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Saturday's trip was to Haddon Heights, Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, and Willingboro in South Jersey. This area is pretty much inexhaustible for Munzee because the local Munzers keep deploying more of those. However, I wanted to capture some of the new air mysteries that they have deployed in Mount Laurel and Willingboro. These are fun. Capturing the virtual air mystery scatters some feather munzees in the vicinity. Capturing the feathers in turn scatters some golden feathers.

Sunday's trip was pretty simple. Went down I-95 from Newark to Baltimore, capturing Flagstack flags along the way. Found one geocache at the turnaround spot. Then from Baltimore back to Newark, I captured virtual munzees as well as some of the flags I missed on the way down. What's remarkable is the way Flagstack has grown recently. Just this quick there-and-back trip alone netted 258 flags! There are many more flags along the other roads around Baltimore but I decided to save those for another time. Finished up with a little walk on the James F Hall Trail in Newark for a few more munzees before an early dinner.

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Saturday's goal was to capture the Munzee garden at Camden Yards in downtown Baltimore. It was a surgical strike. I went in, parked on a quiet side street, and got about 280 MVMs very quickly. Since there was plenty of time after that, I went to Fort McHenry. All 3 games were represented there, so there were a few geocaches, 2 Flagstack flags, and a bit over a hundred munzees. By luck, it was a free admission weekend, so I went inside the fort to take a look around. I also took a walk outside the fort to see Armistead and Orpheus. Geo-games aside, it was a good historical site to visit.

Sunday's trip was a round-up of a few new geocaches and a lot of munzees around Plymouth, Lansdale, Colmar, and the Rt 611 corridor between Doylestown and Willow Grove. On the munzee side, I focused on special types that I needed for certain badges. There weren't actually enough Zodiac munzees out that way but I'm a lot closer (95 out of 100) to the goal now.

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On Saturday, reasoning that more of the snow would've melted down south, I went geocaching in Northwest Baltimore. I targeted the "Northern Pkwy Walk & Grab" cache series, which was nice but not that interesting since it's just a 2-mile walk on the side of a road with no sidewalk. After that though, I went to the Cylburn Arboretum, which was a better place to walk around in. Then I continued northwest-wards to Pikesville, Owings Mills, and Reisterstown until it was time for dinner. Anyway, while heading up Route 140, I noticed that I'd passed at least 3 seafood places. Since I hadn't had a crab cake in a while, I figured why not? The closest one to Reisterstown, the Blue Point Crab House, is more of a market than a restaurant, so I had a simple, unpretentious crab cake platter. I should get more of that when I go to Fur 'the More next month.

Sunday's geocaching trip was to Warrington, Jamison, and Doylestown, with the idea of heading down to Philadelphia Chinatown for dinner afterwards for the (3rd day of) Chinese New Year. The Doylestown area was still rather snowy/icy but that posed little difficulty for the caches I attempted.

While I was in northwest Baltimore, I noticed that there were red light cameras and speed cameras on practically every block of some roads. I wasn't comfortable with that. It's like being watched all the time, treated like a kid needing constant supervision. Here's where I'm somewhat conflicted though: I don't like it when people drive recklessly but I also think that trying to prevent that by putting up cameras everywhere is a bit Orwellian. I have to wonder though, if you take one of those traffic camera ticket cases to court, can you face your accuser? Maybe the state will then have to take the camera down from the post and bring it into the courtroom.

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The holiday weekend started Friday evening with a trip into Philadelphia. I didn't plan it that way but after finding a geocache in Wilmington and continuing to cache towards the northeast, I found myself at the edge of Philadelphia and thought why not go into Chinatown for dinner?

On Saturday, I decided to go to Five Mile Woods in Lower Makefield, PA, because I noticed there were more than a dozen geocaches in that park alone. Most of those were fairly typical but I thought "The Curious Geo-Puzzle: Part II" was interesting. It had 3 riddles I needed to answer to unlock the cache. I knew two of those answers and fortunately, mobile data reception was good enough in the woods there to research the third one. After that, I went to Newtown. It's been years since I last visited that area, so there were lots of new geocaches.

On Sunday, I went to White Marsh, MD, to walk the bike path along Route 43. Most of the geocaches along that path were fairly simple, although one was starting to get really difficult to find because of thick vegetation. That seems to be a common problem everywhere as we head into summer. After that, I went for the HBWLADS cache series in Dundalk and a few more caches here and there on the peninsula until it was time to leave.

On Monday, I decided to hit the last section of the Schuylkill River Trail (the last section populated with geocaches anyway) near and in Reading. As usual, I geocached around town (in Cumru and Shillington) until later in the afternoon to avoid walking in the midday sun too much. The SRT walk was once again the best part of the day. I parked at the Brentwood Trailhead and walked to the east. Then I walked back to parking and walked west to Reading. There was some good scenery where the trail crossed a bridge but most of the walk was about average. The cache series ended at the Looking Back, Facing Forward mural in Reading.

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Cloudy, 70-75°F. I only found out about May in Maryland, a Where's George meet in the Baltimore area, yesterday but fortunately, it took only five minutes to plan everything, including getting geocache info for the area. It was a 3-part meet: breakfast in Hunt Valley, ballgame in Baltimore, and dinner in Owings Mills. My plan was to go to the first and third parts of it, but to skip the ballgame and go geocaching between Hunt Valley and Owings Mills.

Breakfast was quiet. CMgeorger and I were the first two at Panera Bread and we were the only ones in the group until JBinthe615 arrived towards the end of the meet. I had a steak and egg sandwich. After that, I geocached around Hunt Valley / Cockeysville before heading a bit west towards Owings Mills. Having never geocached in this area before, I had many to pick from and got 28 in about 6 hours, including a bunch on the Red Run Stream trail system.

When I was done with the geocaches, I went to Greene Turtle in Owings Mills for the last part of the meet. This was a bigger meetup with over 20 people. We used the party room at the Greene Turtle. I had a chicken and fish basket.

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