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Just like the previous two weekends, my focus was not on geocaches although there were still some on the way to the munzee areas. Saturday's actual goal was to claim my free AIRism t-shirt from the Montgomery Mall Uniqlo. I had that coupon in my email for the longest time but my previous attempt to head that way was foiled by an injury. So once again, I headed the same way up. Enroute, there was a stop at West Goshen Township Park in West Chester for a few geocaches, as well as a quick look at the helicopter museum. Then I went and got the munzees up the Rt 309 shopping area in North Wales and Montgomeryville. And the last stop before dinner was at Uniqlo to get the shirt. I'd never been to this store before. My overall impression though was clothes there ran a gamut of sizes from tiny to super-tiny. Seriously, even their size XL seemed a bit small for my apparently giant frame. (No wonder I fall down so hard! :) )

Sunday's trip was to Audubon, Cherry Hill, Voorhees, and Collingswood, after picking up a few geocaches in Penns Grove along the way. My plan was to bag all the resort munzees with empty rooms before getting to the meat of the day, which was a walk around Knight Park in Collingswood. This park is closed to vehicular traffic on Sunday, so I walked the 2 miles all the way around to capture the munzee trail. It was a rather nice day for a walk and I even showed a curious passer-by what the game was about. (He thought I was geocaching at first. Heheh, no.) After that, I got some dragon munzees in Mount Laurel. Decided that was enough for the day, so there was time for a trip to an Asian supermarket in Cherry Hill before dinner.

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There were a few caches here and there locally that I'd planned to get on Saturday before going to Pottstown. So I got one in Wilmington, and after breakfast, I got two more in Chadds Ford and East Bradford. The open space area in East Bradford had a bit of a slope, which I had no problem going down but on the way back up, I slipped and fell. I must have landed the wrong way because my left shoulder and upper arm was sore and I didn't have as much strength there as usual. So I went to the Penn Medicine Emergency Room in West Chester to get it checked.

Got admitted not long after since the ER wasn't busy. Some things must have changed in the years since I was last in a hospital. They now seem to be required to ask a batch of questions to make sure that any injury was not the result of physical abuse. Anyway, I caught up with some Bruce Willis movies in the patient room while waiting for X-rays and such. Got pushed around in a wheelchair, which was more fun that I would've thought, to the X-ray room. A nurse administered some painkiller via IV although it really didn't do much. It was exactly as a friend described it once: you're still sore but the drug makes you not care as much about the soreness. The doctor was really good though. He moved my arm a bit and the bone went right back in without any pain at all. Then I left the hospital with some instructions and a prescription, although the nurse told me it's really just for some over-the-counter Aleve. I am to take a couple of days off from work and see an orthopedic specialist for a followup but that seems to be about it.

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Had Monday off so it was a 3-day weekend. Saturday's trip was to nearby Ridley Park for a few caches, then farther north to King of Prussia, Berwyn, Plymouth Meeting, Lansdale, Colmar, and New Britain. The ruins of the Moore-Irwin House were interesting to explore. It looked like a house built into the side of a knoll, so you can climb up the slope and look down into the ruins. Also remarkable was how close this abandoned structure was to modern-day businesses and offices. It's practically just off a parking lot. I also made a side trip to visit the National Memorial Arch in Valley Forge (for Munzee though. Geocaches are not allowed in national parks.) and the Elmwood Park Zoo murals. (In that section of the mural, it looks like the animals are looking at you disapprovingly. I thought it was funny.)

Sunday's trip was to Wyomissing, Sinking Spring, and Reading. This area is a bit rougher and graffiti-filled but I thought it was clever that the cache at this location was camoflaged to blend in with the graffiti. There were some nice spots too, such as a hilltop pavillion near the Penn State campus.

Monday was the real treat of the holiday weekend. I hadn't been to Lehigh Valley in a while, so there were a bunch of cache series waiting. I didn't have enough daylight for everything but I got the Waltons, Snooper & Blabber, some old TV shows, Mel Brooks, the Addams Family, a bunch of cartoons, and a few more around a residential area for good measure. (The cache owners must've watched a lot of TV. :) ) The caches were mostly in parks and cemeteries in Bethlehem, Easton, and Palmer Township. I thought Housenick Park (BTCS series) was the most interesting area because it's the grounds of an old estate with a cellar (or perhaps a dungeon of mystery), a pump house, and historical tennis courts! (No kidding. That's what the sign says!)

