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This past weekend was my annual trip to the Crowne Plaza in Cromwell, CT, for Furpocalypse. I've had mixed feelings about this con, and FurFright before that, for a number of years, but still kept attending, probably out of force of habit. Furpocalypse seems to be having a tough time setting itself apart from the legacy of Furfright but I see they have made numerous small changes: making the registration line go the other way, new security, more pizza, fursuiter tags, new hosts for the quiz hour, and probably lots of other little things I didn't notice. I thought the con itself was just fine this time around and if I didn't do as much there as I'd intended, it was my problem for not pushing myself hard enough to do those things.

The problem this time was I wasn't too fond of the hotel. The Crowne Plaza has lots of problems, The first night, when I tried to check-in, the front desk staff, who seemed to be a bit lacking in training, took a long time trying to look for my reservation on the computer and had to call someone else to help. Then JBadger and I noticed that the room keys demagnetized rather rapidly by themselves. The keys didn't last two days before failing to open the door, so it was annoying having to go to the front desk multiple times during our stay to have them redo the keys. And finally, the layout of the hotel is downright confusing, although by the end of the con, I started to remember some useful shortcuts to get down to the lobby from the room. The other problem is I'm again noticing some rudeness among con attendees. Aside from the loud expletives that I heard here and there in con space, which I try to tune out anyway, I saw people rushing into the elevator before anyone inside had a chance to exit. What's the deal with that? I saw that happen a number of times, although not as much towards the end of the con. On the plus side, getting drunk-groped and drunk-clinged while I was in fursuit only happened once this time.

But enough ranting. At this con, I attended the usual events: fursuit parade, fursuit games, Saturday Morning Cartoons panel. I watched a movie (Guardians of the Galaxy), which is a change from past years when I typically ignored the movie room. And I attended the "Being a Good Social Potato" panel, which I assumed from the panel description would be a workshop on socializing better, but somehow it turned into a rant-fest on certain types of annoying people in fandom. But it was a fun panel nevertheless. I was also in two fursuit music videos by chance because I was in fursuit in the main hallway when they were asking around for participants. Aside from con stuff, I also took a few trips with JBadger outside the hotel for meals, geocaches, and Munzees. So it was a pretty full weekend with a variety of activities. Only slight regret was I fell asleep early and missed the night dances, but I certainly can't do everything.

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This weekend, I was in Connecticut for Furpocalypse. From all appearances though, it might as well have been FurFright Redux 2014. Same hotel, same events, same charity... heck, even some of the prizes and goodies from the games and contests still say "FurFright"! For their first year, it's fine to ride on FurFright's momentum but I hope they'll eventually try new things and remake the con in their own vision. For the most part, I had a good time, which is hard to explain since it's pretty much the same con as last year. It could be that a slight change in the mood made all the difference. Last year, I had the impression that folks were a tad cold and distant but there was none of that this year. The only real issue I encountered this year was one of the hotel guests (not a con attendee) was very rude but I never saw him again after Thursday, so good riddance.

- Friday evening, I got back from dinner in time to join the ice cream and trivia hour. I was surprised that my group won this time. One of the prizes was the quizmaster's fake hair, which I used later at the dance.
- I was at the Saturday Morning Cartoons panel when the fire alarm started, so everyone had to wait outside in the cold. I was wearing my fleece bat pajamas at the time, so it wasn't too bad. Also, at least the alarm wasn't at 4am like FurFright 2 years ago.
- Fursuit parade on Saturday was indoors with the final photoshoot in the ballroom instead of outside, because of the rain.
- Since I enjoyed the sewing panel at FAU, I attended one again at Furpocalypse. This time, I made a squeaky toy.
- Went to the Big Gulp Party on Saturday evening. Thanks to [ profile] dalesql for hosting.
- Fursuit games on Sunday: First game was a relay race where we went in pairs and one fursuiter would push the other around the course on a dolly. Second game was charades. And the last game was the figure-eight musical chairs. (a FurFright original) I was on the red team (Team Ebola) and we got second place.
- I skipped the closing ceremony in favor of a little geocaching spree around Newington followed by dinner. (Goldburger at Goldburgers) I returned in time for the dead dog party and a bit of pizza. Originally, there was a second fursuit parade scheduled for Sunday night but it had been canceled by the con. We got a bunch of fursuiters together and paraded anyway, which was hilarious since no one expected it.

