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So this weekend, I was in Connecticut at the Cromwell Crowne Plaza for Furfright. Although for the most part, a problem-free con, this year's Furfright was so-so for me. To figure out why and to get some perspective, I had to look back on the last two Furfrights. Furfright 2011 was pretty bad, or at least bad enough to write a complaint about. In 2012, they either corrected the problems I brought up or I just didn't notice those as much. But that was the year we had the 4am fire alarm and the hurricane evacuation. Those were not the fault of the con but things were kind of on a down note. This year, nothing bad happened. In fact, people who caused trouble in previous years weren't even at the con this year. So why wasn't I having a great time? It was probably my problem all this time! When that realization hit me on Saturday night, I had to stop what I was doing right away and go back to my room to get out of fursuit and think about it.

Could it be that all those things I got annoyed at in previous Furfrights merely masked the underlying problem, which is that I didn't find the con all that interesting any more? Looking back at what I did at the con, it was mostly hanging out. The events I went to were pretty much the same as in previous years. The parades were the same. Even the games in the fursuit games seemed the same to me. Plus, it didn't help that I appear to have grown pretty distant from most New England furries. Maybe it is time to skip a year, perhaps to try a different con or use the weekend for something else. In any case, I have until next year to ponder this.

That aside, there were some things I did enjoy. Dale's party was a nice little gathering. Trivia hour was good too, even if I were there mostly for cookies and ice cream. And I was glad to catch part of Alflor's reading. (I won a copy of his book at the end of that panel, so I'll see what goes on in the rest of the story.) Also, it was good to go out hiking and geocaching in nearby Berlin with JBadger and Scribbles.

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To be honest, after some not-so-good experiences at Furfright 2011, I considered skipping this year. However, I discussed my concerns with [ profile] kgraleopard last year and seeing as how this is the tenth Furfright, I decided to give it another chance. I'm glad I did! I see a number of changes to the way the con was run that made all the difference. Just about the only problem I saw this time was the fire alarm at 4am on Sunday, which was the fault of a prankster, not the con. I thought the dances were good this year. I liked the retro sock hop, which I also enjoyed at FAU previously. Saturday night had some good music and a fun crowd too. I also enjoyed the Thriller Crash Course on Saturday morning, even though I wasn't very good at that. I was also at the Saturday Morning Cartoons party, both fursuit parades, and the fursuit games, and got to chat with many of my friends who I only get to see at this con.

As usual, I starting driving late Wednesday night so I could get to Connecticut by daybreak for geocaching. There weren't very many new geocaches since last year, so I decided to do something a bit more challenging. I went to Giuffrida Park in Meriden to hike up to Lamentation Mountain. I don't think it was a very high mountain but there were a few steep sections and it was a round trip of over 3 miles for 8 geocaches. There were good views of Crescent Lake (from the base of the mountain) and the valley. (from the peak)

Getting home on Monday was quite an adventure because of Hurricane Sandy. First, I had to leave Connecticut by 1pm because of a state-wide highway closure. I figured it was a better idea to cut across Westchester County and cross the Tappan Zee Bridge instead of going through New York City. That route also let me stop at Palisades Center Mall for lunch and to use the wi-fi internet. It's a familiar place because I used to live in the area. (And I'm glad the mall has not collapsed from ground subsidence issues.) After that, I saw that the NJ Turnpike was closed south of exit 9, so I detoured to US-1, used the bridge in Trenton to cross over to the Pennsylvania side, and returned home via I-95, which seemed fine aside from some speed restrictions. Later, I found out that the NJ Turnpike was closed only between exits 7 and 8A, so the electronic sign I saw was incorrect, but they were probably still sorting out their info at the time.

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This weekend, I attended FurFright 2011 at the Crowne Plaza in Cromwell, CT. I left home late Wednesday night and returned Monday night. Shared a room with [ profile] jbadger and Dronon, two great roommates. Overall, I had a good time.

The "How Not to Write Crap" panel was surprisingly good and entertaining. I stumbled upon it quite by accident because I was looking for something to kill time before the fursuit performance panels but I ended up staying until the end of the panel!

