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... so you can go to a con while you go to a con?

I let my Mensa membership expire in 2008 because I wasn't using it much, certainly not enough to justify the annual dues. So I only found out earlier today that their Annual Gathering will be in Pittsburgh at the same time as Anthrocon! I wasn't even looking for anything Mensa-related. I was searching Twitter for Anthrocon-related tweets when I saw that Mensa AG attendees were inquiring about buying day passes to Anthrocon.

Anyway, a day pass to AG 2009 is $30 so it would not be beyond reason for me to attend AG just one day on Thursday before Anthrocon really gets going. But then I remembered that they'd want me to pay my annual dues too. Last I checked, a one-year membership is $59, bringing the total to $89. Suddenly, joining their little party doesn't sound as appealing. Instead, if it isn't raining too heavily on Thursday, I would like to take a walk 1.3 miles northeast from the Westin to two geocaches in the Strip District. (Yeah, there aren't any nearer geocaches that I haven't already found in previous years.) That will be followed by lunch at Primanti Brothers because I've heard a lot about them. That's my plan for Thursday morning/afternoon before Anthrocon pre-reg opens up.

This evening, I went to Lyndhurst Municipal Park for A Show and then maybe shopping, a new geocache near the bandshell. I couldn't resist grabbing this FTF because it was just down Route 17. By "just down Route 17", I meant 15 miles of rush hour traffic, of course. :) Got some cheap gas in Rutherford on my way back. It's 12 cents/gallon below my local gas station and it saves me from having to fill up somewhere at the top of the Poconos on the way to Pittsburgh tomorrow night.

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Date: 2009-06-30 05:30 am (UTC)
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This does solve the mystery of why Anthrocon couldn't get the Omni this year :-P


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