Also, there was geocaching. Connecticut does not have as high a cache density as the Philly area but I still found quite a number. I focused on the Milford, West Haven and Prospect Beach areas (Date Night, WOOF Series) on the way to the con. During the con, I dashed out for mini caching sprees in Berlin and Newington. On the way home, since I had an errand to run in Middletown, I got a few there and a bunch more in Trumbull (America's Pastime series) on the way home. There was some good hiking, although I think fall colors were already past the peak by that time.

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So this weekend, I was in Connecticut at the Cromwell Crowne Plaza for Furfright. Although for the most part, a problem-free con, this year's Furfright was so-so for me. To figure out why and to get some perspective, I had to look back on the last two Furfrights. Furfright 2011 was pretty bad, or at least bad enough to write a complaint about. In 2012, they either corrected the problems I brought up or I just didn't notice those as much. But that was the year we had the 4am fire alarm and the hurricane evacuation. Those were not the fault of the con but things were kind of on a down note. This year, nothing bad happened. In fact, people who caused trouble in previous years weren't even at the con this year. So why wasn't I having a great time? It was probably my problem all this time! When that realization hit me on Saturday night, I had to stop what I was doing right away and go back to my room to get out of fursuit and think about it.

Could it be that all those things I got annoyed at in previous Furfrights merely masked the underlying problem, which is that I didn't find the con all that interesting any more? Looking back at what I did at the con, it was mostly hanging out. The events I went to were pretty much the same as in previous years. The parades were the same. Even the games in the fursuit games seemed the same to me. Plus, it didn't help that I appear to have grown pretty distant from most New England furries. Maybe it is time to skip a year, perhaps to try a different con or use the weekend for something else. In any case, I have until next year to ponder this.

That aside, there were some things I did enjoy. Dale's party was a nice little gathering. Trivia hour was good too, even if I were there mostly for cookies and ice cream. And I was glad to catch part of Alflor's reading. (I won a copy of his book at the end of that panel, so I'll see what goes on in the rest of the story.) Also, it was good to go out hiking and geocaching in nearby Berlin with JBadger and Scribbles.

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To be honest, after some not-so-good experiences at Furfright 2011, I considered skipping this year. However, I discussed my concerns with [ profile] kgraleopard last year and seeing as how this is the tenth Furfright, I decided to give it another chance. I'm glad I did! I see a number of changes to the way the con was run that made all the difference. Just about the only problem I saw this time was the fire alarm at 4am on Sunday, which was the fault of a prankster, not the con. I thought the dances were good this year. I liked the retro sock hop, which I also enjoyed at FAU previously. Saturday night had some good music and a fun crowd too. I also enjoyed the Thriller Crash Course on Saturday morning, even though I wasn't very good at that. I was also at the Saturday Morning Cartoons party, both fursuit parades, and the fursuit games, and got to chat with many of my friends who I only get to see at this con.

As usual, I starting driving late Wednesday night so I could get to Connecticut by daybreak for geocaching. There weren't very many new geocaches since last year, so I decided to do something a bit more challenging. I went to Giuffrida Park in Meriden to hike up to Lamentation Mountain. I don't think it was a very high mountain but there were a few steep sections and it was a round trip of over 3 miles for 8 geocaches. There were good views of Crescent Lake (from the base of the mountain) and the valley. (from the peak)

Getting home on Monday was quite an adventure because of Hurricane Sandy. First, I had to leave Connecticut by 1pm because of a state-wide highway closure. I figured it was a better idea to cut across Westchester County and cross the Tappan Zee Bridge instead of going through New York City. That route also let me stop at Palisades Center Mall for lunch and to use the wi-fi internet. It's a familiar place because I used to live in the area. (And I'm glad the mall has not collapsed from ground subsidence issues.) After that, I saw that the NJ Turnpike was closed south of exit 9, so I detoured to US-1, used the bridge in Trenton to cross over to the Pennsylvania side, and returned home via I-95, which seemed fine aside from some speed restrictions. Later, I found out that the NJ Turnpike was closed only between exits 7 and 8A, so the electronic sign I saw was incorrect, but they were probably still sorting out their info at the time.