The "Saturday Morning Cartoon Party" was a nice trip through Saturday morning nostalgia with a representative selection of cartoons. Also, I didn't have to get dressed for it. (bat pajamas! :) )

Fursuit games were okay, although I think it would be a good idea to explain the rules of the various games and make sure all participants understand those before the games begin. There was only a brief explanation before each game started and it was hard to hear from the end of the team lineup. And yes, there was one thing I misunderstood that fortunately, did not affect the outcome of the game.

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Sunny, cold day. 45-50°F. Repacking my stuff didn't take very long, comparatively. Although I still needed 3 trips to load everything into my car, I was able to use the secret shortcut stairway to the parking garage because my luggage cart can go down the stairs just fine. Said my goodbyes to some friends who were still at the hotel on Monday morning. Then I checked out and left.

First, I went to Wethersfield to finish the "Spew pew pew" power trail. Then I went to Glastonbury. There was a bunch of geocaches in the town park remaining from an event earlier this year, so I did the ones near the front of the park. From Glastonbury, I continued geocaching northwards into East Hartford, where I came across a Cabela's store. (There are two geocaches in the store parking lot: "SMK-133 Salebac Rev.1" and "Hook & Bullet".) This outdoor store is huge! I was reminded of the time I saw the Shady Maple Smorgasbord, which is also an absurdly huge building with a stadium-sized parking lot in the middle of nowhere. I've heard people describe this store as a mecca for geocachers, but now that I've seen their goods, I'm not so sure because a bit over half the store is devoted to hunting. I did find one thing I needed that I haven't been able to get locally though and that is a roll of camo duct tape. It was interesting to see the Connecticut River Valley Wildlife Museum at the back of the store and the island of stuffed animals, although I'm not talking about plush toys there.

After leaving East Hartford, I found a few more geocaches on and near the highway. For dinner, I had a seafood platter at American Steakhouse. Like Ruby Tuesday, this is another chain restaurant where the all-you-can-eat salad bar is more interesting than the entrees, but I do enjoy a steakhouse that serves decent fried fish.

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Had breakfast in the hotel room because I brought cereal from home. Then we went down to the ballroom for fursuit games. This year's set of games was the scooter race, clippy, charades, and musical chairs. I wore the coyote fursuit for the games because it is more durable and fursuit games can be rough on fursuits. However, I don't think that really mattered, except for the musical chairs. My team wasn't last this year, so we got 2nd place dog tags as prizes. I love how I return from this con every year with a couple of trinkets to remember it by.

After that, [ profile] jbadger and I met up with [ profile] lupine_silver and went to Ruby Tuesday in Cromwell for lunch. No particular reason for this choice, other than the salad bar fits well with diet restrictions and I had a $5 coupon. I had buffalo chicken minis and a heap of salad.

When we got back to the hotel, it was a bit of a rush because I had to pick up my photo CD from the photoshoot two days ago. Also, [ profile] jbadger and I did a photoshoot together just before the photo studio closed. Then it was time to go to the closing ceremony. (Stats: 1284 attendees, 246 in fursuit parade, over $12K raised for charity) During the opening ceremony, Belic said he would jump into the swimming pool if they raised over $10K for charity. Since that happened, we all went to the pool after the closing ceremony and he did it.

After that, I hung around the Dead Dog Party for a bit and joined in on the second fursuit parade. The rest of the night, I went to the dance between bouts of wandering around the hotel. This night, someone was apparently doing a photo project, collecting pictures of fursuiters balancing a Dr. Pepper bottle on their noses. I participated. I was in the otter fursuit at the time and he said it would be tough because I'm a short-nosed otter. However, it was done and I'll have to look for the picture on the web later. Anyway, as always, I did the last few dances before the Dead Dog Party closed. Then I went for a midnight swim in the pool because I thought I ought to make more use of hotel amenities. Well, either my backstroke is rusty or I'm less buoyant than the last time. I'll practice again the next time I have access to a complimentary pool.
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After returning from the geocaching dinner event, I took care of a few things at home and left home again shortly after midnight. If I'd driven straight to Cromwell, it'd take about 4 hours, or so the GPS claimed. I stretched that out a bit by doing a few 24/7 geocaches at night, so that I'd reach North Haven at daybreak. Then I started the caching spree. Well, I started with North Haven and that turned into an attempt to finish all the geocaches in Wallingford, a town that seems to be packed more densely with geocaches than most areas in CT. Quite a number of today's geocaches were in the TTMTD series, which is someone's attempt to cache every single Dunkin Donuts in CT. I'm not sure how many Dunkin Donuts there are but there are already over 100 geocaches in this series! It got repetitive after a while so I mixed it up with other geocaches in the area and only did the TTMTDs if any of those were nearby.