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Saturday was the day I tackled the group of 10 geocaches in Birch Run Preserve in the Coatesville area. The first cache nearest the parking area was "Barkley's First Shed", a Wherigo. I figured the Wherigo cartridge would take me pretty much all over the park, so I kept that running while I found the other caches along the way. Incidentally, "shed" here refers to a cast off deer antler, not a small storage structure. Barkley is a dog so until I got partway through the cartridge and saw that the shed was a deer antler, I was wondering what he wanted with a wooden hut! Anyway, doing both the regular geocaches and the Wherigo at the same time worked beautifully, even if I had to make two big detours for geocaches that were somewhat off from the main trail. All in all, the whole hike took about two hours, leaving plenty of time to get more geocaches around Honey Brook, Narvon, East Earl and New Holland before it got dark.

The last stop of the day and dinner was at Shady Maple Smorgasbord in East Earl. Shady Maple is the biggest buffet hall in the area and I'd always been intrigued by this enormous building, a Mecca of Overeating, that rises above the Amish countryside. I felt that I had to experience it at least once and since I was in the area, I went in. The place was packed! There were lines of people, like at an amusement park, just waiting to check in to the buffet. Past the cash registers, it was an old-time affair with curious dioramas and 3-D paintings. Shady Maple boasts of 200 feet of food but it's actually 100 feet of food repeated twice. The first 100 feet of buffet tables is a mirror image of the other 100 feet. I preferred the grilling stations though. I thought the crab cakes were the best but I sampled the seafood and meats from all the grilling stations. Of course, I saved some room for salad (with bacon dressing!) and dessert, which was ice cream cake! Anyway, I thought it was a worthwhile experience but maybe next time, avoid going there on a Saturday evening. I was told that the crowd isn't as bad on other nights.

Sunday's plan was fairly simple. I went geocaching up the New Jersey side of the Delaware River, through Pennsauken, Riverside, Palmyra, Willingboro, and Burlington, towards Florence, where I would end the day at the "Fall Get Together 2016" geocaching event. There was some good river scenery and a nice visit to the Palmyra Cove Nature Center along the way.

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After finishing off a few new geocaches in Pike Creek and Hockessin on Saturday, I went to Kennett Square, Marlborough, Unionville, Downingtown, and West Brandywine, generally heading northwards through Chester County. I hadn't been up that way in a while and so I took the opportunity to finally get some of those caches that were placed for an event months ago that I didn't attend. I also finally finished a few Wherigo caches. "Poker Run #2 2016" was one that I only noticed that day, but I downloaded the Wherigo cartridge using mobile data and it was a quick solve. (Only one question about poker hands!) "MEET EAT & GREET" was a far more difficult Wherigo but I'd already solved it 6 months ago and still had the coordinates and notes I needed to find the cache. Although the area is hilly, there were a number of scenic ponds and lakes, such as Broad Run Pond and Chambers Lake.

The real purpose of Sunday's trip was to get "Halfway! (to Delaware's Longest Geocache)" in Central Delaware. It's a long walk on an old road out into a marsh. I found Delaware's Longest Geocache a few years ago and that was 2.6 miles from parking, so halfway would be roughly 1.3 miles. There were two other caches along the way but for the most part, it was a long walk in a quiet area with a bit of variation in scenery. Aside from that, I also found clusters of geocaches in Glasgow, Milford, and Seaford. The caches down by Seaford were somewhat amusing. There was a wolf geocache, a rat cache, a pumpkin cache, and a cache on a giant chair.

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Saturday was another day to get some geocaches in my area, to the northwest and northeast of home. Went from Newark to Pike Creek, London Britain, Kemblesville, Kennett Square, Concordville, Springfield, Newtown Square, and Lansdowne. Attempted some of the tougher geocaches as well, which meant tackling the overgrowth on some of the less-used trails in DelCo wooded areas. The funny cache of the day was "Class of 3:16", which came with its own action figure.

Sunday's geocaching trip started in Penns Grove and Logan Township, before venturing north to Trenton, Ewing, and Pennington. However, any area that even suggested picnic or swim hole was packed with people and parking areas were jam packed. Moreover, traffic was crazy on the New Jersey side. So, after getting a few geocaches, I decided to head over the river for the relative calm of Bucks County, PA. There were a lot of new geocaches, mostly from Taxman, in Newtown and Bensalem. Also, I was finally able to find some caches with which I had trouble in the past. "Cry Baby #5 * 8 - Newborn" was one such problematic cache. I'd been there before but encountered a vagrant hiding behind the fence, which really discouraged me from returning for a while! Finally found the cache this time and it turned out to not be that difficult, except for having to deal with the overgrowth in that unused slice of land next to the Wawa parking lot.