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Sunny, cold day. 45-50°F. Repacking my stuff didn't take very long, comparatively. Although I still needed 3 trips to load everything into my car, I was able to use the secret shortcut stairway to the parking garage because my luggage cart can go down the stairs just fine. Said my goodbyes to some friends who were still at the hotel on Monday morning. Then I checked out and left.

First, I went to Wethersfield to finish the "Spew pew pew" power trail. Then I went to Glastonbury. There was a bunch of geocaches in the town park remaining from an event earlier this year, so I did the ones near the front of the park. From Glastonbury, I continued geocaching northwards into East Hartford, where I came across a Cabela's store. (There are two geocaches in the store parking lot: "SMK-133 Salebac Rev.1" and "Hook & Bullet".) This outdoor store is huge! I was reminded of the time I saw the Shady Maple Smorgasbord, which is also an absurdly huge building with a stadium-sized parking lot in the middle of nowhere. I've heard people describe this store as a mecca for geocachers, but now that I've seen their goods, I'm not so sure because a bit over half the store is devoted to hunting. I did find one thing I needed that I haven't been able to get locally though and that is a roll of camo duct tape. It was interesting to see the Connecticut River Valley Wildlife Museum at the back of the store and the island of stuffed animals, although I'm not talking about plush toys there.

After leaving East Hartford, I found a few more geocaches on and near the highway. For dinner, I had a seafood platter at American Steakhouse. Like Ruby Tuesday, this is another chain restaurant where the all-you-can-eat salad bar is more interesting than the entrees, but I do enjoy a steakhouse that serves decent fried fish.

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After returning from the geocaching dinner event, I took care of a few things at home and left home again shortly after midnight. If I'd driven straight to Cromwell, it'd take about 4 hours, or so the GPS claimed. I stretched that out a bit by doing a few 24/7 geocaches at night, so that I'd reach North Haven at daybreak. Then I started the caching spree. Well, I started with North Haven and that turned into an attempt to finish all the geocaches in Wallingford, a town that seems to be packed more densely with geocaches than most areas in CT. Quite a number of today's geocaches were in the TTMTD series, which is someone's attempt to cache every single Dunkin Donuts in CT. I'm not sure how many Dunkin Donuts there are but there are already over 100 geocaches in this series! It got repetitive after a while so I mixed it up with other geocaches in the area and only did the TTMTDs if any of those were nearby.

At around 2pm, I decided to stop my assault on Wallingford and go to the Crowne Plaza to check in. After I did that and moved my stuff into the room, I had lunch (Well, anything looks good when I've been up all night and not eaten anything substantial since dinner.) and continued the geocaching spree with 6 more caches near the hotel and around Cromwell/Berlin. "No Ca$h Cache" is on the Wal-Mart Nature Trail. I thought that was rather unusual. Wal-Mart must have either built the trail or sponsored the trail upkeep.

When I returned in the evening, a lot more Furfright attendees had arrived and the hotel lobby looked quite busy. I joined the pre-reg line to get my badge and conbook. Chatted with some friends I hadn't seen since either last year or Anthrocon. And that brings this journal up to the present time. I guess I should get some sleep since I've been awake for 36 hours.

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I was at the Dead Dog Party until the last dance, which wasn't that late but it still meant that I didn't wake up terribly early the next morning. Packed up quickly, said a few goodbyes, and left the hotel. I started with a bunch of geocaches in Southington/Cheshire. Four hours later, I got cache #11000 in Meriden. Then I went down Route 15 to Orange to hit another big group of geocaches since a few locals had been busy placing caches there just a few months ago. Yeah, I took the long way home.

Dinner was at American Steakhouse in Bridgeport. I hadn't been to this one before but it's pretty similar to American Steakhouse in Norwalk and Waterbury. I had the seafood platter. As I was driving out of the parking lot, I noticed the car was lagging a bit so I reparked. Then I saw that the driver's side front tire was flat. Tried to change the tire myself but the lug nuts were too tight so I called AAA. The AAA truck happened to be just across the street at the time so that was fast.

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I'd moved everything I packed to the car the night before so in the morning, all I needed to do was toss in a few last-minute items and leave. It wasn't that great a day for travel. The temperature was around 40°F and it was raining. Then when I got to Danbury, CT, the rain turned into a rain/snow mix. Nevertheless, I did find a bunch of quick geocaches in Danbury and Newtown along the way. The only odd one was "Newtown War Memorial". The cache listing had been archived by the cache owner because he couldn't find his own cache. I went to the cache site and started looking, and there it was! Go figure.