At around 2pm, I decided to stop my assault on Wallingford and go to the Crowne Plaza to check in. After I did that and moved my stuff into the room, I had lunch (Well, anything looks good when I've been up all night and not eaten anything substantial since dinner.) and continued the geocaching spree with 6 more caches near the hotel and around Cromwell/Berlin. "No Ca$h Cache" is on the Wal-Mart Nature Trail. I thought that was rather unusual. Wal-Mart must have either built the trail or sponsored the trail upkeep.

When I returned in the evening, a lot more Furfright attendees had arrived and the hotel lobby looked quite busy. I joined the pre-reg line to get my badge and conbook. Chatted with some friends I hadn't seen since either last year or Anthrocon. And that brings this journal up to the present time. I guess I should get some sleep since I've been awake for 36 hours.

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Scheduled auto maintenance this morning. Odometer reading was 143,669. This was the least expensive one in a while because nothing else needed replacing. I'd already changed the wipers myself.

Spent the rest of the day packing for Furfright and, as usual, not doing very well at packing light. :) Then in the evening, I got some old projects out of my backups to use as work samples. I may revive and update these but not right now. It's weird revisiting my past work. What I did even a few years back was very different from what I'm doing now. It almost looks like someone else wrote that code. And of course, there are many things in my archives that I don't know how to do any more, not without some retraining anyway.

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I was at the Dead Dog Party until the last dance, which wasn't that late but it still meant that I didn't wake up terribly early the next morning. Packed up quickly, said a few goodbyes, and left the hotel. I started with a bunch of geocaches in Southington/Cheshire. Four hours later, I got cache #11000 in Meriden. Then I went down Route 15 to Orange to hit another big group of geocaches since a few locals had been busy placing caches there just a few months ago. Yeah, I took the long way home.

Dinner was at American Steakhouse in Bridgeport. I hadn't been to this one before but it's pretty similar to American Steakhouse in Norwalk and Waterbury. I had the seafood platter. As I was driving out of the parking lot, I noticed the car was lagging a bit so I reparked. Then I saw that the driver's side front tire was flat. Tried to change the tire myself but the lug nuts were too tight so I called AAA. The AAA truck happened to be just across the street at the time so that was fast.

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Woke up a bit late today, so after a quick breakfast in the hotel room, I changed into the husky fursuit and went to the fursuit games. There were 3 teams and we played scooter race, clippy, catch the dragon's tail, charades, and musical chairs. After the games, I went over to the charity auction room to check my raffle ticket (the complimentary ticket that came in my registration packet) and found that I had won a Fievel plush toy!

It was raining, so no geocaching this afternoon. [ profile] jbadger and I went to Singo Sushi for a late lunch. I had a Meriden roll, which is an unusual stir fry on top of sushi.

Went back to the hotel. Fursuited for a while and then went to the Closing Ceremony. Attendance this year was 979 and we raised over $6000 for charity. A little later, there was a second fursuit parade. It started in the headless lounge and went around the atrium. No outdoor photoshoot this time. The parade just ended at the Dead Dog Party in the ballroom.
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First thing Friday morning, I dropped off my donation, which was the pair of FAO Schwarz ferret plush toys, at the charity raffle table. Then [ profile] jbadger did a bunch of geocaches before breakfast. We did Rain Day and the rest were ones that I'd found in previous years but that [ profile] jbadger had not gotten yet. Breakfast was at Tower Grill in downtown Waterbury. I had a western omelette.

