rest of the day. Nothing too special that day, except for one geocache that was under an abandoned tower. I think it's an old-fashioned stone water tower but who really knows?

On Saturday, I went to Harford County in Maryland again to try to finish the remaining geocaches around Aberdeen. This was not the best geocaching trip. I had trouble at a few geocache sites and got attacked by yellow jackets at a river area. I had to kill one of them because it followed me into the car and entered one of my shoes. Near the end of the day, I decided to try the toll-free route home via US-1 (both the I-95 and US-40 bridges have $6 tolls going northbound) and that took me to a batch of recent geocaches in Rising Sun and Oxford that I'd been meaning to do.

Sunday's trip was the best one of the week. I guess that's the reward for putting up with Saturday. :) I headed up towards Lehigh Valley again but this time, I stopped at a number of towns along I-476 and Route 309. I geocached in Marple Township, Conshohocken, Plymouth Meeting, Quakertown, Richland, Coopersburg, Center Valley, and finally Allentown. I spent the bulk of the day in Quakertown and Richland. There was also an interesting set of 7 geocaches at DeSales University in Center Valley, including one at a spiral sculpture near the Labuda Theater on campus.

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It was another sunny and hot weekend. Afternoons were over 90°F, with the temperature peaking at 104°F on Sunday. On Saturday morning, I went to Upper Macungie for the "Cache in the Parks 2012, Upper Macungie Township" geocaching event. This event started at 10am but I didn't feel like waking up early to start the two-hour drive there, so I arrived after the first hour of the event. This geocaching event was a teaching event with a presentation and a geocaching outing to show beginners the ropes. By the time I got there, the presentation had ended and the class was heading out into the park to do some nearby geocaches. However, I still got the chance to talk to some of the LVGC regulars. Then I went off on my own to find geocaches in the area. I managed to do over 30 geocaches in a small area centered around the town of Weisenberg. It appeared that vauction and a few other geocachers had been busy populating the town with geocaches, so there were many along the quiet country roads. There were even five geocaches in Weisenberg Recreation Area, a park that is still undeveloped!

On Sunday, I went to Harford and Baltimore Counties to do geocaches in Abingdon, Bel Air, and White Marsh. It's the same area as some of my earlier trips but this time, since I knew the area a bit better, I tried to do geocaches that I skipped past on previous trips. I think it's a better idea to visit this area on Sunday instead of Saturday because of traffic issues. White Marsh, especially, is ridiculously congested with shopper traffic on Saturday but I had no problems at all there on Sunday evening.

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It was another hot, sunny weekend. Over 90°F on Saturday and a bit less on Sunday. On Saturday, I went geocaching in Harford County around Churchville and Bel Air to continue where I stopped two weeks ago. Even though it was a fairly simple geocache, "BISON BANK" was the most interesting one of the day because of the bison nearby. Before heading home in the evening, I decided to get the Sunday Baltimore Sun in Maryland just for a change of pace. (The coupons shouldn't be that much different anyway.) Then I found out that the Maryland sales tax applies to newspapers! That is weird to me because I've been to states and cities with worse taxes but until that evening, I hadn't encountered any locale in which newspapers were taxed. This led to an interesting conversation with the store clerk who told me that Maryland taxes everything they can and they tax everything terribly. Now, there's a guy who has a grasp of the problem! :)

On Sunday, I went down to Kent County. There was a series of 6 geocaches placed for the Willow Rock event on Saturday, which I did not attend. Each cache represented one of the five senses, plus a sixth sense, geosense, which is the way experienced geocachers sometimes just know where caches are. After that, I headed down to Dover and Magnolia, where Trison78 has placed more cute geocaches, including a hermit crab, a chipmunk, and a fox! And finally, I visited Prime Hook and Slaughter Beach (3 geocaches in each beach area) before heading off to dinner.

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The weekend was two hot, sunny days with high temperatures over 90°F. On Saturday, I went to the Cohanzick Zoo in Bridgeton for the World-Wide Flash Mob IX geocaching event. There were WWFM IX events taking place in a number of locations around the region but all those events started at the same time (1pm), so I could only attend one. Since the Bridgeton event was the closest one to home, that was the one I picked. The Bridgeton event had a zoo animal theme and attendees were encouraged to wear an animal mask or hat. I actually considered going in fursuit but decided against it because of the heat. However, I did wear a tiger visor that I picked up at a craft store. After the event, I headed up to Berlin to continue the collection of geocaches I started doing in that town two weeks ago. I also took a brief side trip to Atco, Waterford, and the edge of the pine barrens but decided not to venture too deep because of lack of time.

On Sunday, I returned to Harford County, Maryland, to continue what I started the previous Sunday. Just before entering Harford County though, I stopped for a geocache near the Eastern Airlines Flight 605 memorial in Port Deposit. This crash on Memorial Day in 1947 was a tragic incident in aviation history. Then I crossed the Susquehanna River over into Harford County. This time I was prepared and had the geocache info preloaded on GPS and phone. I focused on the area surrounding Abingdon and parts of Bel Air, Edgewood, and Belcamp. Most of the geocaches were fairly common types, although "Get the Lead Out" was a rather creative hide. (It took a while to return the cache to its hiding spot though, so thank goodness no one came over to recycle engine oil while I was doing that!)

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After a period of hot weather, it was nice to have a weekend with temperatures peaking at just around 80°F. On Saturday, I went to Bucks County, PA, to attend the "Bring your own Banana (BYOB), V" geocaching event at Tanner Brothers Dairy in Warminster. That was in the evening, so I had some time to geocache on the way there in the afternoon. I started near the Willow Grove PA Turnpike interchange and moved from cache to cache, generally in the direction of the event. Remarkably, there were just enough (26) geocaches along the way to make the event itself a milestone find. (#17700) The dairy is known in that area for ice cream, so I had a peanut butter and mint chocolate chip double scoop. While there, we also took a look at the cows.

On Sunday, there was a bunch of new geocaches in Cecil County, MD, so I went and did those. I was done with those by mid-afternoon and since I was already halfway across Cecil County, I figured why not press onwards into Harford County to do geocaches in Aberdeen and Havre de Grace? The reason I almost never go that way is the toll on the Chesapeake Bay bridges, which is now $6. In retrospect though, even that toll is not such an enormous burden considering that I've been to New Jersey pretty often and the bridge toll that way is $4. Plus, the cost of gas makes any toll pale in significance. However, I definitely would have to plan better on future trips to Aberdeen and beyond. I didn't have any geocache info preloaded, so I set my phone to download it as I went around. Which worked just fine but wasn't as quick.

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