Arrived at Holiday Inn in Waterbury. There was a geocache right in the parking lot, so I just had to do that before checking in. After check-in, I was soon joined at my room by [ profile] jbadger, my roommate. We went out in the snow and got the other geocache by the Costco behind the hotel and did a little shopping at BJ's Wholesale to pick up something that both of us had forgotten to bring. Then we returned to the hotel for a quick round of fursuiting before dinner at American Steakhouse. Both of us had T-bone steaks because of a 2-for-$17.99 special.

Returned to the hotel. I got my con badge just before registration closed. Then JBadger and I did another round of fursuiting until the hotel turned the atrium lights off at midnight. I didn't know they did that. I guess it's because I didn't stay up late enough on Thursday last year.

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I started the day on Saturday with a free small breakfast at IKEA in Paramus. I believe this is the second weekend this year they're running this promo. I missed the first one. As I expected, the place was packed but it didn't take long to pick up the food and coffee. Then I went geocaching in North and then Central Jersey. It was sunny and the temperature as high as 82°F. I nearly died of heat but before dying, I climbed Snake Hill in Secaucus for Another Secaucus Panorama (Climb'&Find' 6). My approach to the peak ended with a crawl up a 45° slope. It was slippery because of leaves on the ground. On the way back, I slid down the hill while holding on to a wire fence.

For the rest of the day, nothing else was as challenging as the Snake Hill climb. I ran into Vegan Freaks on the way out from CJCC: India. They were going for the whole set of CJCC caches. As I mentioned to them, I wasn't doing the set all at once. I'm just picking up a CJCC caches a few at a time since I wasn't in a rush for the geocoin prizes. Dinner was at Burrito Royale in Monmouth Junction. I was curious about that little taco stand on US-1 as I've driven past it many times. I had super nachos. The verdict: It's not that special, although the food portion was huge.

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The Elvis Bull

I did a mascot gig with Hi-4 for Maple Sugar Sunday at Stamford Museum. The weather forecast was rather dire on the amount of snow expected on Sunday but I figured there was a good enough chance that the snow wouldn't amount to much, so I didn't opt out of this gig. I began to doubt my hunch when snow started coming down while I went for the Beware of the Dog! and Purchase Pipe geocaches in Westchester on my way to Stamford. Well, guess what? The snow slowed to a few flakes here and there and none of it stuck. So it wasn't a bad day after all.

Our group this time was [ profile] jbadger, [ profile] jimwolf24, Damian, and I. Our changing area was in the children's activity center building. We took turns going out two at a time in costume. It wasn't a terribly big event but there were still many people who took a chance on the snow and attended the event. There was a paved path all the way around the farm area so I took a walk in costume there and interacted with people and kids along the way. On my second time out, I stayed mostly near the center part of the nature center grounds because the path was wet from ice melt. On my break, I changed out of costume and toured the area as a regular visitor, sampling some popcorn and maple donuts and watching the maple sugaring demonstration. I also took some photos and video.

Our post-gig dinner plans fell through because the Thai restaurant in Greenwich apparently disappeared without a trace some time during the last few years. So we split up. I went with [ profile] jbadger to Flushing Chinatown to try some eateries from this New York Times article. I had Hand-pulled Noodles with Mutton at Lanzhou Handmade Noodle at Golden Mall Food Court. This food court, hidden away in the basement of Golden Shopping Mall at the corner of 41st Road and Main St, was an incredibly cramped space subdivided into a dozen or so food vendors. I had to change seats because someone needed to push a stack of boxes down the narrow aisle. I thought the mutton and noodles were okay. The soup had more spices in it than anything you'd find in any run-of-the-mill Chinese place. For dessert, I had cheesecake at Sun Mary Bakery, another place mentioned in the NYT article.
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On Saturday morning, I joined the New England Fursuiters in a mascot gig at the Middletown Penguin Plunge a charity event to benefit the Special Olympics. I was going to skip this event if things got too hectic, especially with the ongoing insurance claim process, but the weekend was open. I'm glad I went. This year, they let us use the kitchen as our changing area so there was no storage space problem. The 32°F weather was perfect for fursuiting. I was out there for quite a while without working up a sweat and took breaks only because of lulls in activity, not because I particularly needed to. Once again, our group did the gag of rushing towards the lake but having only one of us actually go in. [ profile] freakylynx was the one this time.

