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Sunny, 45-50°F. Today, I had 3 events from 3 different interest groups but I picked the geocaching breakfast event in Lehigh Valley because the last few of these have been very good. Unfortunately, even though the 3 events are at different times of the day, it was impractical to try to attend all 3 because of the distances involved. Once I made the 90-minute trip to Lehigh Valley, I had to spend the whole day and evening there to make the trip worthwhile. I hope there won't be event conflicts next time so I can do something else next month.

Anyway, the "LVGC Breakfast in the Lehigh Valley" event was at Borderline Restaurant in Bethlehem this time. I had bacon and eggs with French toast. After the gathering, a group of us (Wizard1626, ST.FU, SilverKat1, Theenighthunters, Zix7, Zox7, Zobx, Captinsparrow, B Team, SAJSKI1, and I) went to do a bunch of geocaches in Allentown. The group got smaller later in the day (because some folks had errands or work to do) but we continued westwards into Berks County to do a cluster of geocaches in Topton. We were a rather successful geocaching group because each of us brought different searching skills and different ideas to the table. Through team effort, even the difficult geocaches we attempted didn't take very long to find. And of course, what mattered was we were a fun group.

The group split up at dusk. After that, I found a bunch more geocaches around Fogelsville before having dinner at the Arby's and Long John Silver's restaurant in Fogelsville. This is an unusual combination that I haven't encountered anywhere else yet. It's a single building with Arby's on one side and LJS on the other side. So I had a fish basket combo on the LJS side before moving over to Arby's for mozzarella sticks.

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I actually had a turkey this Thanksgiving because I got a free 10-lb bird from BJ's Wholesale a week ago. At the warehouse club, I only had to spend about $25 on turkey fixings to get the free turkey, so that was easy. (In comparison, I'd have to spend over $100 at the local supermarket and that's only to get a discount on the turkey.) So I stayed home the whole of Thursday because one turkey, with stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce was more than enough for both lunch and dinner. (and for at least two meals next week, since I froze the leftovers)

On Friday, it was time to venture out of the cave again since it was a nice sunny 60-65°F day. I thought I'd start a bit later to allow time for the Black Friday shopping traffic to dissipate but I needn't have worried. Since everyone was already inside the malls and stores, the roads were clear all the way. Ironically, the first 3 geocaches I did were around the Granite Run Mall in Media. What should've been the worst day to do these geocaches was actually not bad. I also geocached in Newtown Square, Radnor, and Wayne. 16 geocaches was not bad since I started late and sunset came early.

After that, I picked up a chocolate turnover at Arby's in Broomall on the way to dinner, which was back in-state at Chili's in Newark. I had chicken quesadillas and chicken nachos since they were doing this free-appetizer coupon thing today. In retrospect, I should've gotten something else either for the entree or for the appetizer because those two items looked rather similar. The only Black Friday shopping I did was at BJ's Wholesale because there were breakfast cereal specials. (Never mind that I already have enough to last me until March!)

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Sunny, 79°F. It was an after-work excursion that started out a bit disappointing but turned into a winner. The first cache I tried was Fender Bender at the park and ride in Price's Corner. Coordinates brought me to just a plain fence so I had no idea where to look on that. After looking for a while, I gave up and moved on.

Another geocache got listed nearby so I zipped over to Ella Park in Newport. This was an easy find. Amazingly, I was first to find by mere seconds because Skypatrol250 pulled up while I was unrolling the log sheet!

Then it was on to dinner, which was a Chipotle Chicken Sandwich at the local Arby's. While I was at dinner (with the laptop up and running, of course), the owner of "Fender Bender" emailed me with more information on the cache. That was just enough to go on, so I went back to Price's Corner after dinner to try looking for it again. It was dark but I knew where to look with a flashlight and found it. I was first to find for a second time this evening!
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Sunny, 70-75°F. Started very late today but still did a decent number of geocaches, in 3 states! Started with one geocache in the C&D Canal area in Delaware. (Ran into Drew136 there.) Then I went over to Meadow Park in Elkton, MD, for a CAM 2011 cache and two others. Also did "Post 15" in downtown Elkton. Met another geocacher there too. I remember trying to find that cache a long time ago and it turned out to be missing. Glad it's back.

After I was done with Maryland, I still had more than two hours until sunset, so I went over to Pennsville, NJ, to do some of the MLB series geocaches. I think the difficulty on those may be overstated. Two of those caches, "MLB SERIES: Indians" and "MLB SERIES: Angels", had 5 stars for difficulty. The former was more like 1 or 1.5 stars, in my opinion. The latter took longer to find but it still wasn't that bad.