Couple of interesting geocaches on Sunday. The first was the cow-spotted box, which was furry on the inside! "Shadowy Span" was near an unusual sculpture of an armored horse. What the camera didn't capture very well was a golden heart behind the bars in the center of the horse's body. So that's some neat symbolism. And the last cache before dinner was a gnome, which ties in to the puzzle in "Where's Dog VII - Follow Your Gnome".

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Saturday's trip was to Winslow and Hammonton, reasoning that any area around my latitude would be snow-free. That was correct, more or less, but thankfully caches in areas that still happened to have snow on the ground weren't affected by snow.

Stayed close to home on Sunday to finish off geocaches that the locals have placed recently. There were some creative ones, such as the claw machine. (It wasn't tricky though. The cache container fell out when I tilted the claw machine.) Also, the Star Trek puzzle cache series was entertaining and featured such characters as Worf and Geordi LaForge.

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Saturday morning, I went to the "Sofiecat Memorial Hike" geocaching event at Connie Batdorf Park in Pottstown. It's an event for a geocacher who passed away recently and also a group hike on the nearby Horseshoe Trail. Our group had a few vans and large vehicles, so we decided to shuttle everyone to the trailhead at the far end. Then those vehicles were parked at the other end of the trail so the rest of the group would only have to hike one way. It was only about a 3-mile hike but the Horseshoe Trail was hilly with lots of ups and downs, so it's still a workout. With a large group searching though, none of the 17 geocaches along the trail took very long to find. After the event and hike, I continued onwards to Morgantown and Reading for more geocaches, with an eye to finishing off any puzzle caches I had already solved. There were some neat caches, such as the reindeer, the teeth and a Marsha figurine.

Sunday's trip was to Maryland to get the latest collection of geocaches in the Hunt Valley area. It snowed in the afternoon but not enough to cover anything. I also took the opportunity to take a loop hike around Meadowood Park for the 4 caches there. I'd visited that park earlier in the year but it was too hot in the Summer. Wintertime, on the other hand, was just right, especially since the plant growth had died back enough to make those caches easily visible.

Monday was Martin Luther King Day, a Federal holiday. I had the day off but it was a cold day, so I decided not to travel out too far. Still, there was plenty to do around Pike Creek, Hockessin, Kennett Square, West Goshen, Frazer, and King of Prussia. There was a frog geocache. ("My name is not Kermit!") Also took a hike into McKaig Nature Center and saw an old furnace. And at the end of the day, I saw the 9/11 memorial near the King of Prussia Mall.

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The weather was really strange over the 4-day weekend. It was 60 to 70°F and rainy. Thursday had the most rain, so I decided not to get too far from home. Fortunately, there are always nearby geocaches I'd saved for... a rainy day. After finishing the caches around Newark and Pike Creek, the next stops were in Kennett Square and Downingtown.

Christmas Day was a good time to continue exploring up the southwest side of New Jersey, through Cherry Hill, Burlington, Bordentown, and Chesterfield. There were a number of caches in the "Stay and Play Awhile" series that I had no idea why I skipped on previous trips up this way that turned out to be easy. It's likely that I simply didn't think those were doable during the Summer because caches in that series are all near playgrounds. The most interesting find of the day was an old car in the woods in the Ramblewood area. It's in an estate that was turned into public land. For some reason, they removed the house but not the car.

Saturday's trip was more of the same area, in Mount Holly, Chesterfield, and up to East Windsor. Finished off the remainder of the "Stay and Play Awhile" series in Mt. Holly. Also got the "Frogger" series, plus the bonus cache "Squish!"

Sunday's trip was to Upper Merion, Lower/Upper Gwynedd, and Hatfield to get some of the newest caches up that way. The most interesting part of the day though was a stop at the Nor-view Farm in Upper Merion for the Big Chicken. Although a public park, the place is run as a farm with horses, goats, and ponies.

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Mostly hung around my home region on this four-day weekend because unlike last year, I didn't see a reason to travel out. One thing this allowed me to do was snag a few choice deals on Black Friday, although for the sake of sanity, I did avoid the shopping areas late Thursday evening and Friday morning. It seems to be the one time of the year the mall parking lot is packed all the way to the edges!