After the gig, we went to O'Rourke's Diner in Middletown for breakfast. (food video) On Saturday, this quirky diner serves only breakfast until 3pm so that's what we had, even though it was already lunchtime.

After lunchbreakfast, I went off on my own and found a bunch of geocaches in Middletown and Meriden. Only the last two were after sunset. Connecticut has lower cache density than most areas in my usual travel routes so it was a surprise to find 4 geocaches in Veterans Memorial Park.

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Started my trip to FurFright in Waterbury, CT, this morning and soon hit rush hour traffic on I-287. I should've started half an hour later but I didn't expect that traffic delay to last until 10am. As usual, I did a bunch of geocaches along the way, turning a 90-minute trip into an 8-hour tour of the Connecticut countryside. However, with the Fall colors almost in full effect, I do think it's the best time of the year for that. I visited some Southbury Land Trust areas, as well as Hop Brook Lake Park and the Larkin Bridle Trail. Arrived at the hotel a little after 5pm.

Dinner was at Hometown Buffet near the Brass Mill Mall in Waterbury. While in the parking lot, someone came to me saying that his red Chevy Blazer was out of gas. Now I know that there is a 99.44% chance it is a scam and he was trying to bum a few dollars from a bunch of people. I wasn't going to give him any money but I was curious as to what AAA would say about this, so I called them. They said they would send a tow truck out with a gallon of gas. I went into Hometown Buffet to have dinner and when the truck came, I went out to the parking lot again to confirm my request. Afterwards, the guy who was out of gas thanked me profusely and drove away. I still suspect it could be a scam but at least I found out how AAA handles gas requests.

Got back to the hotel and hung around a little meeting up with some friends. Then the pre-reg line started so I took care of con registration. And that's about it for today.

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I thought it would rain today but it didn't rain until night. So it was a humid day at around 75-80°F. I went to Southern Connecticut and did some geocaches, mostly at or near the Milford beach area. By the evening, I'd gotten up to Hamden so there may not be many left for the next trip.

Dinner was a fish and chips platter at Duchess in Milford. I don't think I've been to this one yet. It looks a little better than the one in Darien.

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Nice weather after yesterday's rain. Sunny. 75-80°F. I went to SW Connecticut again to find more of this year's new geocaches. This time, I got all the way to Orange and Milford before it got late and I had to stop. Only the last two were done after dark. Downtown Milford was quiet on Sunday night and it was the perfect time to examine the evergreen.

I've had a pretty easy time in Connecticut so far. The only problems I encountered today were parks with residents-only parking restrictions. The town of Stratford had the worst restrictions. When I arrived at the entrance to Roosevelt Forest, I saw a sign saying that there is a $1,000 fine for out-of-town cars. Furthermore, the sign stated that even town residents will be charged if they don't have a parking permit displayed, although the fee then drops to $300. When I read that, I decided to forget about Stratford and the half dozen or so geocaches in Roosevelt Forest, and continued onwards to the next town. Many towns are willing to share their public parks, so why bother with the few that want to shut out outsiders?

Dinner was at American Steakhouse in West Haven, which is much better (both in ambience and in salad bar selections) than their Norwalk location. Once again, I had the seafood platter because I like the fried fish and scallops.

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Sunny day. 75°F - 80°F. Windy at times. I went to Southwestern Connecticut again. (Merritt Parkway and I-95 corridor) This time, I got as far as Westport before sunset. I couldn't resist doing one more at night because it was at an I-95 rest area but I stopped right after that to save the rest of the geocaches for the next trip.

The most interesting cache of the day was "Food for Thought". The initial coordinates point to the front door of a Chinese restaurant. The first part involved looking up food items on the takeout menu to get the coordinates for the next step, which was a traditional cache hide in Cranbury Wood. I do still have the takeout menu and I'll consider making a dinner stop there one day if this restaurant is on my way home. Aside from that, the rest of the geocaches were regular hides, which is not to say that those were uninteresting because each one is a unique challenge. I did a few more from the "Little Green Men" series and one more from the SGD series. The only problems I encountered were two geocaches that had gotten waterlogged and one that had been vandalized.