After briefly viewing the sunset over the Delaware River at the last geocache site, I returned in-state to Arby's for a Turkey & Swiss Market Fresh sandwich. This is actually pretty good but somewhat more expensive than their menu items, so I tried it only because I had a coupon.

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Apr. 14th, 2011 01:00 am
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Rainy, 55-60°F. There were a bunch of new geocaches I didn't do yesterday evening because it was raining. This evening, it was still raining but I decided to try them anyway. Well, it turned out that these geocaches aren't very deep into the woods, if they're in the woods at all. So I could've done them in rain. The main problem I encountered was extensive puddling after two days of rain, but I switched to my mud-stomping boots and I was fine.

"In The Middle U-Turn" was in the wooded area in the middle of Route 141! Yes, it was between the northbound and southbound lanes at the crossover part of an intersection. I wasn't sure I could park there but that small stretch of road was surprisingly quiet and no one went that way while I was there. "Wilton Multi-Cache" is a 3-stage geocache. The first 2 stages were unremarkable, but the 3rd stage was rather close to a nesting bird. The bird seemed unnaturally still so I had a good look at it. I thought it could be some kind of clever decoy at first but after looking at it more, I decided that it is real. Then I realized it is probably motionless in an attempt to remain unnoticed by predators. The tricky part was getting the geocache without disturbing the bird. Then I took the photo (with a bit of zoom so as not to get too close) and left.

Dinner was an Angus Three Cheese and Bacon at Arby's in New Castle. I noticed they've added wi-fi internet and this appears to be a chain-wide initiative. Arby's food isn't necessarily any healthier but it's a good alternative to McDonald's wi-fi, since I don't get coupons from the latter as often.

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Sunny, 30-34°F. Had a busy morning because I was doing some return-to-work preparations. Actually, I was busy in the evening too; I came back home for a bit to take care of a few things before going out again at night on an errand run. My only goal for geocaching today was to do the last two geocaches in the Delaware Geotrail series. These are the two toughest ones because of the steep uphill climb and tougher still right now because of snow on the ground, but I did those anyway just to finish the series. After that, I did some new geocaches in the Powerlines Trail series before calling it a day. Not too challenging, except it was a lot of walking in the snow and on icy ATV trails.

Dinner was onion rings at Arby's in New Castle. Well okay, it's not really dinner since I ate at home before going out again. I got the onion rings as a snack after shopping for groceries.

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There was a snowstorm on Sunday. A lot of dire forecasts got tossed around but in the end, it appeared that my area didn't get that much snow. After the snow stopped, I could still see patches of exposed grass. That was misleading, however, because the wind blew the snow around so on one side of my yard, there was almost no snow while on the other side of my yard, the snow was six inches deep. So let's say the true snowfall was somewhere in between the two numbers.

On Monday morning, there was a lot of strong wind. Some time in the morning, cable broadband went out. It could be one of two things. I figured if it was a neighborhood outage, service would soon be back after Comcast got calls from dozens of people. If it was a problem on my side, I would know by that evening. So I stepped outside to shovel snow. My driveway was the part that got six inches of snow but aside from that, I didn't need to do much. The sidewalk was pretty easy to clear. Also, the front yard has Southern exposure so the snow was already melting in the sun by the time I got to it. Once I freed my car, I went out for 6 new geocaches.

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I brought the snow shovel so I could've dug myself a parking space at each cache site if the need arose, but there was no need to. Also, the snow didn't hinder geocaching. In fact, it was easier than usual because all I needed to do was follow the tracks of other geocachers who went out after the snowstorm. Those tracks brought me right to the cache sites. After that little caching spree, I went to Cici's Pizza for dinner since I had a $3.99 coupon. The restaurant was nearly empty that evening, which is good because I like that place better when it is quiet.

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Cloudy, 43-46°F. After the last week or so of 30-degree temperatures, it was like a heat wave today. I continued my exploration of the Valley Forge area and beyond. I started with two caches in the Corporate Cache series because I figured Saturday, when no one would be at the office buildings, was a good time to do those. After that, I geocached my way up through Audubon. Upper Providence was where the action was. I found 4 geocaches in the Town Center strip mall and 4 more geocaches in Upper Providence Township Park near the strip mall, all within the last hour before sunset! Thank goodness for 8 easy geocaches close together. And finally, I couldn't resist picking up "The Shire" on the way out since it's only a few blocks off from the route home. I think this roadside cache may actually be easier at night as it really stands out when you use a flashlight.