In the afternoon, I went to the "Convention Horror Stories" panel. Also did a lot of fursuiting (in the husky fursuit) before going out for dinner, which was a sausage grinder at Nardelli's. At night, I went to the dance in fursuit. Midway through the dance, the fans in the headless lounge stopped working because a circuit breaker tripped. I decided it would be better to hang out outside where it was cooler. Went back to the dance from time to time but I felt a bit unwell so I figured it was time to call it a day.

Early Saturday morning, [ profile] jbadger and I went and bagged the Snow Angels geocache. It was short and sweet. Then we went to La Fortuna restaurant in Wolcott. I had the 2 eggs and 2 pancakes special. We went back to the hotel and met up with [ profile] magnusdiridian at the ballroom for masquerade rehearsal. Our skit this time was a Monty Python and the Holy Grail parody. Also in our skit were Syberfox, Mejeep, [ profile] axelwolf, and Werwolf.

Rested a while and joined in the fursuit parade. (wore the raccoon fursuit) The parade went through the hotel but it wasn't too long and it ended with a photoshoot outside. After that, I went and had the individual photoshoot done in the green room. I didn't order the DVD this time but I think the photographer will be posting the photos online. Later in the day, I returned to the green room for masquerade prep. Our skit was the 5th one in the masquerade lineup so once it started, we didn't have to wait long before it was our turn. I had a fairly simple part as one of the "knights". I thought the skit went pretty well and we got quite a bit of applause from the audience. After the masquerade, [ profile] jbadger and I went to Singo Sushi. We had the Love Boat.
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I'd moved everything I packed to the car the night before so in the morning, all I needed to do was toss in a few last-minute items and leave. It wasn't that great a day for travel. The temperature was around 40°F and it was raining. Then when I got to Danbury, CT, the rain turned into a rain/snow mix. Nevertheless, I did find a bunch of quick geocaches in Danbury and Newtown along the way. The only odd one was "Newtown War Memorial". The cache listing had been archived by the cache owner because he couldn't find his own cache. I went to the cache site and started looking, and there it was! Go figure.

Arrived at Holiday Inn in Waterbury. There was a geocache right in the parking lot, so I just had to do that before checking in. After check-in, I was soon joined at my room by [ profile] jbadger, my roommate. We went out in the snow and got the other geocache by the Costco behind the hotel and did a little shopping at BJ's Wholesale to pick up something that both of us had forgotten to bring. Then we returned to the hotel for a quick round of fursuiting before dinner at American Steakhouse. Both of us had T-bone steaks because of a 2-for-$17.99 special.

Returned to the hotel. I got my con badge just before registration closed. Then JBadger and I did another round of fursuiting until the hotel turned the atrium lights off at midnight. I didn't know they did that. I guess it's because I didn't stay up late enough on Thursday last year.

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Donut Trailer

I added my FurFright photos to this Flickr set so they're all in one place. As always, I don't have too many photos since I was in fursuit myself half the time. As an experiment, I suggested poses to fursuiters when I could think of good ones. Sometimes that helped and sometimes not.

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Fursuiters at Blackie's

Convention was over and done. Early Monday morning, I did my fastest repack thus far. I hope this doesn't mean I left something behind in the room. Checked out and said my goodbyes to a few friends who were still there. After a quick breakfast at Burger King in Milldale, I made a big loop around Plantsville and Southington to get the remaining geocaches on my list. There haven't been many new cache placements since last year, so the travel distance between geocaches was on the high side but the weather was nice and I made swift progress.

Then I went back to Wolcott and Waterbury to tackle some of the harder geocaches I didn't do last year. I accidentally left my walking stick at "What's so Special 'Bout that Tree?" in Wolcott, but an hour later, after a salad bar lunch at American Steakhouse, I returned to the scene and it was still there. The last cache of the day was to rectify a DNF from last year and then I headed for home an hour before sunset. Since it was a Monday, I expected to encounter rush hour traffic but oddly enough, I didn't experience any traffic delays until I got to the Tappan Zee Bridge.