Dinner was at American Steakhouse in Norwalk. I had the seafood platter. Yes, even in a steakhouse, I'd have the fried fish because I'm weird like that. I also had several helpings from the salad bar, which is the real reason I went to American Steakhouse.

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I thought it was going to rain today but the weather turned sunny in the afternoon. I went to Southwestern Connecticut, to Greenwich and Stamford. I hadn't gone geocaching in Connecticut since the winter, so there were lots and lots of new geocaches, so many that I didn't get past Stamford before sunset came and I had to stop.

I did two series of geocaches: The "Rosa Hartman" series at Rosa Hartman Park and the "Are you smarter than a...?" series at Treetops State Park. What's nice is I could park in one place and find all the caches in each series in one loop hike. Of course, after hitting Lehigh Valley and assorted flatlands for several weeks, the hilly terrain in Connecticut was tough but I could deal with that.

Dinner was going to be a footlong at Subway in Stamford but the guy behind the counter didn't seem interested in taking my order so I just returned home. Home was only about 45 minutes away and rather than put up with lackluster customer service, I might as well take advantage of my own well-stocked fridge.

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GeoJamboree 6

On Saturday, I went to Kettletown State Park in Southbury, CT, for GEO JAMBOREE 6, a big geocaching event in Connecticut. It was a good picnic but at 95°F, the weather was hot enough to be unbearable and we all hung out mostly in the shade. Did some geocaching in the park afterwards, of course. Most of the new geocaches were on the campground side of the park. I was on my own most of the time but four of us converged on "A Change In The Starting Lineup", which was a difficult hide. After that, I left the park and found a few more geocaches on the way home, ending with "Nocturnal Quest", a night cache using a reflector trail. (Piece of cake, really. The description told me enough to figure out roughly where the cache was, although I still needed the last few reflectors to pinpoint it.)

On Sunday, I went to Long Island. Another hot 95°F day. Later in the afternoon, the clouds started rolling in. Then, at "MAM-3K Riverview (RPA55)", the torrential rain started. I stopped in the middle of looking for the geocache and ran back to the car. Five minutes later, the rain stopped almost as suddenly as it started. By that time, I'd read all the online logs on my cell phone and figured out where to look. After that, it was pretty uneventful, but I met yojoefan at the last cache of the day, "Random Caches 6 - Nunleys". I was sitting in the car signing the log sheet when I saw two people go to the cache spot. I love those chance meetups. Dinner was at Sentosa in Flushing.

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Saturday: In honor of the all new higher gas prices, I went to Orange County. It was a warm day, sunny and over 80°F. I hadn't been to Orange Co. in a while, so there were many new geocaches. The only disconcerting thing happened when I was in the Wallkill Area. I saw a wild turkey crossing the road. I saw that it had gotten across safely. Then I heard a thump and a bunch of feathers flew up. Huh? Based on the dead lump on the road, I figured that there was a second wild turkey and it walked right into my car. Egads! Dinner was at Arby's in Middletown. (No, I did not have turkey!)

Sunday: Woke up early in the morning to head out to Norton Park in Plainville, CT, for a mascot gig at Earthstock. Also on the roster were [ profile] coyoty, [ profile] wally_wabbit, [ profile] wildw0lf, [ profile] freakylynx, [ profile] sunookitsune, [ profile] rapidtrabbit, Damian K, [ profile] runswithwolves9, and Max the Husky. It was a smallish event with a vendor fair and some entertainment. We had a critter parade and then just wandered around until we figured it was time to stop. Good thing it wasn't as hot a day as the day before. The temperature was 60-70°F and turned from cloudy to sunny.

After the gig, I left the group and went off on my own. I found both caches in Norton Park, of course, and also 11 more in Bristol, Southington, and Plainville. In the course of my travels, I saw an LJS-Taco Bell co-branded restaurant, so I had to stop there for lunch, just for the novelty of having fried fish and burrito together!

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Santa makes an appearance

I went to two Christmas Party geocaching events, Holiday Party!! on Tuesday night and NW CT Christmas Party on Wednesday night. The two events were originally not intended to be on two consecutive nights. It only happened that way because "Holiday Party" was postponed from last week to this week due to a snowstorm. It's a good thing it was postponed too because I was in Delaware last week and could not attend. Of course, I went geocaching in icebound Connecticut both days. I knew most of the geocaches would be challenging but I tried anyway and was successful a number of times. Some caches were in hiding spots that were sheltered from the snow, e.g. rock overhangs and tree holes, so they were still findable. As for the rest, success depended on luck, tools, and educated guesses.