I haven't been to Arby's in quite a while -- the last sheet of coupons expired completely unused. Since my route home went down US-202, I stopped at the North Wilmington Arby's. Tonight is not their night. Even though there were 2 people at the cash registers and 3 in the kitchen, everything took a long time. To make matters worse, they gave someone food that was meant for another customer and had to redo that order. I noticed on the monitor that the cashier also got my order wrong but fortunately, I was able to get that corrected before it was made. So I had a regular roast beef combo. When I got home, I entered the code from the cup and won another music download from the Country Strong album. I don't like this album but free is free, so I downloaded one track and saved it in Skydrive.

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Iron Hill

Nov. 15th, 2010 02:32 am
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Sunny, 60-65°F. I figured it was a day in which I wouldn't be going very far because I had errands to run. After the bank errand (to deposit a surprise class-action settlement check), I headed over to the Glasgow area for lemonade for 2. Although right next to the road, this geocache was in the middle of a sticker bush. Fortunately, I was able to poke it out of there with a stick.

After that, I went to Iron Hill Park to do a long hike. I had the solution to This Cache is for the Birds, a puzzle cache, so I went for that one. I also did A Pretty Ammo Box, a multi-stage cache, since it was in the same part of the park. In retrospect, I should've done at least the first part of the multicache before getting the puzzle cache because I noticed that I crossed my track between stages of the multi. Therefore, I could've shortened the hike a bit. Nevertheless, the entire hike didn't take an excessive amount of time and with little or no brush in the woods there, all the off-trail portions of the hike were fairly easy.

After that, I had a late lunch at Arby's in New Castle in order to use a soon-to-expire mailing list coupon. I had two Jr. Roast Beef sandwiches. The odd thing was they gave me a kid's meal toy. No idea why.
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There was a thunderstorm with heavy rain this afternoon. I was out in Talleyville / Northern Wilmington doing some banking at the time so I stuck around in that block of stores for lunch. After the rain stopped, it was actually pretty nice outside with a temperature of around 75°F. So I went north a bit to Concord Township Park for Park and Recreation Cache. This is probably one of the easier caches in town. It's in an open area in a field, which is perfect because I didn't feel like entering a soggy and dripping wooded area after the rain.

After that, I still had time for another geocache so I went for BAAAH HUMBUG!!! In contrast to the previous cache, this is probably one of the harder caches in town. It's at the Concordville Town Centre strip mall or perhaps just a bit outside the mall perimeter. No hints were given, but after reading through all the online logs and thinking about it for a while, I deduced the nature of the cache hide and where I should look for it. What's amazing about this cache is two people mentioned they rappelled down the wall to look for the cache! Fortunately, I didn't need to do that. Just needed logic and a keen eye.
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Sunny. 95-100°F. The thermometer got as high as 103°F briefly. There was an "excessive heat warning" today. So I went geocaching. Well, not the usual geocaching; I picked only geocaches that were roadside or close to parking areas to avoid being out under the sun for too long. I don't think I was more than 500 feet from my car the whole day. First, I went to Salunga/Landisville. Then I doubled back a bit to East Petersburg and Lancaster for some new caches. Then I went to Mount Joy to finish the "Sunday Drive" series because those caches were all pretty much roadside. (Yes, I did the Sunday drive on a Monday. Such a rebel. :) ) After that, I hit Rheems and Elizabethtown for more geocaches. That's not far from where I geocached in Highspire/Middletown on my way back from Anthrocon, so that closes the gap.

Ran into SteelCityPA at "Par 4 the Course". Actually, I saw him at "Roots Ringer" too. I noticed that he was looking around at the cache site but he left before I could go back and ask if he was geocaching. He's pretty new to the game but is already crazy enough to go geocaching in this hot weather. :)

For dinner, I was going to go to Long John Silver's in Lancaster but I remembered that Arby's had a July 5th special so I stopped at the US-30 Arby's on the way home and had a Jr. Deluxe. Not a big sandwich but enough to keep me going until I get home.

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Sunny and 70-75°F. Headed south towards Dover with an eye towards finishing more of the First State Challenge (FSC) series of geocaches but got sidetracked into touring western Kent County, near the MD/DE state line. Not necessarily a problem because I was going to visit those out-of-the-way geocaches eventually anyway. Ran into BenamBenam3 and JohnnyWalker19 at "FSC-2010 Clayton". I'm sure I've seen them before but at an event, not out at a cache site.