Thursday's and Friday's trips were a return to South Jersey, around Greenwich, Woodbury, Mantua, Sicklerville, Erial, Haddonfield, and Berlin. The Riverfront Trail was very quiet Thanksgiving morning. There was a dragonfly geocache and an alligator geocache, and Haddonfield had some cute tile art.

Saturday's trip was to Lancaster. Route 41 was still closed for bridge repair but this time, the detour route had new geocaches. One interesting thing is of the day's cache list, 6 caches had titles in Ukrainian and 1 cache was Chinese. The area has gone mutlicultural! :) The only issue was my automotive GPS couldn't render those characters, but I could still search for those by GC code.

Sunday's trip was mostly close to home, around Chester County and parts of northwest Philadelphia. Best view of the day was from the top of a cliff down to a lake in East Whiteland, at "Acapulco, No Diving". I also wondered why the Willistown seal, which I saw at a park entrance, had a fox head, but an old news article has the answer.

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The main goal on Saturday was to find a mystery cache to get the Put On Your Thinking Cap souvenir. The very first cache of the day, "Forgotten Bridge, Forgotten Code", which I'd been saving for a few weeks for this, came in handy for that. It's a simple puzzle about reading a piece of punched tape. Since that was the last of the five souvenirs, I got the Road Trip Hero souvenir for completing the "journey". To my surprise though, I also got the International Geocaching Day 2015 souvenir! I'd forgotten that August 15 was the day. So from one cache, I got 3 souvenirs. Not too shabby!

So what to do for the rest of the day? Why, take a trip to Lancaster, of course! I've seen lots of Amish buggies before but it was the first time I had to search one of those for a cache. "horse power" was that cache. It actually wasn't too difficult, although there sure were lots of crevices and corners where a microcache could have been hidden. There were also some creative caches, like this small wooden well. The main part of the afternoon was going around Ephrata for the "Sticky Situation" series. Each cache was something sticky like a bottle of honey, buttered popcorn, or a candy apple. Of course, the food items were plastic replicas since one cannot leave the actual items out there.

Sunday's trip was a sampling of new geocaches in the part of Bucks County past northeast Philadelphia. Actually, we were way past that area, according to this 19th century mile marker. It was, however, The Prettiest Spot In Bucks County. (Cuttalossa Farm) Actually, my intended destination was Newtown but only got there after exploring Warminster, Wrightstown, Anchor, Buckingham, New Hope, and Upper/Lower Makefield. It was a pretty full day with 40 geocaches over a wide area.

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It was a 3-day weekend for the Independence Day holiday. On Friday, we first went to finish some local series of geocaches that I hadn't had time to get to during the week. First, there was the set of 4 that was placed for last Monday's geocaching event. Then there was a set of 7 caches placed by West Whiteland Township for their 250th anniversary. It's also a nice way for the township to promote their parks. Stopped for lunch at the Exton Square Mall and ran into the Chick-Fil-A cow. The rest of the day was a round-up of various smaller batches of caches around Phoenixville, Trappe, Collegeville, and Limerick.

Saturday was a geocaching spree in downtown York, Southern York, and Spring Grove. The downtown York area was not my preference but a slightly rainy day was actually perfect for that. Urban areas that would normally be busy were free and clear because of the drizzle, so there was no trouble getting those caches. The one scenic area of the day was Indian Rock Dam. It is used for flood control, so it is normally dry unless there is heavy rain. On the way home, there were 4th of July fireworks visible from the US-30 bridge over the Susquehanna River. It seemed like every town along the way had a display like that too.

I wanted to go to the LVG G.E.M. geocaching event on Sunday afternoon, so we geocached in Quakertown, Coopersburg, Bethlehem, and Easton, before heading to Wegman's in Bethlehem for the event. There were some new geocaches in the area but also a bunch that I couldn't find on my previous visits because of ice and snow. It's surprising how easy those caches are, now that they aren't under a foot of refrozen snow.

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Since I had a mascot gig the next day, I decided not to venture out too far on Saturday. There were some single-park clusters of geocaches in Chester Springs and Phoenixville, which were good since I could park the rental car in one place and do a loop hike. The Binky Lee Preserve had the first set of caches. (BL series) It's a nice area with mostly grassy paths. Not all of the 14 geocaches there were easy, although with some effort, I found them all, plus a short centipede. Getting to the next set of caches proved a bit tricky because a street fair closed off half of Phoenixville and there was a closed bridge on the alternate route that I thought of taking. Eventually, I did get around to the other side of the Schuylkill River to Mont Clare for the "Abandoned Rails" cache series.