"Holiday Party" was at Tailgators in Derby. This was a lively, raucous affair with lots of attendees. I think we filled up more than half the bar/restaurant. We had homemade cookies. I ordered the deluxe nachos after I saw another geocacher eating that and noted that this appetizer was big enough to be a meal. We also collected donations of toys for Toys For Tots. I donated a Gund plush leopard. At the end of the party, there was a raffle. (gift exchange) I won an ammo box filled with goodies.

"NW CT Christmas Party" was at a family restaurant in New Milford. Compared to "Holiday Party", this was a low-key affair, a smaller gathering of geocachers. We had a gift exchange at this event too and Santa made an appearance. I got another ammo box and also an LED flashlight. (because they know how I keep going for geocaches at night :) ) I had spaghetti with sausage. We also shared a bunch of appetizers and ended the dinner with cookies.

Today, I ran a lot of errands that needed to be done. Went to the bank, post office, fruit market, supermarket, drugstore, and Chinese supermarket. I also finally went to Proline Auto Body in Elmwood Park to get the new front shield installed. It was pretty quick because I had an appointment. When I arrived at Proline, the mechanic had the part ready and started work right away. He was done in a few minutes. That should be the end of the deer damage.

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Friday was my last day in northern Delaware. After having the complimentary breakfast and checking out of the hotel, I went for one last round of geocaching. Since the weather was good, I threw in a bunch of geocaches that involved a bit of a walk. Nothing terribly unusual except for the bright pink ammo can at "Pretty In Pink". After the 12th cache of the day, I started getting tired so I finished up with a few easy ones and then headed over to the Arby's in Wilmington that I saw on my first evening here to have a Pick 5 before the long drive home. Also made a stop at Wawa in Swedesboro to stock up on chocolate milk.

The next day was a trip to Connecticut for a fursuit bowling event put together by [ profile] wally_wabbit. I'd already packed what I needed for that trip before heading out to Delaware, so it was just a matter of swapping one set of luggage in the car for another set. Did a bunch of geocaches along the way, of course. While I was in Delaware, the northeast apparently got some snow. A few inches to half a foot maybe. However, I did get lucky poking at the snow with my hiking pole. I found two caches right away even though they were completed covered by snow. I also took a brief look at Holy Land, an abandoned tourist attraction that I missed on my previous visit to Waterbury. There is now a cache just downhill from that place, so I figured why not take a few minutes to see what it looks like? I didn't think it was legal to enter though so I only went up to the gate.

After that, I went to Highland Bowl in Cheshire. I was actually the first one there, so I waited inside for the group. Our bowling time was scheduled for 3pm, so we had time for a brief visit to the Barker Cartoon Museum, just across the road. Of the items on display, I thought the jelly glasses were interesting because I collected those myself and still have them. Also good to know they're worth a few dollars each, which, while not much, is better than the zero I thought they were worth.

Went back to the bowling alley and it was time to change into costume. That was when I discovered that our changing area was the restroom, which presented some difficulties because it was a tight space. After thinking it over for a bit, my solution was to drive to the rear parking lot, change there, leave my stuff in the car, and walk back to the front in costume. Changing in 30-degree weather was certainly a novel experience! (and cold too!)

Returned to the bowling alley and got into the game. Also playing were [ profile] wally_wabbit, [ profile] foxwell, [ profile] rapidtrabbit, [ profile] coyoty, [ profile] wildw0lf, and a few others. My bowling ability is lousy, worse still in costume, although I did get all 10 pins once. Still, it was fun to do whether or not I hit anything. We had pizza and soda from the bowling alley's cafe. During the game, we got roped into a kid's birthday party at the other end of the bowling alley for pictures and giggles. It was a neat surprise for them because they thought it was just going to be a regular bowling alley birthday party. :)

After the bowling event, I took a walk back to the rear parking lot and changed there. (COLD!) The rest of the group had after-event plans, but I opted not to follow them. Instead, I went for a few geocaches in Wallingford and then had dinner at American Steakhouse in West Haven. (a quiet evening with their super salad bar :) )

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