After hitting that last cache of the day, just a bit into Maryland, we went back to Dover to shop at Big Lots and ponder the weirdness of plush-lined Crocs. Then I used an Arby's coupon to get a roast chicken club sandwich.

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Two days of fine weather. Around 70°F both days.

On Saturday, I went to Kingston. It's only halfway up to Albany from my place so it's not that far. I just haven't had time to visit that city in nearly two years. Well, I have time now and so I did. Just a few minutes in Kingston was enough to remind me why going there wasn't a top priority. The layout of uptown Kingston is confusing and annoying. Between the one-way streets and turn restrictions, I found myself making far more U-turns in parking lots than I should have needed. Dinner was at Arby's in Kingston to use another birthday coupon. I had a bacon and bleu roastburger and a jamocha swirl shake.

On Sunday, I went to Central Jersey. No cache marathon here. I was just picking at the odd cache here and there that I'd missed in previous trips. "Comic Book Trade" is a large chest set up behind an apartment complex for trading comic books. It's a great idea for a geocache and I wish I'd remembered to bring some comic books for trading. (or better yet, for leaving in this cache so I won't have to pack and move them!) Dinner was at Fuddruckers in New Brunswick to use... yes, another birthday coupon. (I still have 5 more but may not get around to using them all.) I had nachos with chicken and a cookies 'n cream shake.

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My first stop on Saturday was Dog Days of Summer, an hour-long geocaching event at nearby Ramapo Reservation. Then I headed out to Western NJ. I was planning to go to Stroudsburg but there were more than enough geocaches in Western NJ for the day so maybe next time. Four of the geocaches were in Jenny Jump State Forest. For "The Kissing Tree", I summited Jenny Jump Mountain. It wasn't that impressive a peak -- just a boulder pile at the top of an incline and there is a shortcut from the last campground at the end of the park road. Dinner was at Arby's in Hackettstown, where the 5 regular roast beef for $5 deal is apparently available once again. (On previous visits, it was either available or not available depending on who I asked.)

Sunday was a hot day. The temperature was over 90°F at midday. I wasn't planning to go very far so Central Jersey it was. When I got to "Ash Cache Dash", I noticed that the swamp was dry. Even the stream bed was dry. This was a situation that I definitely had to use to my advantage so I ventured further in and got "Ash Cache" as well. After that, I went to another swamp to take a stab at "Out (in the woods looking for a) House". That area was dry too. What luck! Instead of making a perilous stream crossing, I merely walked directly to the cache site. Dinner was at On The Border in New Brunswick. I had a coupon from the mailing list so I might as well use it. That turned out to be quite a lot of food. I had chicken taco, rice, and refried beans, Mexican chopped salad, and sopapillas.

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I took Monday off to turn it into a 3-day weekend and made an all-out effort to finish off Western NJ geocaches along the Route 46 corridor. Here's how it went down:

Saturday was a hot day. At the very first geocache site of the day, I think I lost my keys!!!!, I ran into Kenvilguy. It was funny. I saw him standing right at the coordinates so I figured he might be a geocacher. When I got out of the car, he said "I think I lost my keys!" Then I said "I think I lost my keys too, even though I just parked!" I was glad for his help in the search. The geocache turned out to around 170 feet away from the coordinates and we pretty much checked every possible hiding spot in the area before finding it.

After that, I went further west to Great Meadow, Townsbury, and Pequest. Did a lot of walking around the rail trails in the Pequest River area. Finished just before dusk and went to Arby's in Hackettstown for dinner. They didn't have the 5 for $5 deal any more so I got 2 toasted subs for $4.

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Another hot and humid day. It rained briefly in the early afternoon but didn't rain again until dusk. Started the day with a few geocaches in Hanover and Randolph. Then I went to the Paulinskill Trail in Stillwater again to continued what I started on Saturday. Finished the day with a few quick geocaches around Swartswood State Park and then went to Arby's in Hackettstown for another 5 for $5. Brought home two of those regular roast beef sandwiches. Combined with the three I brought home the day before, my fridge is now well-stocked with Arby's roast beef sandwiches!

The most unusual geocache of the day has to be Pipe Dreams. The cache itself was fairly ordinary but the location and method of access were strange. The quickest way to the cache site was through one of the large pipes left in the woods by the town. I thought I would have to crawl but this pipe was big enough that I could get into a squatting position and walk like a duck all the way along the pipe. As a bonus, it was raining at the time but I kept dry inside the pipe and the rain stopped when I exited the pipe.

