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My birthday was actually on Wednesday but I decided to take Tuesday off from work as well, with the intention of attending the Triple Tuesday geocaching event in Bridgewater. And the reason why I picked that event is I got birthday and anniversary coupons from the Fuddruckers mailing list. Sometimes, it's all about strategy. :) It was a pretty good trip though. The weather was very mild. I started geocaching in the Lawrenceville area and worked my way up via US-1 to Davidson's Mill Pond Park, where there was a trail with a series of caches. ("FTL" series) In the evening, I headed over to Fuddruckers for the event. It was not a big gathering and we didn't get our own section of the restaurant this time, but it was nice to meet up with the Central Jersey group. As usual, I had the 1/3-lb burger with fries. (before fixings, with fixings)

I used part of Wednesday to take care of heater maintenance and auto maintenance. I still had most of the afternoon free, so I took a short geocaching trip into South Jersey. It ended up being more geocache finds than I expected and I went from Pennsville to Sicklerville before turning around. For dinner, I stopped at the truck stop Denny's in Carneys Point for my free birthday Grand Slam. (It's actually not that great. But this is Denny's, so what do we expect? :) )

Anyway, this is my big four-zero. I've now lived for four decades! I won't recap my past year, since my last birthday, except to say that it has been really good and this coming year has a tough act to follow.

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I'd actually been planning to go to the September edition of "Triple Tuesday Pints & Patties - 2012" since a month ago when I noticed that this month's event was going to fall on my birthday. These Central Jersey monthly geocaching gatherings are usually small but still worth attending if I happen to have the day off.

I started the day with a free Original Grand Slam at Denny's in Carneys Point. I've never tried this Denny's because admittedly, I had a bias against restaurants in truck stops because I've been to some bad ones. (This one is at a Flying J Travel Plaza.) I have to say though that I was surprised at how spacious and comfortable this particular Denny's was. Also, service was quite good and they have free wi-fi internet.

It was a rainy and windy day but I found a bunch of geocaches anyway in the South Bound Brook area. I was glad the rain held off long enough for a few short walks in that area. In the evening, I went to Fuddruckers in Bridgewater for the event. I had a 1/3-lb burger with fixings.

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Sunny, 60-70°F. I woke up early with the intention of doing a truckload of geocaches in Lancaster. That wasn't in the cards because after doing 3 local geocaches in the Pike Creek area, I saw a screw embedded in the front left tire. Getting that fixed took some time out of the day. On the plus side though, I'm glad I caught it before I went out to a rural part of Lancaster County with no services. This also solved the mystery of the noise I kept hearing over the past week. I'd checked the tires at least half a dozen times but somehow, the screw eluded me until this morning.

After that, I headed out to Lancaster County. Warmed up with a few geocaches in the town of Quarryville before hitting the rail trail. This time, I parked near cache #95. Then I did caches #95 to #116. Then I walked back to parking and went the other way to do caches #94 to #61. That walk was a 12.5-mile round trip! I wanted to see how far I could push myself. It turned out to not be as difficult as I thought. I suppose my endurance has improved a bit. I wasn't even tired after the first 7 miles. I did slow down quite a bit in the last 1.5-mile stretch but even then, I think I could've walked more if it wasn't already dark. My legs may be sore tomorrow though.

Also, today's batch of 62 geocaches took me past the 16,000-cache milestone! I thought I was going to get that in Connecticut but I'm a bit early. Dinner was a 1/3-lb burger and fries (before adding fixings, after adding fixings) at Fuddruckers in Lancaster since I had a coupon. I don't think the Lancaster Fuddruckers is as good as the New Brunswick Fuddruckers. (which went out of business recently) The latter had better, or at least more, melted cheese.

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Cloudy, 55-65°F. It was the day before my birthday and since I'm on lots of restaurant mailing lists, it's time to use some birthday coupons. So I started the day with a free Rooty Tooty at the nearby IHOP. The morning started off a bit rainy, so I went to southwestern Lancaster County and focused on geocaches from the Battleship series and a few others that are roadside or close to parking.

The sun came out in the late afternoon, so hit the Enola Low-Grade Trail starting at the Martic Township trailhead and did a 4-mile walk for 19 geocaches. By the time I was done with that, it was approaching dusk. So I headed towards Lancaster City and did a few quick geocaches along the way. Dinner was at Fuddruckers in Lancaster to use a birthday coupon for the free 1/3-lb burger.

In summary, a 38-geocache marathon and a decent evening out (and free food!) made for another good Lancaster trip. What's neat is even with all those recent trips to Lancaster, I'm still not close to completing either the Battleship or the rail trail series of geocaches. Lancaster, I'll be back!