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So what did I think about FurFright? It's still my favorite con. I've been going to this con since the first one, which was at a lodge in Middletown. (Those poor trophies. :) ) The con is a comfortable size and growth in attendance numbers is manageable. Many of my friends are there every year. As a plus, it's a great fursuiting con because of quick access from hotel room to event space.

The most memorable line I heard was in the headless lounge: "My own species is picking on me!" (There was also something about sausage later on at Blackie's that I won't post to this journal. :) ) My only disappointment was the pizza disappeared so quickly during the Dead Fur Party that I didn't see any of it. I thought there would be more pizza than that because of donations collected during the con. However, that's no biggie. I already had enough food and snacks that day, so I didn't really need a slice.
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Saturday: Quick breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. Then I went to masquerade rehearsal. I had a small part in [ profile] magnusdiridian's skit, "The Tell-Tale Fursuit", together with [ profile] svankmaj, [ profile] mejeep, Isilwath, Skywize, and Werwolf. As you might've guessed, it's based on Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart". Later in the afternoon, I joined in the first of two fursuit parades. The parade went through the Dealers' Dungeon, around the lobby and atrium, and then outside for a photoshoot. Went out with [ profile] jbadger after that for a quick lunch at a Subway just a mile down the road from the hotel. When we got back, I had to prepare for the masquerade. Our skit was near the end of the show, so it was mostly a lot of waiting. Then we were on stage for a few minutes and it was done. I thought it went well. A little later, performers from all the skits went out on stage again for the curtain call and awards ceremony.

For dinner, [ profile] jbadger, [ profile] smrgol_t_kirin, and I joined a small group at Singo Sushi. I had crazy singo roll and sesame chicken, both of which were very good. Returned to the hotel and went to the dance, although I didn't stay until the very end because I had plans for the next morning. One surprise I got that day was receiving 3 prints of photos of my fursuit. Jbonez, who took a lot of fursuit photos during the con, made prints and was handing those out to fursuiters who were in those photos. That was really nice and unexpected, so much thanks to him.

Sunday: For breakfast, [ profile] jbadger and I went to Hometown Buffet. Went back to the hotel after that and signed up and participated in the fursuit games. We had a relay race, charades, musical chairs, and another game that defies explanation. This time, I wasn't eliminated in musical chairs until there were only six fursuiters left, which is a personal record for me. My team won musical chairs and got 2nd place overall. After the games, a bunch of us went to Blackie's, a hot dog place just down the road, for lunch. Then [ profile] jbadger and I went off and did two geocaches, Forgotten Roadside Cache and Are you smarter than a fifth grader?, both a few miles north of the hotel.

Returned to the hotel, hung around for a little while, and then attended the closing ceremony. The numbers, which may be subject to correction, were as follows: 873 in attendance, 149 fursuiters in the parade, and over $2,500 raised for charity. The Dead Fur Party began immediately after closing ceremony. In the middle of the party, we had a second fursuit parade. I joined this parade too. It's a little shorter than the first one. We went around the lobby and atrium, and then back to the party. This time, I stayed until the last dance at midnight. And thus ended another great 3-day Halloween party. Hope to be back next year!
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Started the day with breakfast at Dunkin Donuts just a mile down the road so that I could use the gift card I got as a FTF prize from a geocache a while back. I had no idea what the landscapers were doing to the parking lot but they had it blocked off and one of them had to move a truck so I could drive out. Later, I found out that my car was on a posted list of cars that needed to be moved out or would get towed. Oy!

Returned a bit later and attended the Opening Ceremony. Then I got into the husky fursuit for about 4 hours. Mingled with friends and con attendees in the hallway and lobby. Also went to two workshops, a dance workshop and a fursuit performance workshop, while in fursuit. Those were interesting, although I doubted that I would remember the dance moves by the time the dance started.

Got out of fursuit and freshed up. Then I joined the group dinner organized by [ profile] wally_wabbit at American Steakhouse in Waterbury. Once again, I had the seafood platter and I also had some salad bar.

