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On Sunday, our Hi-4 group went to Jones Beach on Long Island to do a mascot gig at the 2009 Walk Now for Autism Long Island. There are some troublesome issues with Autism Speaks' stance on vaccinations but it's my last year doing this gig, so I won't worry too much about it. In costume this time were [ profile] jbadger, [ profile] rukario71, [ profile] rapidtrabbit, and I.

I thought this was a good event. Few events we do have attendance in the 5 figures and this is one of them. (27,000 people) Event volunteers were helpful in providing transport from parking to changing area (a tent at the end of the field behind the stage), providing water and snacks, and checking on us every now and then. I did 3 sets, a long one at the start, a medium one, and a short one at the end. Posed for photos dozens of times. Also met the GEICO gecko, MetLife Snoopy, and Elmo. (the guy playing the latter had been introduced to our group)

After the gig, we had lunch at East Bay Diner in Wantagh. Then [ profile] rukario71, [ profile] jbadger, and I went and did a bunch of geocaches around Levittown, Massapequa, and Smithtown. We didn't have much time before sunset so it was good that there were a few that were close together. In the evening, we went to Flushing Chinatown for soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai. These are dumplings with a bit of soup inside. There is some novelty to these soup dumplings, but I wasn't impressed with the service. We went there just for the soup dumplings and although we did order two steamers of dumplings, the servers kept coming back and asking if that was really all we were ordering. Quite annoying. Also, they add an automatic 15% gratuity to the bill, a practice I deplore. And that's all they got.

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Date: 2009-10-08 06:52 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] feathertail
Do some reading about Autism Speaks online, especially within the neurodiversity community, and you may be slightly dismayed about them >.>


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