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Cloudy with rain sprinkles, 70-75°F. The weather pattern was unstable but I was due for another trip to the countryside so I went to Cecil County, Maryland, and Southern Lancaster County. The first 3 geocaches of the day were in Cecil County, in the Elkton area and a little beyond. Then I headed into Pennsylvania, to Kirkwood, Quarryville, Willow Street, and Millersville. I was all over the place because I was basically hitting the new geocaches, plus a bunch of older ones that I skipped over on previous trips for various reasons.

One might assume that since it might rain at any moment, geocaching out in the countryside would not be the best choice. However, the funny thing is many geocaches out there do not involve a whole lot of hiking. I did the first five caches of the day in sandals. I only switched to shoes on the 6th cache because it looked like I would have to step over large logs into rotting log debris. I took a chance on "CTS in the Park"; it's a 0.8-mile round trip and there was a light sprinkling of rain as I pulled in to the parking area. Fortunately, it didn't start pouring and I had a nice walk on the grassy Conestoga Trail.

Dinner was at Fuddruckers in Lancaster in order to use my Fudd's Club anniversary coupon. I ordered the 1/3-lb burger and fries and dressed it to look like a melted cheese disaster. Now, that's good eating! The strange thing about this Fuddruckers is even though the parking lot was nearly full, there were only a few people in the dining area. Where did everyone else go? Maybe to the Texas Roadhouse next door.

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Sunny, 75-80°F. This is funny but my main motivation for going to this evening's Third Tuesday geocaching event at Fuddruckers in New Brunswick was to use my Fuddruckers birthday coupon to get a free burger. Never mind that it's a 190-mile round trip. :)

Of course, since I was heading into NJ anyway, I might as well find some geocaches. I started in Glendora and stopped in Magnolia, Somerdale, Hi-Nella, Gibbsboro, and Springdale. Not sure which was the most difficult geocache of the day. It's probably a tie between "Faux Bark" and "I see you!" "Faux Bark" was actually findable in a minute or two, but I needed to leave the cache site and think about this evil hide a little. The most amusing cache of the day was "Squirrely Butt". The placement was simply peculiar -- the plastic squirrel figurine was hanging upside-down in a tree hollow and presenting the bison tube.

In the evening, I arrived at Fuddruckers for the Third Tuesday event. The usual Central Jersey group was already there. After chatting a while, I ordered the burger. Waited for it but they never called my name. So I went to the order counter to check. It turned out that they had forgotten my order. Oy! Once I reminded them, it took only a few minutes and they brought the burger and fries to my table. Then I topped it with a ton of fixings. I think I used enough melted cheese this time. :)

After the event, I went to Edison and did two quick geocaches at night before heading for home. "Grand Opening" is in a location that was of interest to me. I'd been wondering what happened after they tore down the Ford Assembly Plant on US-1 a few years ago. Well, wonder no more. That cache took me to the middle of the former assembly plant site, which is now a Sam's Club with a huge parking lot. Because we're not done until US-1 is strip malls from end to end.

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While at the Cici's Pizza event last night, someone reminded me that there's yet another NJ geocaching event today. So, what the hey? Let's make a 4th trip into NJ for Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers - 2010 Edition. On the way there, I geocached in Deptford, Somerdale, and Stratford. Most of the geocaches I found in Deptford were centered around Deptford Mall. "Eat More Chikin'" is in a wooded area near Chick-Fil-A. There were a bunch of coupons in the cache for free spicy chicken sandwiches so I used one and got myself a sandwich. I'm not fond of this restaurant chain for various reasons but hey, it's free food so I won't quibble.

I lost track of time while geocaching so I arrived at Fuddruckers in New Brunswick rather late for the event but still caught the last hour of it. I had chili nachos. As usual, the group lingered until closing time. After leaving the event, I tried to find one more cache at a nearby pedestrian bridge on Route 18. It was easier than I thought because that whole area was lit up at night. I thought that cache placement on the bridge was rather precarious but it has remained there for half a year so maybe it's not as unstable as I thought.

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Did yard work this morning. Raked leaves and used the electric lawnmower on the front yard. Started heading back to Northern NJ after a late lunch. The plan was to hit the Third Tuesday geocaching event on the way back but there was plenty of time so we tackled a few geocaches, Corral and Villa, along the way. The last cache we did before the event was Rt.18 Pedestrian Bridge just a mile south of Fuddruckers in New Brunswick. This was a tough one so it was a good thing we were joined in the search by jo.b and JimmyG.