After dinner, I took a brief look at a room party and then I went to the dance in fursuit. Made some new friends and had fun. I also remembered one dance move, at least. :)
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Started my trip to FurFright in Waterbury, CT, this morning and soon hit rush hour traffic on I-287. I should've started half an hour later but I didn't expect that traffic delay to last until 10am. As usual, I did a bunch of geocaches along the way, turning a 90-minute trip into an 8-hour tour of the Connecticut countryside. However, with the Fall colors almost in full effect, I do think it's the best time of the year for that. I visited some Southbury Land Trust areas, as well as Hop Brook Lake Park and the Larkin Bridle Trail. Arrived at the hotel a little after 5pm.

Dinner was at Hometown Buffet near the Brass Mill Mall in Waterbury. While in the parking lot, someone came to me saying that his red Chevy Blazer was out of gas. Now I know that there is a 99.44% chance it is a scam and he was trying to bum a few dollars from a bunch of people. I wasn't going to give him any money but I was curious as to what AAA would say about this, so I called them. They said they would send a tow truck out with a gallon of gas. I went into Hometown Buffet to have dinner and when the truck came, I went out to the parking lot again to confirm my request. Afterwards, the guy who was out of gas thanked me profusely and drove away. I still suspect it could be a scam but at least I found out how AAA handles gas requests.

Got back to the hotel and hung around a little meeting up with some friends. Then the pre-reg line started so I took care of con registration. And that's about it for today.

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Hartshorne Woods Park

Because of a tip from Wise Bread, I signed up at PineCone Research two weeks ago. Then I completed a consumer survey and received a check yesterday. My stance on paid consumer surveys remains the same: If you're filling out surveys just for the payment, most of those are not worth the time. However, I do want to tell manufacturers my preferences because maybe one day, they'll come up with something I really like. In the meantime, I might as well get a few dollars here and there for giving my opinion.

I made hotel reservations for FurFright one evening about two weeks ago. This morning, I had some time to spare so I called Holiday Inn to check on that reservation. I'm glad I did that. Not only did the first reservation clerk give me the wrong confirmation number, she also made my reservation under the regular room rate instead of the group rate! Anyway, I asked the second reservation clerk to fix the room rate and give me the correct confirmation number so that I can use it elsewhere to request a room on the fursuit floor. While I had him on the phone, I also asked him to add my Priority Club number to the reservation.

Two lessons here:
1. Always check hotel reservations online or call the hotel again to confirm. Reservation clerks do make mistakes sometimes.
2. Phone in hotel reservations during the daytime. For some reason, I've never had hotel reservations I made at night go smoothly.

Of course, I keep forgetting that second part because the evening is when I usually have time to take care of such matters.

Speaking of travel arrangements, I thought Expedia already had enough of my shenanigans when I used their $50 coupon twice to make two trips to Delaware in December, but no, they sent me another coupon, this time for $100! Hmm.
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Suffern Free Library

I've uploaded my FurFright 2007 photos to Flickr. Funny thing is I actually have more photos of scenery and food from that weekend than con photos. My priorities are screwed up. :) Anyway, enjoy.

What's wrong with Rockland County? Geocache GC14J5Z has been waiting for a county park permit for over 3 months now. And I still haven't heard from Haverstraw PD after leaving them 3 messages a few weeks ago. Is it customary with officials in that county to just sit on requests and not respond to anything? While contemplating those issues, I went for the Seek & You Shall Find geocache this afternoon. It is behind the Suffern Free Library. It is actually a rather clever cache hide. However, when I pulled into the parking space, I noticed that someone from the library was checking on the geocache. Ha! Gotcha! So that was a dead giveaway. However, I've seen this kind of cache hiding technique before so I'd have found it quickly anyway, giveaway or no giveaway.