Sunday was the Hi-4 mascot gig at Lawrenceville Jubilee. This is the town that treats us well when we do the gig. We used their Main Street office as a break / changing room and it was stocked with drinks and donuts. This year, I did the gig with Zokki the hyena and Phil E. The latter was not part of Hi-4, but represented the Philly Pretzel Factory. Anyway, the event was a street fair that is two blocks long this year, a bit bigger than the year before. There was a fairly big crowd with some turnover so we didn't see the same people each time we headed out from the break room.

The gig ended at 5pm, so I still had a few hours of daylight. I noticed some good trails near Lawrenceville, so I took a walk along the Lawrence Hopewell Trail and the D&R Canal towpath for a dozen geocaches. It's funny that I never knew about the side entrance to the D&R Canal towpath all those years I lived in New Jersey. Better map data does help a lot.

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Saturday was a busy day. It was Pi Day (3/14/15), so there were lots of geocaching events taking place. I picked three that didn't conflict and were all within 30 miles from home. So at breakfast time, I went to "A Breakfast Pi? S.T.R.A.N.G.E.!" at Wegman's in Downingtown. Then at lunchtime, I went to "Almost St. Patty's Day" at Charcoal Pit in Wilmington. Then at dinnertime, I went to "2015 NJ PI Event 3.1415" at East Garden Buffet in Sicklerville. Of course, there were other geocaches and some event bonus caches along the way. So all in all, it was quite a day. The funniest part was a group of geocachers from Chester County picked the same events that I did. So I kept seeing them every couple of hours!

Sunday was a comparatively laid-back trip to Lancaster County. I hit Lancaster and then worked my way north/northeast to Lititz, West Earl, Ephrata, Reamstown, and Denver. I love the humorous and creative caches that folks in this area place. "Spiders and Rats and Zombies, Oh My!" actually had a spider, a rat, and a zombie hand. Then, there was the toilet geocache. The story is that's the site of a hotel that was torn down but they left toilets all over the place. Later in the afternoon, I went for the "Sticky Situation" series in Ephrata, which had a bunch of neat fake food props. Among those were a spilled ice cream geocache and a donut geocache. I love these because it's obvious they're having fun with humorous and themed geocaches.

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On Saturday, I went to Phoenixville and Upper Providence. I'd planned on hitting some cache series in that area, although I didn't know how difficult it would be since there was still some snow on the ground. The Schuylkill River Trail still had long stretches of ice, so that was a bit dangerous. (unrelated sign) However, I was able to finish the "Unsure Trale" series, even though I thought I wasn't going to be able to find the third one in that series. (It was there, except that it had slipped out of its string tether and had gotten lost in the debris on the ground.)

On Sunday, I returned to the same area, but started in Collegeville/Trappe. There was a bit more walking on snow-covered trails and frozen creeks. It started snowing a bit before midday. When the weather changed to a steady rain of ice pellets, I decided I had enough of that and returned to Delaware for an early dinner.

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There was a snowstorm predicted for Saturday but I wanted to see how many geocaches in Willisbrook Preserve I could finish before it started snowing. The snow started at around noon, a bit earlier than forecast, but I had already finished one of the two trail loops by then. I got out of there quickly because I knew secondary roads would get bad. For the rest of the day, I attended to accounting, taxes, and household chores that I'd been saving for a snowy day. (Cleaning the bathroom on a weekend? It's madness!)

After shoveling snow to clear my sidewalk and driveway on Sunday morning, I went to Coopersmith Park in West Goshen. I'd passed by those caches previously but this time, I brought the required equipment. "Smackwater Jack" is one of those caches where you need to bring water to float the cache container up a PVC tube. I really only needed the bucket and duct tape though because the nearby stream was flowing. The other cache in Coopersmith Park was also pretty neat. "Heard It Through the Grape Vine" was a bunch of grapes.

Then I returned to Willisbrook Preserve to finish what I started the previous day. There was another layer of slushy wet snow everywhere so walking around was a bit more difficult, but most of the caches were still findable. After that, I picked and chose geocaches around Malvern and Phoenixville. These varied in difficulty and some hill slopes were slippery.