Got to Fuddruckers in time for the start of the event, more or less. In truth, I hadn't expected to be able to make it to this event. It just happened to be the way my travel schedule worked out, making the event a convenient dinner stop. I had nachos with chicken as usual.

And now I'm back in Northern NJ for my last week here. If all goes well, I should be 100% moved into Delaware by next week. (just in time to claim the free Pathmark turkey and roast it in my new and as yet unused gas oven. I can hardly wait!)
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Two days of fine weather. Around 70°F both days.

On Saturday, I went to Kingston. It's only halfway up to Albany from my place so it's not that far. I just haven't had time to visit that city in nearly two years. Well, I have time now and so I did. Just a few minutes in Kingston was enough to remind me why going there wasn't a top priority. The layout of uptown Kingston is confusing and annoying. Between the one-way streets and turn restrictions, I found myself making far more U-turns in parking lots than I should have needed. Dinner was at Arby's in Kingston to use another birthday coupon. I had a bacon and bleu roastburger and a jamocha swirl shake.

On Sunday, I went to Central Jersey. No cache marathon here. I was just picking at the odd cache here and there that I'd missed in previous trips. "Comic Book Trade" is a large chest set up behind an apartment complex for trading comic books. It's a great idea for a geocache and I wish I'd remembered to bring some comic books for trading. (or better yet, for leaving in this cache so I won't have to pack and move them!) Dinner was at Fuddruckers in New Brunswick to use... yes, another birthday coupon. (I still have 5 more but may not get around to using them all.) I had nachos with chicken and a cookies 'n cream shake.

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Tuesday: Sunny and around 70°F. This was a Sue & Barry day. Most of the geocaches I found were placed by that team. What's great about their caches is each one is stocked with buttons or other small trinkets that fit the cache theme. So I took a long hike in South Mountain Reservation and collected a bunch of buttons. (When I got home, these buttons promptly went into a small box of memorabilia that I'll move to the new place.)

In the evening, I went to the Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers - 2009 Edition monthly geocaching event at Fuddruckers in New Brunswick. I only stayed long enough to trade travel bugs and say hello to the event regulars though. Since I had a birthday coupon, I went to On The Border, just across US-1, instead for dinner. I had pork tamale and chicken enchilada and the dip trio.

Wednesday: Cloudy with a 50% chance of rain, or so said the weather forecast. It didn't actually start raining until very late in the afternoon. The nice part about that is the temperature was around 60°F the whole day. Because of weather uncertainty, I went to Western NJ and did mostly quick geocaches, the R.I.P. (cemetery) series and the Route 31 series. For dinner, I used another birthday coupon from the stack of coupons. I went to Ruby Tuesday in Hackettstown and had blackened fish burger with salad bar.

About birthday coupons: Most restaurant chains have mailing lists for deals and specials these days. Birthday coupons are a marketing tactic, of course, but some of those are genuine freebies. If you sign up for those mailing lists, create a new email address and use that instead so that their periodic mailings don't spam your regular email.

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Didn't update for two days so here goes...

Sunday was the Hi-4 mascot gig at the Pompton Day Festival in Pompton Lakes. The venue was a street fair that's about 0.6 of a mile long. On the roster this time were Damian K., [ profile] jimwolf24, [ profile] jdpuppy, [ profile] rapidtrabbit, [ profile] sunookitsune, [ profile] antetfa (?), and myself. Our changing area was in the gym locker room at Lakeside Middle School. I did two sets in costume. Walked the entire length of the street fair and back, interacting with people along the way. Didn't think I would go all the way to the end the second time but did it anyway. In between, I took a break to get a gyro and an Italian ice.

Monday was the Labor Day Holiday but that mattered little to me now. :) I went geocaching, mostly at Pyramid Mountain and Allamuchy State Park. Pyramid Mountain was crowded because of the holiday. The trails up to the first hill were full of people. I was lucky to find a parking space in the Boonton Avenue parking area. I hiked up and over the hill, down to the lake, and back to parking, finding 4 geocaches along the way. Allamuchy was a much flatter walk but still lengthy. It was getting close to dusk at that time so I only did 3 of the 4 geocaches I planned there.

I ended the day at the NNJC - "First Monday" Monthly Meet & Greet 2009 geocaching event at Fuddruckers in Parsippany. This was a lightly attended meet (We only used two tables this time.), probably because people had other plans for the Labor Day weekend. I had the turkey burger. (before and after adding fixings)

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Hot day today. 90°F in the early afternoon. I went geocaching in Monmouth County. Then in the evening, I went to the Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers - 2009 Edition monthly geocaching event at Fuddruckers in New Brunswick.