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Sunny and humid day that topped out at a bit over 80°F. There was a chance of rain in the weather forecast but it never happened. I went to Western NJ but not the usual way to Blairstown. Instead, I did some geocaches up by Sparta and Fredon before hitting the Paulinskill Trail. Finished the day in Swartswood State Park by the old mill. All those were areas I hadn't been to in a long while so there were lots of geocaches I hadn't found. I got 26 and there are still more for another day.

Went to Arby's in Hackettstown for dinner. As usual, I picked up 6 regular roast beef sandwiches. Brought 3 of those home.

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Went to Western NJ on Saturday. In just a few weeks since my last visit, lots of new geocaches have been listed around Hackettstown, Blairstown, Hope, and Hainesburg so I did those. I also visited the Mohican Outdoor Center at the Delaware Water Gap briefly to seek 4 geocaches in a row along their access road. That's a pretty scenic area and the cabins look nicer than home! I ran into Chris58 at "65 million years in the making" and we went and did "In remebrance[sic]" together since this cache was next on both our lists.

Dinner was at Arby's in Hackettstown. I noticed that there are now lots of new restaurants (both fast food and sit-down) just south of Hackettstown on Routes 517 and 57. It's like a food court out there now and this solves the problem of where to eat in Western NJ after geocaching. Anyway, I had a coupon for a bacon and cheese roastburger so I got that. This Arby's was also offering a 5 for $5 deal. End result: 6 sandwiches! I brought 3 home. Such a deal.

On Sunday, I went to Queens. NYC has traffic problems now because of the closure of the ramp from Cross Island Parkway to the Throgs Neck Bridge. Some traffic got diverted to the Clearview Expressway and some got diverted to the Whitestone Bridge, causing even more delays there. I didn't experience any delays going to Queens but coming home, I got stuck in traffic until I thought of an interesting alternate route to get around the mess. I didn't have quite as much of a problem on city streets, which is a good thing because I used those most of the day going from cache site to cache site.

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Took another mid-week break from work. I went geocaching in Western New Jersey (from Blairstown to Columbia) and finished the day with a few geocaches in Stroudsburg. It'll take a whole day in Stroudsburg to do that area's geocaches justice. Just picking a few off now and then isn't going to make much of a dent.

It was a day with variable weather. It was cloudy in the morning and then it rained for some time in the afternoon. I skipped a few geocaches that required a 1.6-mile round trip walk on the Paulinskill Valley Trail because of the rain but came back for those when the sun came out again. Today's only real problem was finding "Rest n' Peace 26 - Prospect Cemetery" in pieces scattered on the ground. I suspect that it fell out of the tree and was subsequently shredded by a lawnmower. I posted a "needs maintenance" log for that one.

Dinner was at Arby's in Stroudsburg. As I was driving along US-611, I noticed the "5 for $5.55" deal posted in their window so I went in and got 3 ham melts and 2 Arby's melts. I ate 3 sandwiches there and brought 2 home for later. Not bad and also cheaper than my original plan for dinner this evening.

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Sunny. 34-39°F, although it felt somewhat colder than that towards the evening. I had a choice between Central Jersey and Orange County, two areas with lots of new geocaches. I picked the latter because I hadn't been there in two months. I made the right choice although I didn't know that until I came home and saw that some drama had erupted over Kevtel's geocaches in Central Jersey.

Anyway, I had a comparatively easy time with today's set of geocaches. There were two caches just outside of Monroe that I decided to pass on because emergency personnel were busy attending to some hay bales that had caught fire. There were also two caches ("quick beam" and "The Troll of Chester Blvd") that I had to return to later in the day because people were too close to the cache sites. Aside from those issues, it was smooth sailing the whole day.

After the 14th cache of the day, I was in Middletown, so it was the perfect time to stop for dinner and shopping. The Salvation Army store was a bit of a disappointment this time. They had gotten rid of all their books and most of their toys. It's now almost entirely devoted to clothing. (and mostly women's clothing) So I didn't get anything. Dinner was at Arby's. I had a coupon for a free roastburger with drink purchase from the Arby's mailing list. The cashier told me that they weren't accepting that coupon but instead, they were giving $2 off the roastburger combo. That wasn't a bad deal so I took it. I had a Bacon Bleu Roastburger.

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