After the geocache, I needed to grab some lunch. Since I was passing by the Ramsey Pathmark on my way back, I decided to take a look at their salad bar. I'd never done that before because I usually go to Pathmark at night when they've put away their salad bar. Turns out, Pathmark's salad bar is cheaper than A&P's salad bar. No surprise there because Pathmark beats A&P on pricing in many items. What's amusing is the following: I noticed that the egg salad in Pathmark's deli case is $4.99/lb, but that same egg salad is also available in their salad bar for $3.99/lb. So why would anyone get the egg salad at the Pathmark deli? (The opposite is true at A&P where the egg salad in A&P's salad bar is more expensive than the same egg salad in A&P's deli. There, I usually get it at the deli.) Anyway, I just thought it was an odd pricing discrepancy. Now, if only I could buy egg salad at the salad bar and sell it to the deli. It'd be a neat arbitrage trade. :)
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Sunday morning, I got up a bit earlier and went to [ profile] shy_matsi's breakfast social, which I do appreciate a lot because there wasn't time to go out for breakfast this morning. Then I went in fursuit to the ballroom to take part the Fursuit Games. We had a scooter race, a ball toss, a tandem relay race (fursuiters pair up and each pair has to carry a ball between bellies, without using hands, to the end of the ballroom and back), charades, and musical chairs. For charades, I got "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", which I thought would be pretty difficult. However, despite my clumsy attempt at miming a chainsaw and then miming lopping off the cameraman's head, someone from the audience actually guessed the exact phrase within a few seconds. That was amazing!

After the Fursuit Games, [ profile] jbadger went to the Charity Auction, while I headed over to the Dealer's Room to get two costuming items that I'd only recently heard were available there. Then we went out for a late lunch at Blackie's, a hot dog and burger place just down the road from the hotel. There was actually quite a crowd there from the convention. After lunch, we went to the Cheshire/Southington area for more geocaches. I got two geocaches. However, I also drove [ profile] jbadger over to a few other geocaches that I'd already found on Thursday because I knew those would be quick.

Returned to the hotel for Closing Ceremonies. Then we got into fursuit again to join the second Fursuit Parade. This one was shorter than the first parade. We did the same route from the ballroom to the atrium and then around the atrium. This time, we didn't end the parade outside. Instead, we just went back to the ballroom, where the post-con party was already in progress.

We didn't stay at the party though. After the photoshoot, we headed out for one last geocache and then dinner at 99 Restaurant in the Wal-Mart strip mall at Wolcott and Stillson. After dinner, [ profile] jbadger went home while I went back to the hotel since I had the room until Monday morning. I thought about going to a party for which I had received an invitation card but I never made it there. I felt like lying down for a little while and the next thing I knew, it was morning. Oh well.

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Early Friday morning, even though the weather was rainy, I had a hankering for a geocache. In the hotel lobby, I told Danruk and Wally Wabbit about my plans for the morning and we three went out to Cheshire Park in Cheshire for the Stop and Listen Again geocache. That was a bit of a walk on the trails but the cache was found within seconds once we got there. Very easy. Then we had breakfast at the nearby Paul's Restaurant and then visited the Barker Animation Museum. The museum was closed but we took a look at all the wooden cutouts of cartoon characters on the museum grounds and visited the animation cel store.

Back at the hotel, I went to the Opening Ceremonies. Then I got into fursuit for a bit and wandered around convention space for a while, getting into a bunch of impromptu photoshoots. Headed out for lunch in the rain and ended up at a hot dog stand off one of the Route 8 exits to the South. Got into a conversation with one of the locals and he told me when and where to photograph fall colors along the river. Unfortunately, I was a bit early for peak fall colors on this visit.

Got back to the hotel and a little while later, a large group of us gathered at the hotel lobby for Wally Wabbit's group dinner to American Steakhouse in Waterbury. With dinner, apparently, we got to go the salad bar as well. So it was quite a feast. I sat at a table with Cake, Roxikat, and Tony Ringtail.

Went back to the hotel and watched the Friday Furpocalypse, which was a couple of rounds of game show in the style of Family Feud and Match Game, hosted by Punk Tiger. Around that time, JBadger, who was my roommate for this con, arrived. Got him settled into the room. Then I changed into fursuit again for the Friday Dance. However, I stopped at around midnight when they switched the music over to techno.

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