The two most interesting locations of the day were Jim Gary's Sculptures - The Playground and Jim Gary's Sculptures - Roadside Diner-saur, where I saw dinosaur sculptures, such as this green Stegosaurus, from local sculptor Jim Gary.

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Auto service in the morning. Odometer was at 112,367 miles. Also replaced the busted tire. After that, it was raining heavily but I stopped at Please Don't Feed the Wildlife on the way home. I knew it would be quick because it was at the Parkway rest stop near home. Had a leisurely lunch at home while waiting for the rain to stop, which it didn't. Headed out again and found PipsPackage, which was also not that far from home and in a familiar location because there used to be another cache by this part of the Saddle River. I got FTF on this and picked up one of the two FTF prizes, an LED flashlight. Second finder can have the Starbucks card because I don't normally go to that establishment myself.

After that, I went down the Parkway and endured the traffic delays to get to Laurence Harbor. There, I did all the geocaches that had been placed for the geocaching event on Sunday that I opted not to attend. The 7 geocaches took only 2 hours and at least I got the flavor of the area even if I didn't go to the event. Wish it wasn't raining the whole time though.

It was 8pm by the time I finished those geocaches but I thought I would swing by the Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers - 2009 Edition geocaching event at Fuddruckers in New Brunswick. There was a reporter at the event interviewing everyone for an article on geocaching in the Asbury Park Press. I don't have that newspaper up here so I'll just check their website in a week or so. I had nachos with chicken.

I left the event just before 11pm. While traveling up the Parkway, I had an idea. T_apeworm (New Jersey) is located in Newark and I hadn't been to this cache because I thought parking would be difficult there. However, I figured it wouldn't be a problem late at night and that turned out to be correct. A quick detour from the Parkway later, I saw that I had the whole block of parking spaces at my disposal and the cache was a quick find. It's on the Rutgers University campus, not an especially dangerous part of Newark. The Tapeworm project mentioned in the cache description is interesting too. Their goal is to tag unused/dead urban spaces with stickers. However, I don't like the idea because if it gets out of control, it would be as bad as graffiti.

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Took the day off so that I could have a full day of geocaching before going to the monthly geocaching event in the evening. This time, I went down the Turnpike side of the state and found caches in Jersey City and Bayonne. It was very slow going through that area because of traffic. "India Palace" was in an interesting area even if the cache itself wasn't too noteworthy. It was stashed in a dead tree planter next to an Indian grocery. After finding the cache, I went into the grocery because I was curious. I saw a broad selection of curries in there. I got their sale item of the day because I could use that.

In the evening, I went to Fuddruckers in New Brunswick for "Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers", the monthly event. This one was special because Boscobaby brought cake to celebrate my 10,000th find. It was vanilla cake with raspberry filling. I thought there was lemon in it too but that flavor was apparently from the flower. I also had nachos with chili to go with the cake.

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Went geocaching in Western NJ on Saturday. Found 20 geocaches in Montville, Ledgewood, Stanhope, and Allamuchy State Park. The weather was okay. The temperature topped out at a bit below 80°F. For dinner, I met up with [ profile] d4b at Fuddruckers in Parsippany. We ordered together because it was my one chance to use a Fuddruckers coupon for two. I had nachos with chili and made a Fuddruckers "salad" from the fixings bar afterwards.

On Sunday, I went to Western NJ again. This time, I went further out to Blairstown, Columbia, the Columbia WMA, and the White Lake WMA. In the WMA locations, there was too much tall grass and trails going through tall grass for comfort during tick season. I didn't get one this time though. Dinner was once again at Fuddruckers in Parsippany in order to use my last coupon, which was expiring that night. I had nachos with beef and another Fuddruckers "salad".

I'm going to hit my 10K milestone soon. I'm currently at 9,914 geocaches found. I won't get there this weekend though because there'll be a mascot gig, but we'll see.

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Saturday: Went to Central Jersey to finish a few groups of geocaches in Passaic River Park, Glenhurst Meadows, and Duke Island Park. That last group was placed for the Duke Island Safari geocaching event earlier this month. I missed the event but caches placed for the event are still in the park so I got that part of the event experience at least. I did a lot of hiking in muddy flood plain areas on Saturday so it's a good thing I had boots. Dinner was at Fuddruckers in Parsippany, where I had chicken nachos and tomatoes with cheese. It felt weird going to Fuddruckers when there wasn't a geocaching event. I kept expecting to sign the event log or trade travel bugs at any time.

Sunday: Long Island trip. I started late so I didn't think I would have that much time but I still was able to get nearly all the new geocaches up to Moriches. Dinner was at Curry Leaves in Flushing Center. I had curry mee with chicken and roti canai. I'm pretty sure I've tried those before but when in doubt, go for the curry.