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It was a rainy weekend so I decided not to go too far on Saturday, but somehow, even that trip ended up all the way over in Horsham. Anyway, I went for some of the geocaches near I-476 that on better days, I'd have passed by on my way to the MontCo Cache Factory. The surprise is a number of caches in that area were placed by scout troops. Scout caches are usually regular-sized, fairly simple, and close to the trail, so those are good for a quick walk and find.

Sunday was another trip into South Jersey to get those caches before the NJ State Parks policy takes effect. Actually, I'm not sure which ones will be affected. Certainly all the caches in Byrne State Forest will fall under the state policy but the fate of others may depend on whether Green Acres land, for instance, is included. Then again, given that Burlington County was enforcing its own rules, I don't think any cache over there is safe. Anyway, I thought the best cache of the day was "Dude, where's my Rambler?" It's hidden on a rusty Rambler in the woods. The old car photographs quite well, even in its advanced state of rust. Another interesting cache was "Cross Keys School". This one needed some online and field research to find the plaque with the information I needed for the final coordinates. But hey, it's the only way I'll learn some history. :)

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Saturday was about attacking some cache series to the north and northwest in Pennsylvania. First, I did the "Take A Walk" series in East Goshen Township Park. I found some of those caches earlier but the series was extended recently. It's not actually as much walking as the name implies because the park is chock full of parking areas, but I cut it into three small loop hikes. Then I headed over to Temple, a bit north of Reading, for the Chinese zodiac series. It's a series of 12 caches along the Muhlenberg Rail Trail in which every animal "is the BEST!" (BEST stands for Berks Explorers Seeking Tupperware, the Berks County geocaching group, so it's a clever way to name those caches.) After the two series and a few more caches, it was night. So I went to "Where Santa Threw Up (Night Cache)" in Audubon. It's an easy street corner cache but its actual purpose is to bring people to the most festively decorated yard in the neighborhood.

I had no concrete plans for Sunday, so I just headed a bit into South Jersey to find caches here and there in Gloucester County. I gave priority to some caches that I knew would be affected by the impending NJ state parks policy but also threw some urban and suburban caches into the mix. There were some interesting spots, like the tile flag sculpture and the Wenonah tea house.

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Saturday was a rainy day, so I didn't plan on going out too far. Since most of the caches I planned to get were in Phoenixville and Charlestown, it was a good opportunity to pick up "13 Superstitions: Unlucky #13 and Friday the 13th!" along the way. It's the final cache in the "13 Superstitions" series and it was a good one. The combination lock on this one used codes from the other 12 caches. The most interesting cache site of the day was at "The Horizontal Trail". It's pretty neat that in the middle of Nantmeal Woods, there are musical instruments.

For Sunday, I planned to head up to the "Fall Get Together 2014" geocaching event in Florence. On the way up, I scooped up geocaches in West Deptford, Willingboro, and other towns along the I-295 / US-130 corridor, including some caches that I missed on previous trips. "Just Lying There Also", for instance, was tough to see earlier in the year but now that the leaves are off, it was easy to spot. Most of the woods and bush cache hides seemed easier this time of year.

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On Saturday, I only went for geocaches around Newark, Hockessin, and Cecil County because I was planning to attend DE Furbowl 55 that evening. Actually, there were quite a number of local geocaches by this time because I hadn't been going geocaching on weekdays after work because of the earlier sunsets. I also noticed that some new geocachers have been busy placing caches around North East and Rising Sun, which is good because it keeps the Cecil County area fresh.

In the evening, I had an early dinner and then went to AMF Prices Corner for Furbowl. The place was busy! It'd been 11 months since my last Furbowl and my understanding is attendance is regularly in the triple digits now. I wore the Rakket Raccoon fursuit this time. It was a fun time, although I didn't stay all the way to the end because I had to prepare for the next day.

On Sunday, my first destination was Uwchlan to get more of the "13 Superstitions" series. It was a bummer though that the final 13th cache was under repair, but at least I got the required codes from the first 12 of those. There were some rather creative caches in this series, among them, the black cat and the clump of clover. Thank goodness the latter wasn't too deep in the bush or it may have been tough to find! After that, I went farther north to Nantmeal and Douglassville. Monocacy Hill was surprisingly packed. I wasn't able to get a proper parking space in the main area so I only got the two closest geocaches that I could access from roadside parking near a side entrance. And finally, I went way north to Bally for the "Stove Road" series of caches. The "road" here is an old woods road that's rocky, somewhat overgrown, and barely discernible in some spots, but the 4 caches were pretty good and worth negotiating the terrain to get to.

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