Monday: Went to Western NJ (Washington, Hampton, Bloomsbury, etc) via Route 57. I don't think it was that long since I was last there but there were quite a number of new geocaches. I was at the peak of my ability that day. All the geocaches, even the difficult ones, were a snap to find. For dinner, I did a Google search on my cell phone for a conveniently-located Ruby Tuesday and found one in Bridgewater. I had Ruby Minis with salad bar.

On Saturday evening, my phone malfunctioned to the point where it was totally unusable. The screen came up blank. Nice of it to do that at the end of the day when it would cause the least inconvenience. Fortunately, I already had a spare phone from eBay, so that night, I activated it, transferred the contacts, and installed the Opera Mini software. I've done that a few times before so it was easy. (Who needs the Sprint Store anyway? :) ) It's the same phone model except red in color instead of gray. Since both colors are around the same price on eBay, I figured I might as well get a non-drab one.

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Took another day off today to go geocaching in Central Jersey and attend the Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers - 2009 Edition monthly geocaching event. I thought it was a bit cold in the morning but it turned out to be a nice day -- sunny and 60 - 65°F. I started a little late but still finished 22 geocaches, including the new Sue & Barry caches, the new Sparrow's Gold caches in Roselle Park and Elizabeth, all of Blacrex's caches, and the remainder of the Dalmatians series. I also found my pen, which I misplaced earlier in the day, because the last cache of the day took me back to the same park where I had dropped it.

In the evening, I went to Fuddruckers in New Brunswick for the event. I had nachos but without meat this time. I added all those jalapenos from the fixings bar because I'm crazy like that. There was also cake because it was TwistedLemon's daughter's birthday.

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I had the day off so I decided to combine a Central Jersey geocaching trip and an evening geocaching event. I didn't think I would do many geocaches though because it looked like rain. However, the rain clouds went away and it became a sunny day. The ground was still wet and muddy and I slipped and fell in the mud while attempting to cross a small creek, so I'll be doing the laundry again soon. But it's worth it!

Kevtel81 has placed quite a number of geocaches on the Rutgers University campus. The Watchers is near the Busch Campus Center so after finding the cache, I went inside to take a look. It's a food court with a Burger King, a deli, and a pizza place. I remember when my school added a food court. I didn't get to use it though because construction finished only near the end of my last semester there. However, I really didn't care because the campus was in Manhattan and I could just as easily walk out and get better food at any of the neighborhood eateries.

After I had gotten 15 geocaches, I went to Fuddruckers in New Brunswick for Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers - 2009 Edition. I actually arrived in the middle of the event. It started at 7:30pm, I got there at 8:30pm, and it ended at around 9:30pm when everyone headed out to seek Their Bodies Rest, a new geocache that's just a block from the restaurant. I had nachos with chicken at Fuddruckers. It's fun food and actually cheaper than most of their burger platters. I noticed an AAA sticker at the restaurant entrance so I asked for the discount and got 10% off. Nice.

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This wasn't my first day of work for the year since I was in on Friday, but it still seemed like a lot of things started today.

In the afternoon, I went for the Rebellious Girls geocache. It was near the Daughters of the Revolution monument in Hillburn, NY.

Then, in the evening, I went to the NNJC - "First Monday" Monthly Meet & Greet 2009 geocaching event at Fuddruckers in Parsippany. A few new faces but mostly the same people as last month. Traded lots of travel bugs since I brought a bagful. I got a $3 coupon from the Fuddruckers mailing list just this afternoon so I brought it with me to use at the meet. The coupon was for a fresh garden salad. I asked the cashier if I could use it on a chicken taco salad. He said no, but gave me a chicken taco salad anyway. Go figure. After finishing the taco salad, I went to the fixings bar and made myself some tomatoes and cheese.
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UCPN Festival of Trees

Tonight, while on my way to a geocaching event, I made a slight 3-mile detour to Wallington for the Close to Brothers geocache. The cache site is a war memorial on a traffic island. The street it is on is fairly quiet for an urban area. I parked on a nearby residential street, took a walk over, and made the easy FTF.

Then I went to Fuddruckers in Parsippany for the NNJC - First Monday Meet and Greet monthly geocaching event. This time, I came prepared with a $3 coupon from the Fuddruckers mailing list. I had a crispy chicken sandwich and got a refill of fries too.

I know I shouldn't go to every monthly meet because I've been at odds with this group before but it wasn't too out of my way this evening. I'll think about it again when the January meet comes around.


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